Bravo Fleet Operations Officer

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Bravo Fleet Operations Officer
Basic information

BFOps / Ops

Member of

Bravo Fleet Command

In Character Title

Director of Fourth Fleet Operations

The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer (BFOps) is a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command responsible for managing Bravo Fleet's Task Forces. This position is established under Article III of the Bravo Fleet Charter

General Duties

  • Operating the Bravo Fleet Operations Office;
  • Overseeing Bravo Fleet's task units;
  • Assisting Task Force Senior Staff in the administration of their Task Force;
  • Training new Task Force Commanding Officers.

In Character Role

The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer serves as the in-character Director of Fleet Operations for the Fourth Fleet.

Holders of Office

Character Member Took Office Left Office
Aubrey Seagraves David June 1, 2020 Incumbent