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Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
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Member of

Bravo Fleet Command

In Character Title

Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer

The Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer (BFCO) is the highest position in Bravo Fleet, serving as chief executive, as well as the chair and a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command. They have far-reaching administrative responsibilities that cover nearly all aspects of Bravo Fleet. With the future interest of the organization in mind, they both lead the membership as a whole and directs the policies and hierarchy of Bravo Fleet. This leader’s far-reaching perspective allows them to consider all of the seemingly disparate services, hierarchies, and other facets of the club when making decisions. Their oversight unifies these different areas into one whole which we call Bravo Fleet.

Authority not clearly delineated or reserved by the Bravo Fleet Charter is reserved for the BFCO. The BFCO sits in 12-month terms which must be renewed by BFC vote. This position is established under Article IV of the Bravo Fleet Charter.

The current Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer is Teylas Ramar.

General Duties

  • Serving as chief executive of Bravo Fleet, with authority defined in the Fleet's Charter;
  • Serving as chair of Bravo Fleet Command;
  • Administering authority over Bravo Fleet's infrastructure and services;
  • Delegating the powers and authority of Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer as-needed;
  • Coordinating contact with other organizations, serving as the Bravo Fleet's diplomatic voice with other clubs.

In Character Role

The BFCO serves as Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet, overseeing operations of the entire fleet. During times of peace, the position is largely administrative, however, in combat situations the BFCO can take command from the front lines. The Fourth Fleet Commander reports directly to Starfleet Command and the Chief of Starfleet Operations.

Holders of Office

Name Term Began Term End
Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar June 14, 2019 June 14, 2022
During this time (2017-2019), the position was divided among three Admiralty members known as the Bravo Fleet Command Council.
Fleet Admiral Oliver Tidwell January 2, 2013 January 4, 2017
Fleet Admiral Reytan Grax March 4, 2012 January 2, 2013
Fleet Admiral Nathan Cowell January 5, 2012 March 4, 2012
Fleet Admiral S'iraa October 2, 2011 January 5, 2012
Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar July 31, 2011 October 2, 2011
Fleet Admiral Barak Aubrey January 30, 2010 July 31, 2011
Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar June 1, 2009 January 30, 2010
Fleet Admiral Christopher A. Pike September 11, 2008 June 1, 2009
Fleet Admiral Dan Taylor January 3, 2008 September 11, 2008
Fleet Admiral Luke Duncan October 2007 January 3, 2008
Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer 2007 October 2007
Fleet Admiral Adrian Mormar 2007 2007
Fleet Admiral Valren Arelwynn 2007 2007
Fleet Admiral Robert Chadwick November 2006 2007
Fleet Admiral Tomas Wolfe September 2005 November 2006
Fleet Admiral Sorac Dunar March 2004 September 2005
Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer December 1997 March 2004
Fleet Admiral Victor Murdock 1997 December 1997