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Task Force 93
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Beta Quadrant



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Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson

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Task Force 93, also known as "S.E.A.R.C.H." (Starfleet's Exploratory and Advanced Research Command Headquarters), is a Federation Starfleet Task Force part of the Fourth Fleet. Since 2385, its operations have centered around the Romulan Star Empire. Initially a peacekeeping force along the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, it’s purview temporarily expanded in April 2387 to include support and relief efforts within Romulan space following the Hobus event. Since September 2387, Task Force 93 may no longer operate within Romulan space per the terms of the Treaty of Nelvana. Its area of operations has now shifted to include the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Raeyan Transit Corridor (a five LY-wide strip of Federation space between the Romulan and Klingon Empires), and the recently-resuscitated Raeyan Sector.

The current Task Force Commanding Officer is Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson.


  1. Monitor the buildup of Romulan Star Navy assets along the Romulan Neutral Zone following the expulsion of Starfleet from Romulan territory in September 2387.
  2. Safeguard the Raeyan Transit Corridor, the only safe method of passage between core Federation territory and the Raeyan sector, given that the Raeyan portal was destabilized by the Hobus event and Romulan borders are now closed to Federation access per the Treaty of Nelvana.
  3. Ensure a buffer between the Romulan and Klingon empires in the hopes of preventing a war, and establish a permanent Federation presence in the Raeyan Transit Corridor, including infrastructure, colonization and exploration.
  4. Liaise with Romulan vessels involved with relocation efforts from the Raeyan Transit Corridor such as Bosva, Ge'tura and Iccobar.
  5. Rebuild Starfleet’s presence in the Raeyan Sector, one that has fallen into disrepair after Task Force 58 withdrew from the region in 2386 and only a skeleton contingent was left to administer remaining regional assets.

Area of Operations




The Romulan Neutral Zone has been an important border region since the 22nd century. Established in the aftermath of the Earth-Romulan War, it created a buffer which has maintained peace between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire for over two hundred years. This peace has not always come without tension, and it looked as if it might come completely undone in the early years of the 24th century with an escalation that culminated in the Tomed Incident of 2311. In response, the Federation and the Romulan Empire formulated the Treaty of Algeron, which stipulated new conditions and redefined the the Neutral Zone at two and a half light years across. Following the treaty, the Romulans withdrew behind their borders for decades of self-imposed isolation, but the Federation remained mindful of the Empire and continued to monitor the region.

Increasing Tensions

During the latter half of the 24th century, the Romulan Empire re-engaged on the interstellar scene, and this renewed activity raised concerns within the Federation. The Dominion War brought a brief reprieve, but this alliance quickly wavered after their common enemy had been dispelled, particularly following Shinzon Incident. Relations were tender and attitudes differed between everyone involved, creating a volatile situation. It was in this context that Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer, Admiral Barak Aubrey, redeployed all assets from Task Force 17 into Task Force 93 during 2385 to bolster their numbers and increase Starfleet presence in the region along the Neutral Zone.

In early 2386, the Romulan Government responded to Starfleet’s increased presence along the Romulan Neutral Zone by ordering the withdrawal of all Romulan citizens from the joint Romulan-Federation colony on Qualor III. This move drew much concern, and Starfleet Command ordered then Task Force 93 Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Kara Thrace, to improve relations with the Romulan Government and build on the alliance that had fermented during the Dominion War. After months of negotiations with her Romulan counterpart, Admiral Tolak tr'Servek, both parties agreed to a historic amendment to the Treaty of Algeron which reduced the Romulan Neutral Zone to one light year across, each side garnering a half light year of new territory for exploration and colonization.

Hobus Hypernova

On April 13, 2387, a momentous disaster fundamentally changed the nature of Task Force 93’s role with the Romulan Empire: the Hobus star went hypernova, resulting in a shockwave that obliterated the Romulan capital system and its planets Romulus and Remus. With Starfleet's assistance, most citizens successfully evacuated before the shockwave reached the system, but this event left the Romulan Star Empire in a very tenuous and uncertain state. For roughly half a year following the Hobus event, Task Force 93 operated within Romulan territory at the behest of the new provisional government, charged with providing aid to the Romulan people and supporting the Romulan Star Navy. This opportunity offered Starfleet an inside look at the Romulan Empire and the prospect of building a greater bridge of friendship with the Empire. However, it was an opportunity that would not last.

Tensions were high both internally and externally. Various factions vied for power in the vacuum left by the destruction of Romulus, creating a perilous political climate. Further, with the seat of power moved to Rator III, far from the Hobus region and the borderlands, many colonies along the Federation, Triangle and Klingon borders felt increasingly marginalized, a sentiment bolstered by repeated incursions from raiders, pirates and Klingon task groups that went unanswered by the Star Navy. Such disenchantment drove some worlds so far as to actually attempt secession.

Tragedy of Algorab

Recognizing the fracturing of the Empire, the provisional government and regional governors agreed to gather on Algorab. Convened on August 16 and 17, 2387, the Algorab Summit marked the beginning of the end for the tenuous Romulan-Federation alliance and Task Force 93’s unfettered access to Romulan territory.

During the Algorab Summit, Starfleet personnel attached to the USS Enigma were deployed at the request of the government to provide non-biased security. However, on the second day of the summit, the crew of the Enigma were falsely implicated in the murder of Romulan Senator Vorelian. The death of Vorelian, a man who’d vocally opposed Starfleet’s meddling in the Empire’s affairs, was a unifying moment for the dignitaries: against a common threat, they demanded that the Starfleet leave their territory, aggressively deploying the Star Navy to their borders to defend against external threats and increasing the power of the Tal Shiar as an internal police force to make up for a void left by the relocation of the Star Navy.

Treaty of Nelvana

On September 20, 2387, Ambassador Robert Chadwick, representing the United Federation of Planets, and Admiral P’alas, representing the Romulan Star Empire, signed the Treaty of Nelvana. In the treaty, Starfleet acknowledged the Empire’s sovereign right to dictate border transit rights, closing off Federation access to the Romulan Empire and re-affirming the 3 LY-wide Neutral Zone. However, given that the Hobus Incident had destabilized the portal to the Raeyan Sector, the Romulan Empire also made a concession. They ceded a 5 LY-wide region of space along the Klingon border over to the Federation indefinitely, creating the Raeyan Transit Corridor. This corridor allowed the Federation to still reach the Raeyan Sector, although it came at the cost of having to administer a buffer between the Romulan and Klingon empires. Logistically, as several Romulan worlds lay within this region, the Empire was granted a five-year easement to relocate its colonies within the region.

By October 1, 2387, all Task Force 93 assets were officially withdrawn from Romulan space, either returning to the Federation side of the Neutral Zone or redeploying into the newly established Raeyan Transit Corridor and the reactivated Raeyan Sector beyond. Meanwhile, Rear Admiral Bryl, who'd been at the helm during the collapse of Federation-Romulan relations, was reassigned to Utopia Planitia, replaced by Rear Admiral Clay Teller, who was formerly the sole flag officer in the Raeyan Sector following Starfleet's pullback in 2386. Given the shift in it's area of operations, the headquarters of Task Force 93 was moved from the Deep Space 6 in the Qualor System to Faltan Station in the Faltan system, the Fourth Fleet's regional operations center under the command of Bravo Fleet Executive Officer Vice Admiral Allison Reyes.

Operations on Two Fronts

In early 2388, following the Romulan Blockade of the planet Aquorat IV in the Gavarian Corridor, Starfleet pulled all of their forces out of the Gavarian Corridor and merged their Task Force 47 with the 4th Fleet's Task Force 93 under the command of Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson. Starfleet Command re-tasked Task Force 93 to explore and secure interests in the Raeyan Sector and to do so, Admiral Hanson moved his Headquarters from Faltan Station to Starbase 611 in orbit of the planet Kovar in sector 611

This drastic move left the Cardassians and Romulans to wage their conflict unchecked for several weeks until Admiral Hanson came up with a plan that would see his Task Force maintain operations in both of the corridors they now had responsibility for. He would oversee Operations in the Raeyan Sector from aboard Starbase 611 and his new Task Force Executive Officer, Commodore Zachary O'Connell, would lead a small Task Force to retake and re-establish Starfleet Operations in the Gavarian Corridor, based out of Olympus Base.

After Starfleet Intelligence discovered that the Blockade of Aquorat had been conducted by the Tal Shiar, the USS Melbourne is ordered to lead the efforts to retake the planet.


2385 - Admiral Aubry orders all Task Force 17 redeployed under Task Force 93 to bolster Starfleet’s presence along the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Early 2386 - Romulan government orders the withdrawal of all Romulan citizens from the joint Romulan-Federation colony on Qualor III.

Mid 2386 - Rear Admiral Thrace mends bridges with the Romulan Empire and negotiates an amendment to the Treaty of Algeron which the Romulan Neutral Zone to one light year across.

Early April, 2387 - The USS Yorktown and other Task Force 93 assets are deployed to Romulan space to assist with evacuations related to the destabilizing Hobus star.

April 13, 2387 - The Hobus star goes hypernova, resulting in a shockwave that destroys all stellar mass within 10 light years, including Romulus and Remus. Task Force 93 is deployed to assist with relief efforts.

Late July, 2387 - Increasing dissent from governors disenfranchised by the shift in power prompts the Romulan Senate to approve the Algorab Summit, a platform for addressing concerns and reuniting the Empire. Starfleet is requested to provide non-biased security.

August 16, 2387 - The provisional government and regional governors meet on Algorab to negotiate regarding various issues that have created a fissure between the seat of power on Rator and the borderland systems that feel marginalized.

August 17, 2387 - During the Algorab summit, Starfleet is implicated in the assassination of Romulan Senator Vorelian, uniting the delegates against a common foe, demanding Starfleet’s excision from the Imperial territories and repositioning Star Navy and Tal’Shiar assets.

September 20, 2387 - Ambassador Robert Chadwick and Admiral P’alas sign the Treaty of Nelvana, which re-establishes a 3 LY Neutral Zone and grants the Federation a five LY wide region of space along the southern Romulan border.

October 1, 2387 - All Task Force 93 assets departed Romulan space and redeployed along the Neutral Zone, within the Raeyan Transit Corridor and into the Raeyan sector. Further, Rear Admiral Clay Teller is assigned as Task Force Commanding Officer, and Task Force 93 HQ is moved to Faltan Station, the Fourth Fleet's regional operation center under the command of the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer, Vice Admiral Allison Reyes.

March 1, 2388 - Starfleet Command officially pulled out of operations in the Gavarian Corridor, choosing to merge elements of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 47 with Task Force 93. Starfleet's Re-Exploration Initiative is reinstated in the Beta Quadrant and Starfleet Command re-tasks Task Force 93 to explore and secure interests in the Raeyan Sector. Starfleet officially pulls their main base of operations out of the Faltan System as Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson (a former Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical) is reassigned to assume command of the Task Force from a new base of operations at Starbase 611 in the Kovar System.

Stellar Cartography

Raeyan Sector

Raeyan Transit Corridor

Federation Core Territory

  • The Qualor System is located in Sector 213 and comprised of a K0V-type star, three planets, an interior asteroid field formed by a collapsed planet and an outer Kuniper belt consisting of 114 planetoidal objects of noteworthy size.
    • Deep Space 6 is a Stardock class station in orbit around Qualor III. It was the former headquarters for Task Force 93, and it remains a formidable outpost on the edge of the Federation-Romulan border.
    • Qualor III, also known as Qualor Prime, is a Class-L world formerly home to a joint Federation/Romulan colony. Following the Hobus event, it has once again become a mixed colony, the new home for millions of Romulan refugees displaced by the catastrophe. Officially, the colony is a self-governing Federation protectorate administered from New Carpathos Island.
    • Surplus Depot Z15 is a Federation facility orbiting Qualor II that salvages useful components from decommissioned vessels. It is operated by the Zakdorn.
  • The Tarod System is binary star system with nine planets located in Sector 30.
    • Outpost 93 is a Regula class station orbiting Tarod IX, the ninth planet in the Tarod system. It was almost destroyed by a Borg attack in 2364, and then decommissioned after being ransacked by pirates in 2386. Following the Hobus event, Starfleet Intelligence requisitioned the abandoned outpost for scientific research. It is currently functional, but in a state of disrepair.
  • Galorndon Core
  • Bolarus System
  • Devron System
  • Algeron System

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