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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

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The Selanora (Say-lăh-nor'-uh) are one of the five conquered races who became members within the C'hakilian Empire


A few years after the conquest of the Oolanari, the C’hakilians came upon their first N-class planet. Once can only imagine their surprise as discovering sentient life on such a planet. The Selanora did not resist C’hakilian rule. Rather, they saw the C’hakilian Empire not as a threat, but as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and increase their sphere of influence.

Physical, Mental, and Social Attributes

The Selanora are a fish-like people. All Selanora have a muscular tail beneath a strong upper body from which their arms protrude. On top of the upper body is a streamlined head. While the head can pivot in all directions as well as turn, the streamline shape is held by a protruding bone.

The Selanora are a people obsessed with aesthetics, and that obsession is reflected in all they have built. From the smoother, flowing curves of their capital city to the coarse jaggedness of the Sothorial Cathedral, every structure has a sense of majestic beauty. Beauty permeates anything the Selanore touch, and they have had a positive influence on the living conditions of all members of the C’hakilian Empire. As such, the C’hakilians adopted the word “Selanor” into their own language to mean “beauteous.” However, the Selanora have yet to affect the C’hakilian military.


Selanoran anatomy is comparable to that of most fish: gill-like structures, air bladders, ammonium waste products, and a muscular body. However, Selanorea have arms, hands, fingers, a pivoting (movable) head, and a large brain. Obviously, the Selanora are also sentient beings.


Selanor is an N-class, water world planet. Within its vast ocean are huge underwater cities where the Selanora live calm, peaceful lives. Processing sea traps catch and separate food for the Selanora while power is provided by the geothermal geysers on the ocean floor. In some places, water currents turn power turbines to create energy. The waters of Selanor are not saline and, therefore, do not conduct electricity well.


Living in a completely aqueous environment, there was little the Selanora could do in creating a military force. Therefore, there are no Selanoran contributions to the C’hakilian military. However, the Selanoran and their technology have been used throughout the C’hakilian Empire to conserve water, created submarine colonies, and find new food supplies under the oceans of C’hakilian controlled planets.