Romulan Republic

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You may also be looking for the Romulan Free State or Romulan Star Empire
Romulan Faction

Romulan Republic
Basic information
Major Species



2387 (Earth Year)

Warp Capable

320 (Earth Year)

Official Language


Official Currency


Political Information


  • Proconsul D’Tan
  • Republic House of Senators
Military Branches

The Romulan Republic was formed following the fallout of the Romulan supernova which destroyed Romulus and Remus. Many people, including Proconsul D’Tan, seeing an opportunity for better relations with their galactic neighbours, pushed for a peaceful relationship with the Federation and Klingon Empire through their newly established democratic senate.

A power struggle throughout the Romulan Star Empire began with the Empire itself fracturing into multiple smaller factions and states. The ‘’’Romulan Republic’’’ was one of the biggest to come out of that fracture mainly driven by their support from the Romulan Third Fleet and a rag tag fleet of older Romulan ships that had been liberated from mothballs, decommission yards or repair facilities.

The ‘’’Romulan Republic’’’ settled on a system in the opposite end of Romulan space from Romulus now christened ‘New Romulus’. This system was close to known Federation and Klingon space, showing the Republics favour with peace and trying to build on the fragile relationship between the three major powers for support. The Republic operates a policy of ‘good relations’ with the Federation.


Replicating the Romulan Star Empire structure of a republic senate, the Republic largely has the same working arrangements and government arrangements of the original empire, choosing to enhance and improve on the original governments failings whilst keeping the working of the government familiar. The Republic, operating out of ‘New romulus’ follow through with democratic elections from protectorate or member worlds every 5 years or sooner following death or abdication of position. All members have a seat of representation and their councillor attends all sessions on New Romulus.

The Commander of the Third Fleet has direct control of all Romulan Republic assets including any Reman Commando divisions, reporting directly and only to, the Proconsul.


Pre 2387 Supernova

The Romulan Free State was born out of a fractured post supernova Romulan Star Empire.

The Supernova (CE 2385-Current)

Following the destruction of Romulus and Remus as a result of the supernova, the Empire split into multiple factions in various sizes and volumes of power. The Romulan Star Empire relocated to Rator III, led by the Preator and largely supported by the Romulan Star Navy, the Romulan Free State is supported by the vast majority of the Tal Shiar, managing to keep the Free State in line, and the Romulan Republic, a democratic state within the former Empire supported by a more modern, yet smaller military. The entirety of Romulan space is in dispute by the major factions and consistently hindered by smaller pirate, rogue or rebel factions, all vying for control of Romulan space.