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Federation Faction

Miri is the third inhabited planet within the FGC-347601 system in the Alpha Quadrant. This M-class planet served as the native world for the Miri people, a pre-warp humanoid species who were eventually reduced to a group known as the "Onlies."


In the mid-1960s, a failed experiment wiped out the adult population of the Onlies homeworld, leaving the planet stagnant for four centuries.

In 2266, the USS Enterprise stumbled upon this planet while tracking an old Earth-type SOS signal. A landing party found a desolate street and discovered that only children, calling themselves the "Onlies" survived. After curing their virus and earning their trust, the Enterprise coordinated with Starfleet to send teachers and advisors, aiding the Onlies in restoring their civilization.


The planetary position of Miri was marked on a stellar cartography chart viewed aboard the USS Enterprise in 2259. By the early 25th century, Captain William T. Riker referenced Miri's coordinates on a star chart while searching for the SS Eleos XII's last known whereabouts.