Gaming Policy

From Bravo Fleet

The Bravo Fleet Gaming Policy exists as the standard gaming rules for all official Bravo Fleet gaming activities.

Section 1 - Purpose

  1. The Gaming Policy is the standard set of gaming rules for all official Bravo Fleet gaming activities including daily gaming activities, gaming competitions, and gaming within a Fleet Action.
    1. Any alteration of this Policy for any gaming activity must be approved by the Bravo Fleet Security Officer and the alteration must be expressed clearly for that specific activity.
  2. The Gaming Policy exists to maintain a balanced, fair, and fun atmosphere of gaming within Bravo Fleet.
    1. The Gaming Policy, and by extension the Bravo Fleet Security Officer, have jurisdiction over any gaming related event within Bravo Fleet.
    2. Violations of the Gaming Policy are subject to both executive punishment by the Security Officer and judicial punishment through the Bravo Fleet Judicial Code. In short: don’t cheat.

Section 2 - Gaming

  1. Bravo Fleet recognizes two types of games in relation to the organization: Supported Games and Casual Gaming.
  2. Bravo Fleet has several gaming awards used to recognize the time and dedication that gamers spend in our community and with each other. These awards are facilitated by the Office of the Chief of Staff, and generally represent one gaming mode or another.
    1. Joint Action Ribbon - This is awarded for Bravo Fleet members playing a cooperative or team-based multiplayer environment together, in a Player versus Environment (PvE), Player vs Player (PvP), or a mix of the two arena.
    2. Combat Action Ribbon - This is awarded for Player vs. Player (PvP) gaming with other members of Bravo Fleet. PvP is considered any game with a competitive mode, directly facing another member of Bravo Fleet for supremacy.
    3. Campaign Ribbon - These are awarded for significant gaming achievements, sometimes with other members of Bravo Fleet and sometimes for solo content.

Section 2.1 - Supported Games

  1. The Bravo Fleet Security Office is responsible for maintaining an official list of Supported Games that have full access to the awards system described in Section 2.
  2. Supported Games will be the only games with access to Campaign Ribbons.
  3. Games that are officially supported are reviewed periodically for compatibility with Bravo Fleet awarding systems, as well as content and balance.
    1. Award criteria is maintained with the Supported Games policy for all games supported by Bravo Fleet.
  4. Adding a Supported Game is decided by the Security Office, which includes games suggested by members and also the monitoring of games that the membership are already playing.
    1. Criteria the Security Office looks for to add a game to our supported list include:
      1. Compatibility with the Bravo Fleet awarding system for actions inside the game;
      2. Appropriate content for playing;
      3. Multiplayer, either in a PvE, PvP arena or a combination of;
      4. Achievable goals for Campaign Ribbons; and
      5. Ease of grouping up players on the same server or instance

Section 2.2 - Casual Gaming

  1. Casual Gaming is defined as Bravo Fleet members who are welcome to play other multiplayer video games that are not officially supported by the Security Office, to earn gaming activity for each completed action.
    1. A completed action is defined as a completed round, game, match, or the equivalent that results in a completed score screen, leaderboard, or similar.
  2. Submissions for non-supported games are made through the BFMS in the same way as those for supported games.
    1. There should only be one submission per group per action, with the submission clearly listing all of the members involved.
    2. Multiple actions with the same group of members playing the same game may be submitted together as a single submission.
    3. The calculations for Joint Action Ribbons and Combat Action Ribbons in a Casual Gaming setting use the same formula described below.
    4. Joint Action Ribbons and Combat Action Ribbons shall be limited to a maximum of 25 ribbons per day per member.
  3. Gaming activity ribbon counts for each gaming submission are calculated with the following formula, using the values in the table below:
Number of Actions Submitted x Member Modifier = Total Ribbons
Member Modifiers
Description Value
2-4 members 1x
5+ members 2x

Section 3 - Gaming Nights

  1. A Gaming Night is an event supported by the Security Office that organizes Bravo Fleet members together to play the designated game of said event.
  2. These events are designed to help gamers come together to have fun, and potentially help them to discover new games.
  3. Gaming Nights may be hosted by any member of Bravo Fleet.
    1. You may also use the gaming Discord voice channels to assist you with organizing your group of players, though voice channel participation is not required to host an event.
    2. If you need assistance scheduling a Gaming Night, please either contact the Security Officer, a member of the Security Office staff, or your TFCO.
  4. There is a guide for both players and the organizers of a Gaming Night here.
  5. Bonuses exist for organizers of Gaming Nights, more information can be found within the guide above.