Battle of Starbase Unity

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Federation Faction

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Battle of Starbase Unity
Followed By: Battle of Deep Space 11
Basic Information
Date: 11 August 2388

Starbase Unity
Gamma Quadrant

Outcome: Starfleet victory


The Consortium


  • Unknown
  • Cdre Maria Williams
  • Capt Mrat Kr'oxxon
  • 13 starships
  • 1 starbase


  • TBC starships
  • TBC fighters
  • 12 starships
  • 2 starships destroyed
  • TBC casualties


  • 1 starship destroyed
  • 1 starship disabled
  • 2 fighters destroyed
  • TBC casualties
  • 9 starships destroyed
  • 3 starships disabled
  • TBC casualties

The Battle of Starbase Unity was fought on 11 August 2388 between Starfleet and The Consortium. Starfleet's forces were commanded by Commodore Scarlet Cameron from Starbase Unity, whilst The Consortium's forces were under the command of Commodore Maria Williams and Captain Mrat Kr'oxxon.


Build up

Shortly after The Consortium rose to power through an attack on and the subsequent capture of Deep Space 11 by The Consortium, The Consortium took control of a majority of the territory explored by the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant. To eradicate the last Starfleet stronghold in the Gamma Quadrant, The Consortium amassed a force of twelve starships to attack Starbase Unity, a former Dominion starbase on the border of Federation explored territory.

With a small force to protect Starbase Unity, the odds of defending the starbase from a much stronger Consortium attack fleet were slim, with the majority of the defence fleet at Unity consisting of smaller starships and a hospital ship. However prior to the arrival of the enemy fleet, the USS Vindex under the command of Captain Claudia Ainscow arrived with a small task group (Force C) and took a position 0.25 light years away from Starbase Unity to lay a minefield in the path of the enemy fleet. The Vindex then travelled to Starbase Unity to bolster the defence fleet.

The battle

Skirmish near Starbase Unity

The Consortium had received word of Force C's minefield in advance and dispatched three starships, the Beowulf, Eenhoorn and Hastings, to destroy the minefield ahead of the main attack fleet, which later diverted around the minefield. The three Consortium vessels then engaged the Brandenburg, Renown and Sarek, unaware their allies had gone to Unity via a completely different route. During the skirmish, the Renown destroyed the Eenhoorn and the Brandenburg and Sarek disabled the Beowulf, with the Hastings fleeing to the site of the main battle.

Main battle

The main battle commenced at 19:00 hours. The Starfleet flagship USS O'Carroll managed to disable the Rhodes and sh'Paveress early on, however The Consortium managed to destroy the USS Maketu and USS Ottawa in response. Prior to the arrival of the arrival of the Dominion attack fleet, the O'Carroll destroyed the Excalibur-class USS Tianamen whilst the USS Akihito destroyed the Galaxy-class USS Brazil.

After a deadly confrontation, the Vindex destroyed The Consortium's flagship, the Dark Horse. Upon the arrival of the Dominion attack fleet, a further five Consortium vessels were destroyed, with two Dominion attack fighters and one battlecruiser destroyed. The arrival of the Dominion had turned the tide of the battle, and Starfleet emerged victorious, with Starbase Unity held and all Consortium forces arrested and transferred to the starbase.


A list of vessels that participated in the Battle of Starbase Unity.

Starfleet Consortium
  • USS Akihito
  • USS Brandenburg
  • USS Callisto
  • USS Kumari
  • USS Maketu (destroyed)
  • USS Ottawa (destroyed)
  • USS O'Carroll
  • USS Perseus
  • USS Renown
  • USS Sarek
  • USS Scorpio
  • USS Thunderchild
  • USS Vindex

  • TBC starships
  • TBC fighters
  • USS Beowulf (disabled)
  • USS Brazil (destroyed)
  • USS Dark Horse (destroyed)
  • USS Eenhoorn (destroyed)
  • USS Hamilton (destroyed)
  • USS Hastings (destroyed)
  • USS Healy (destroyed)
  • USS Karnack (destroyed)
  • USS Rhodes (disabled)
  • USS sh'Paveress (disabled)
  • USS Tianamen (destroyed)
  • USS Vanguard (destroyed)