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Shuttlebay 1 - Upper Shuttlebay

Space Superiority Starfighter Squadron assigned to the starship Hathaway in 2401.

Shuttlebay 1, or the Upper Shuttlebay, has been modified to house all of the auxiliary craft that makes up Centauri Flight. These auxiliary craft are made up of some of the most advanced small vessel designs ever to serve Starfleet.

Type 14 Shuttles

Centaurus, Gliese, Normae, Ithaca

Type 12 Shuttles

Cassiopeia, Procyon

Danube-class Runabouts

Achernar, Basri

Shuttlebays 2 and 3 - Starfighter Hangar Deck

Shuttlebays 2 and 3, or the Lower Hangar Deck, have been modified for the sole purpose of serving as the main hangar to the Hellhounds Starfighter Squadron. While the Valkyrie-class fighters assigned to Hathaway have all been named, they conform to the standard flight callsigns on duty.

Hellhounds Valkyrie-class Starfighter Squadron

The Hellhounds are a twelve-ship space superiority starfighter squadron utilising Valkyrie-class fighters. The squadron is divided into two flights, BLUE and GOLD, consisting of twelve pilots, four landing signal officers (LSOs) and fourteen maintenance engineers.

  • Squadron Leader: Lieutenant Commander Orys Ch'tosrik, (Andorian Male)
  • Deputy Squadron Leader: Lieutenant Varru Ina, (Bajoran Female)

Blue Flight

    • Hound 1 - Lieutenant Commander Orys Ch'tosrik, callsign SMURF (Andorian Male)
    • Hound 3 - Lieutenant JG Gosia Keahn, callsign SPOTS (Trill Female)
    • Hound 5 - Ensign Sira, callsign EMERALD (Orion Female)
    • Hound 7 - Lieutenant JG Samara Tait, callsign BISCUITS (Terran Female)
    • Hound 9 - Ensign Maddie Kirby, callsign ANGEL (Terran Female)
    • Hound 11 - Ensign R'Nall, callsign WHISKERS (Caitian Male)

Gold Flight

    • Hound 2 - Lieutenant Varru Ina, callsign PROPHET (Bajoran Female)
    • Hound 4 - Lieutenant JG Xorin, callsign ELF LORD (Romulan Male)
    • Hound 6 - Lieutenant Casey Malone, callsign BUGSY (Terran Male)
    • Hound 8 - Lieutenant JG Eidan Neix, callsign ATOM (Betazoid Male)
    • Hound 10 - Ensign Zairs Xowa, callsign BALDY (Bolian Male)
    • Hound 12 - Ensign V'las, callsign POINTY (Vulcan Male)

Shuttlebay 4 - Runabout Landing Pads

Shuttlebay 4 is the smallest of the four auxiliary craft facilities on Hathaway and is the permanent home of two Arrow-class runabouts. Due to their size, these vessels cannot be shifted between bays using elevators, so they stay permanently docked in the lower shuttlebay.

Arrow-class Runabouts

Kaedn, Kirsen