USS Verity

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USS Verity
General Information
Registry NCC-80004
Class & Type Odyssey-class exploer
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Commissioned 2385
Task Force Task Force 93
Role Flagship
Key Personnel
Commanding Officer Commodore Imya Jori
Executive Officer Captain Taylor Shakespeare

The USS Verity is one of the two original prototypes for the Odyssey-class explorer. After participating as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's flagship in the evacuation effort of Romulus up until 2385, the Verity now serves as the flagship of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 93, a humanitarian response unit. As one of the largest ships in Starfleet, the Verity is well-suited to missions involving the movement of large amounts of equipment and personnel.


As the flagship, the Verity is equipped with a state-of-the-art command-and-control center, which allows for the Commander of Task Force 93 to coordinate between the other ships within the Task Force. Diplomatic capabilities are at the forefront for the Verity, dedicating one whole deck. It is equipped with quarters that are able to house around 400 guests and VIP members, with accommodations for more that do not require an overnight stay. The diplomatic suite is also equipped with a variety of conference spaces designed for different forms of negotiations and can support remote connection in its holodecks for such meetings.

The Verity in particular has been fitted with extensive medical facilities, equipped with two infirmaries, three surgical suites, and three recovery units. This allows her, as the flagship of a humanitarian response unit, to contribute significantly to relief missions she may lead, with a significant capacity to support wounded civilian populations.

While not matching the offensive tactical capabilities of the Sovereign-class, the Odyssey is one of the most defensively capable Starfleet ships built to date, with wide shield and phaser coverage. This allows the Verity to take a lead role in even risky operations, able to protect herself and other ships on diplomatic or humanitarian Task Force missions.

Much like the Galaxy-class, it has a saucer section that can detach whenever necessary, revealing two impulse engines. There is also more redundancy between the two hulls compared to earlier vessels. This allows them to operate more fully without one another. The Odyssey also differs as it has two warp cores and sets of warp coils. The Verity has the ability to fabricate materials needed on relief operations, and extensive cargo space dedicated to the storage of necessary medical or other humanitarian supplies.

The Verity has two shuttle bays: one massive hanger that spans five decks in the primary hull, and one smaller bay located in the lowest decks of the secondary hull that can support this section while separated. The shuttle bays are equipped with a total of thirty shuttles and four runabouts.

The USS Verity is based out of Devron Fleet Yards which is located in the old Romulan neutral zone. Because of this, it is able to offset the large crewing cost of such a large ship, thus allowing Devron to staff the ship from the starbase itself to project influence throughout the sector.


The Verity was rushed into service whilst still a prototype, her vast internal space crudely configured to carry and support the needs of the maximum number of refugees possible for the Romulan evacuation program. The destruction of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2385 led to the cancellation of the evacuation program, which in turn led to the resignation of Admiral Picard, her then commanding officer.

Verity was recalled to complete her fit-out, however, as Starfleet’s focus had turned inwards and she had proven the usefulness of transporting vast amounts of personnel and equipment, her configuration retained those characteristics instead of being changed to support long-range exploration. In 2390, the USS Verity was relaunched, and in 2399 was assigned to be the flagship of humanitarian response unit Task Force 93.

Commanding Officer History

  • Fleet Captain Azras Dex
  • Captain Gar'arth
  • Captain Harry Maxwell
  • Commodore Imya Jori