Sector Fero Psi

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Sector Fero Psi
Major powers
Minor powers
  • Mankirans (Pre-Warp)
  • Hallgerans (Pre-Warp)
Points of interest
  • Hallger - TKon Beacon

Sector Fero Psi is a sector located in the Beta Quadrant in Federation Space, just several light years from the Devron Fleet Yards, right along the border near the Romulan Free State. The sector consists of five star systems and one black hole, designated as Jck 6-9748. Neither of the five star systems are in any danger to the blackhole, unless the blackhole were to get any bigger.

The only information about the sector was obtained by long range sensors, probes, and a brief exploration by the USS Centaur. The sector is still in need of a full exploration and survey of its star systems.

The Singularity

Jck 6-9748

The Jck 6-9748 Black Hole is just a normal stellar black hole, light years away from any star system, enough to not cause any gravitational issues or time dilation problems, as of yet. Long range sensors indicated that this black hole is growing but at a very slow pace that it would take about several thousand years before it starts affecting three of the five star systems.

The Star Systems

The Rey System

The Rey System is hosted by an O-Type Star, very large, very young and very hot type of Star. Not many planets orbit it, except for one and it is uninhabitable due to the distance it holds to the star. But there are several asteroid belts around the star that could potentially, in hundreds to thousands of years, become planets later on and the one uninhabitable planet could potentially become a habitable one. This particular system has still yet to be explored fully but long range sensors did detect some sort of trade outpost at the far edges of the system. As for who owns it, it is unclear.

The Gydis System

The Gydis System only consists of three Planets with an F-Type Star, one of the planets being in the middle of course appears to be habitable but so far sensors from long range have yet to determine if there is life on it. That is until the USS Centaur explored the system during a crisis, found the two uninhabitable planets sporting nothing of interest and the habitable planet did appear to have some sort of life going on. But the Centaur was only in the system for a brief search for something, thus the system is still in need for a full exploration and survey in order to determine what value the three planets have and what kind of life lives on the second, center planet.

The Rubieta System

The Rubieta System has an A-Type Star with a singular planet and an ice asteroid belt. The planet is too close to the sun to be habitable and the asteroid belt could potentially be filled with rich minerals but the USS Centaur yet again was only in the system for a brief time to destroy something of interest before leaving the system. What exactly are the asteroid’s filled with, is unclear if they are valuable or not.

The Ioleuth System

Mankira Planet, Homeworld of the Mankirans.

The Ioleuth System is illuminated by a K-Type Star with a singular planet in the goldilocks zone, inhabited by the people called the Mankirans. Both the Space Station at the edge of the system and the Research Station close to the star are owned by the Mankirans but they have yet to discover warp travel. The Mankirans are a peaceful race, who’s key interests are only science and research, curious about their star and curious about everything else around their home system. The Space Station has several sensor like dishes focused heavily on the black hole that is dozens of lightyears away, while the Research Station was focused on their own Star. Unfortunately, due to an accident, the Research Station was destroyed.

The Oro System

The Oro System has a G-Type Star that supports five planets, only one of those five is habitable with life. This system was visited by the USS Centaur and discovered an ancient and abandoned space station in orbit of the third planet, whereas the third planet has a civilization in a particular era thought to be fiction, a steampunk era. What’s more, is that the Centaur was able to prevent the old space station’s orbit from deteriorating, stopping it just before the ‘no return’ mark and stabilizing its orbit, thus saving hundreds of thousands of people on the planet. With a brief interaction with a proper covert mission, the Centaur was able to determine that the citizens of the planet call their home the Hallger, and themselves the Hallgerans.

The Hallger

Planet Hallger

Hallger Planet, Homeworld of the Hallgerans and where a Tkon Beacon is located inside the one and only pyramid on the planet.

This planet has one of the most particular civilizations ever found in Federation History. Where what used to be fiction in human books, has become real in this world. A civilization, powered and influenced by Steam Technology, has grown into a unique era. Where it was thought to be too primitive, has actually become quite sophisticated. No satellites in orbit, but a vast tower network spanning from coast to coast, across the oceans to other continents, are used to send signals across the entire planet, towers that looked very much like the Wardenclyffe Tower by Nikola Tesla. Wireless Transmissions of power, messages, communication and imagery was sent all over the world by these towers.

What’s more, Airships were the primary form of transportation, as well as the primary use for the governments’ military. Sea vessels were still constructed and used, but the people of Hallger preferred to travel by Airship, saying the statistics of flying by Airship was far safer than a train, or a boat.

Steampunk Revolver that Ensign Mizu of the USS Centaur had picked up and added to her collection.

Many years ago, the people of Hallger were influenced to find a way to end such horrid methods of murder and death. A company called the Hedersett Co, was a Weapons Manufacturer Company that created non-lethal weapons. Every pistol and rifle that the Hedersett Co created, were designed to stun a target, to incapacitate them and leave them unconscious for several hours, enough time for authorities to arrive at the scene, get the story from multiple parties, arrest the unconscious individual and wait for them to become conscious to tell their story before determining the best course of action. Generally if they are found guilty, they spend a certain amount of time doing community service. If the crime is far worse, such as attempted murder or murder, then the individual spends a certain amount of time in prison, to a maximum of life. But there is no death sentence. Crime has reduced by a small percentage, but the death toll has decreased considerably. Of course, this resulted in a population control system, where a family can only have two children, and then the parents must get fixed, whether they stay happily married or not. Not the best system overall but it is the one they chose to go with for their society.

Furthermore, this civilization has also gone into the digital age for currency. While they must always carry their identification packets with them at all times, it is almost impossible for them to leave home without it but it is possible for them to ‘forget it’ somewhere, wherever they visited to pay for something, and be caught without it. About every block has scanners that will scan an individual for their identification packet and if it is missing, the individual will receive a fine to pay or spend a few weeks doing community service. The penalty for a individual for not having their identification packet on them can be severe, because not only does it have vital information if they were to die in an accident or were injured, but it also has a Code that looks much like the QR Code that Earth used in the twentieth century, which grants anyone access to the person’s bank account with a scanning device. An individual could sell or purchase items by having their code scanned, and if their account is more secure, at a price of course, they may enter a four digit number and then access to their account is given to either deposit or charge an amount.

The Hallgerans may not be fully traditional in the depicted steampunk age, but they certainly appear to be living in it. With wireless transmission towers all over the world to identification packets with a code to sell or make a purchase, to non-lethal weapons and a less barbaric justice system. Maybe someday they will discover the means of warp travel, and Starfleet can come to introduce themselves and the Federation to the Hallgerans and see how they can incorporate them into the Federation, if they wish to join. But for now, the planet is marked to be surveyed and observed for the time being. What the Hallgerans do not know is that there is an active Tkon Beacon inside the one and only Pyramid in the largest desert region, with a new Guardian who will ensure no one will find it or gain entrance unless an emergency requires it.

Historical Events

2399 - The Crisis

The USS Centaur, accompanied by another vessel, visited the Fero Psi Sector in search for the Omega Molecules that were detected in said sector. But various anomalies, including the Black Hole, were causing sensor ghosts that forced the Centaur to scout each system for these molecules, to search and destroy at all costs. The Centaur did find a small cluster in the Rubieta System on a large ice asteroid, and was able to destroy it easily with a modified torpedo. But the Centaur then found a very large cluster on a Research Station in the Ioleuth System, where the other vessel that accompanied the Centaur assisted in destroying the large cluster with the specialized team on board. Unfortunately, the Mankarins were trying to unlock the potential of the Omega Molecules and managed to save a small cluster from being transported, forcing the Captain of the Centaur to fire a couple of modified torpedoes, destroying the station entirely, along with the molecules.

Before the other vessel could completely eliminate the large cluster it had, both them and the Centaur were attacked by a Klingon Raider Captain, in command of a Vorcha Attack Cruiser by the name of IKS Shadriq. Both vessels were caught completely by surprise, where the attack was strategic and harsh, taking out multiple weapon ports and disabling warp drives on both vessels. In this very moment, both vessels were completely out matched and out gunned by the IKS Shadriq but because of the intensity and importance of completing their mission on eliminating all Omega Molecules in the sector, neither vessel gave up in the fight. The Centaur held the Shadriq off as much as they could until they received a heavy blow that almost completely destroyed their torpedo pod, but after they were told to move away from the Shadriq at full impulse, the other vessel launched a modified torpedo and nearly crippled the Shadriq, forcing them to withdraw.

The Centaur received as much repairs as the other vessel could give them before they were tasked with something else and was forced to leave the Centaur to finish the job all on their own. But even with the damaged nacelle repaired, the Centaur was still experiencing problems with establishing a stable warp field and were unable to go to warp. So when the other vessel was on their way to leaving the sector, they notified the Centaur that their sensors detected a strange object orbiting the third planet in the Oro System, thus as curiosity rose in the crew, the Centaur sent an away team via runabout to investigate. The Away Team consisted of Commander Vakai, who had received a battlefield promotion from Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant James Ryker, Lieutenant Sivol, Junior Lieutenant Ashley Gomez, Junior Lieutenant Gomo, Junior Lieutenant Maya Egil and Junior Lieutenant Koyda Daco, the very ones who used to work together as a Hazard Team during the Archanis Event.

Upon arrival of the station, they discovered that the main reactor was offline, and the Auxiliary Generators were the only things keeping the station functional and in orbit of the planet. During their exploration of the station, they encountered a Construction Robot in the Operations Center, called KR-11, where the race used the K for Construction instead of a C. At first everything seemed fine when the team split up into three groups, but upon further investigating, they soon realized that KR-11 was not to be trusted and turned on them. Apparently KR-11 was constructed with an experimental AI system that went bad, and murdered the entire crew on the station, but by doing so, it eliminated the only chance it could have of releasing itself from the station’s computer and leave to go to anywhere it wanted to build anything it wanted, including weapons of mass destruction. That was how corrupted its AI was.

Fortunately, the team was able to eliminate the killer robot by ejecting it into space and using the Runabouts phasers to vaporize it. But before doing so, it had planted explosives on the Auxiliary Generators and destroyed them, forcing the station to switch to battery power which wasn’t enough for the orbital thrusters to keep the station in orbit, thus its orbit began to deteriorate. As much as the Runabout tried with a tractor beam, it couldn’t keep the station in place and so Lieutenant Gomez had to come up with a risky plan of cold starting a main reactor that has been offline for thousands of years. With a plan of transporting single molecules of matter and antimatter in a sequence to create a chain reaction within the reactor chamber, they were able to restore main power. Plus, with the arrival of the Centaur, they were able to push the station back into safe orbit around the planet, and install a series of power packs throughout the station in hopes to keep various systems online and maybe prevent the reactor from shutting off again.

But before the Centaur had arrived, when main power was restored, Lieutenant Sivol was able to gain access to the station’s database and discover something incredibly important. A large database of information on the Tkon Empire, which led everyone to believe that the abandoned space station belonged to the ancient empire of the Tkon. The importance of this database was immediately downloaded and sent to Starfleet Command for analysis.

In time, after all the data collected from many other starships, the Centaur was among many to be given instructions to restore power to a beacon, or the crisis that they are currently experiencing will not go away and the risks are far too great to let that happen. Thus, the Centaur discovered that there was indeed a beacon on the planet inside a Pyramid, so they sent down two teams, first team consisting of Commander Vakai, Lieutenant James Ryker, Lieutenant Sivol and Junior Lieutenant Ashley Gomez, down to the Pyramid in a desert region of the planet, while the second team, Ensign Mizu and Ensign Ruben Ortiz, were sent to a small city to gather vital information for the first team to succeed in their mission.

Thanks to the help of the second team, the first team was able to join the Hallgeran expedition of the pyramid, which eventually led them inside the pyramid where they found the beacon and discovered why it was inactive. A smaller version of the portal was damaged and the reason behind it was odd creatures, resembling as hairless monkeys with clawed tips on their digits, bat-like wings, beady little eyes, small nose and a large mouth with sharp teeth. These creatures are carnivores but they highly prefer crystalline as food. So a lot of the beacon that had any crystalline structures were eaten but the most important thing they needed to restore was the portal and that was exactly what they did in order to restore the entire beacon.

Once the portal was repaired and one of the Hallgerans, Gilbert Styles, became the new guardian, the creatures were sent to a different cavern on the other side of the planet and the beacon was fully restored, bringing it back online and back to doing its job to ensure the safety and security of the galaxy. Because Gilbert Styles was the only person that the away team revealed themselves to, and Gilbert had erased all evidence of finding the pyramid and changed the code to getting inside, the team was evidently able to avoid violating the Prime Directive.