OCS Policy

From Bravo Fleet

Section 1 - Awards & Promotions

  • All promotion and award recommendations should be submitted through BFMS and include clear, concise language about what the member did and, if applicable, how they did it. Recommendations can include information about a person's personality and character, but should provide factual information on the things that they have done.
  • All awards have a minimum position requirement for the nominator, but that isn’t the only award they can nominate for. For instance, the Star Cross must be nominated by at least a TFCO, but anyone above a TFCO can also nominate someone for it. Alternatively, if you are below TFCO and want to nominate someone for a Star Cross, talk to your TFCO!
  • Medals cannot double dip activity. Any activity, once recognized by a medal, cannot be used toward future medals. This does not always apply to promotions, which tend to be focused on the sum total of accomplishments since a member’s last promotion.
  • All medals and promotions should be known and directed through (up and down) the chain of command appropriately so each leader knows what is being requested and can avoid instances of denial due to double dipping, or an award being recommended for the same thing within a short period.
  • Promotions between ranks have time-in-rank requirements. These requirements are not absolute, and there may be extreme circumstances where it may be waived in the case of senior officer promotions, but this is highly unlikely, and the standard(s) of activity are significantly higher for rapid promotions.
  • Medals and promotions, once granted, can only be revoked by the Magistrate’s Office. This includes instances in which new medals may be created, resulting in the conversion of old medals. This does not apply to obvious administrative or technical errors, which can be administratively (rather than judicially) removed by the Office of the Chief of Staff.

Section 2 - Transfers

  • Transfer requests are not a forum for argument or discussion. Problems with unit superiors should be addressed directly between the relevant members.
  • Transfers between task forces may be held until such time that the OCS is satisfied with the reasons for the transfer.
  • The direct recruitment of members from one unit to another with promises of medals, promotions, or other entitlements is forbidden and may result in disciplinary action. This does not include application periods for positions open to all of Bravo Fleet.
  • Reserve hopping, wherein a member transfers to Reserve status before transferring to a new task force, is forbidden and may result in disciplinary action when discovered.
  • Members accepting leadership positions in units to which they do not currently belong should first request a transfer to the appropriate unit with confirmation of the appointment given as reason.

Section 3 - Competitions

  • Members wishing to organize a competition must get approval from their superiors. Bravo Fleet-wide competitions must be approved by the OCS staff.
  • Competitions in Bravo Fleet are tiered based on their target audience, with the placement awards shifting in each situation. These are:
    • Bravo Fleet-wide Fleet Action Events:
      • Starfleet Gold Star
      • Starfleet Silver Star
      • Starfleet Bronze Star
    • Bravo Fleet-wide:
      • First Place: Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster
      • Second Place: Action Medal with Star Cluster
      • Third Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
    • Task Force-wide:
      • First Place: Action Medal with Star Cluster
      • Second Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
      • Third Place: Action Medal with Moon Cluster
    • Task Group-wide:
      • First Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
      • Second Place: Action Medal with Moon Cluster
      • Third Place: Action Medal with Comet Cluster
  • A Fleet Action is a club-wide event comprised of several smaller events in phases (or weeks). These smaller events fit into an overall storyline impacting multiple facets of Bravo Fleet canon. Fleet Actions are run by the BFA at the direction of the BFCO, and directly influence the direction of Bravo Fleet canon via the Loremaster.
  • All competitions are expected to be judged and closed within (30) days of the end date. Competitions still open after this time will result in a warning email to the organizers.
    • After 45 days, the OCS will take over judging the competition. At this point, an AWOL competition organizer may have their privileges to run competitions suspended by the OCS office.
  • Competitions with valid participation are expected to place action medals accordingly, but there are always situations where no submission has met the subjective criteria for placement. Should this situation arise, the OCS must be notified of the situation and provided with the competition runner’s reasoning.
    • Subjectively graded competitions (including but not limited to: fiction, graphics, poetry, caption contests, and other forms of creative activities) should not have ties when finalized, as there is always a method of discerning appropriate placements.
  • All competitions should be submitted with the appropriate competition approval guidelines.
  • Competition organizers and co-organizers are ineligible for placement in their competitions.

Section 4 - Names & Usernames

  • Names of canon Star Trek characters are generally prohibited. If you are unsure if your character's name is in question, contact the OCS to work with you.
  • Offensive names - While there is no formal list of names that are considered offensive, the Office of the Chief of Staff reserves the right to review potential or actually offensive names.

Section 5 - Dossier Deletion

  • Any member who wishes to leave Bravo Fleet in totality may do so by requesting their dossier be deleted by the OCS. Once a dossier is deleted it is done so in full and not retrievable.
  • Any awards, promotions, or recognitions that were on a dossier that has been deleted are not transferable to a new dossier created by the same member.

Section 6 - Other

  • No ranks, medals, or awards from any other Star Trek club are transferable to Bravo Fleet.
This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.