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This article is an Out of Character article relevant to Bravo Fleet's first 2023 Fleet Action, 'The Lost Fleet.' For an overview of Mission Briefings, please consult the main article.

Key Missions are intended to have the scope to keep a writer busy across the FA’s six weeks. They include wiki pages for setting material if needed. Take these on if you want to be a part of the briefing system, but still have the freedom to flesh out details and direction. These will be the most numerous and typical of what the IO offers.

The Key Missions available for the Lost Fleet FA are as follow.

Intelligence Acquisitions

(Assigned to Lieutenant Commander Roger Allen)

Starfleet Intelligence has discovered that a Ferengi businessman is in possession of detailed star charts from Breen space. With the Breen assisting the Dominion fleet, up-to-date intelligence on their border territory is critical to the conflict. Starfleet has ordered the acquisition of these charts to improve defensive planning and prepare counter-offensives.


DaiMon Klunt operates a massive casino and hospitality resort on the shared Federation-Ferengi border. A keen and influential businessman within the Ferengi Alliance, Starfleet Intelligence is aware of his shady dealings within the black market. The rumours of his arrangements with Breen mercenaries have recently been confirmed by trustworthy sources.

Your ship has been ordered to the resort in the Lappa system to meet with DaiMon Klunt to negotiate the acquisition of star charts in his possession, which provide up-to-date and detailed readings of Breen border sectors. These charts would give Starfleet the best intelligence they have perhaps ever had on Breen territories and defences, and provide a critical edge to the campaign. Klunt is keen to keep the Federation a close trading partner but is apprehensive of damaging relations with his business partners in the Breen Confederacy.

Starfleet Intelligence does not expect Klunt to sell the charts but instead try to draw out the negotiations with delays and elaborate ruses until he can find some way to blame the Federation for the arrangement falling through. As this is Ferengi territory, he is under no obligation to cooperate with Starfleet. Recon, however, has identified that the servers the charts are stored on are locked in a vault deep below the surface of the moon of Lappa IV, directly beneath Klunt’s casino resort, the Bunnicorn’s Foot.

Whatever it takes, without causing a diplomatic incident between the Federation and Ferengi Alliance, your crew must retrieve those star charts.

Key Points

  • This mission has two parts: an undercover operation to steal the star charts from the casino vaults, and the diplomatic approach to convince Klunt your crew are at the Lappa system solely to negotiate.
  • The Lappa system lies in Ferengi space near the border, and avoiding an issue with another neighbouring power is vital. Klunt has close ties with Ferengi security as he is a high-ranking DaiMon.
  • The details of the resort and the vault have been left intentionally open. You may develop them, and the planned heist, freely.
  • This is intended as one of the thematically lighter missions in this conflict-focused campaign (though does not need to be comedic!).

Liberate Sevury

(Assigned to Commodore Pete Cromwell)

The Sevury system is one of the Deneb Sector’s most plentiful sources of tritanium. More than a home to industry, civilian settlements have also flourished on the worlds and moons of the system for over a century. But Sevury was one of several systems attacked and occupied in the Dominion’s initial attack. As Starfleet’s counter-attack stretches Dominion forces thinner, Starfleet Tactical has identified a reduction in Sevury’s defences, and identified it as a priority for liberation. You have been assigned to repel enemy forces and retake Sevury.


The Federation world of Sevury has been under Dominion occupation since the early stages of their reappearance, largely due to its proximity to their arrival point. The entire system is of importance to the Federation, but especially because of the tritanium it provides; tritanium which is used across the Federation, including for ship building.

Starfleet has recently spread the Dominion fleet thin on multiple fronts. This has caused much of the Dominion force occupying Sevury into other areas of the sector and presented an opportunity for the planet to be recaptured. Starfleet Tactical believes that the main goal in retaking the planet, and therefore the system, is activating the planetary defense grid. The defense grid has been disabled since the Dominion seized the system, their arrival so quick and unexpected that it was never activated.

Starfleet has tasked you with joining a small contingent of vessels to retake the system. You will be joined by the USS Wasp (Defiant class), USS Cobourg (Reliant class), USS Zhukov (Gagarin class), and the USS Missouri (Sovereign class).

Whlie the other vessels are busy occupying the forces in orbit, your ship has specifically been tasked with beaming down landing parties in order to reactivate the defense grid with an activation code provided to you by Starfleet Command. Once reactivated, it will be able to eliminate any remaining Dominion vessels. However, you must penetrate the Federation Administration Building in the capital which is now swarming with Jem'Hadar, led by their Vorta, Keevan. Transporter inhibitors have been installed so you cannot beam directly into the building and must make your way in. Your method is up to you. Brute force is always an option, but many people may lose their lives. Stealth is also an option, but the risk of being caught would certainly mean failure as the Jem'Hadar would become aware of your presence and be able to bolster their forces before you could get reinforcements to the surface. Starfleet is leaving the method up to you, Captain.

Also keep in mind that while the Starfleet forces in orbit can outmatch the Dominion forces with decades of technological superiority, they aren't going to last forever. Time is not unlimited to be pinned down in firefights with the Jem'Hadar.

Key Points

  • The focus for your story isn't the battle in orbit, but the battle on the ground. That's why the details of the Dominion fleet in orbit are scarce. Just assume the other ships can hold them off for long enough, and all of the ships will survive.
  • Unless your command character holds a rank higher than captain (which, according to fleet policy, is only possible if your member rank is fleet captain or above), your CO and your ship are not IC taking the lead on this operation, but as above are responsible only for the ground mission.
  • Any obstacles you run into are up to you. This a far more open-ended prompt than the others, with just a framework with which to work in. Options might include hostages, traps, Jem'Hadar ambushes…

The Supply Depot

(Assigned to Lieutenant Commander Taylor Shakespeare)

A Dominion squadron is bearing down on the Yadev II Supply Depot, home to several mothballed starships. Your ship has been ordered to proceed there as quickly as possible to assist the engineers there with reactivating as many of the mothballed ships as possible to repel the Dominion’s attack on the system.


When ships are decommissioned, they are often sent to Supply Depots throughout the Federation where they lie in mothballs, ready to be reactivated at short notice in an emergency. The Yadev II Supply Depot in the Deneb Sector is one such facility. The facility’s engineers have been scrambling to return as many of the mothballed ships as possible to active status but the work is progressing slower than Fourth Fleet Command is satisfied with.

Your ship has been ordered to the Yadev II Supply Depot where your crew must work with its engineers to refit the mothballed ships and bring them back to life. To complicate matters, long-range sensors have detected a squadron of Dominion ships on a direct course for the Yadev system. Estimates suggest the Dominion forces will arrive in three days. You have that long to get the mothballed ships ready to assist you in repelling the attack.

Key Points

  • The ships you’ll be reactivating are old, small ships at least a few decades old; Miranda-class, Freedom-class and Centar-class ships.
  • The supply depot engineers may well resent what they perceive as your interference in their turf.
  • The impending threat from the Dominion Squadron will be a constant in the back of everyone’s mind.
  • There will only be a limited number of people to crew the few vessels you manage to reactivate. Part of the reactivation will involve automating the ships so they can be minimally crewed.
  • This is a good mission for a ship with a utility focus, like a California or a Parliament, or a smaller ship with some talented engineers aboard.

Hit and Run

(Assigned to Fleet Captain Th'lora Vehl)

While Starfleet redeploys enough forces to defend Federation territory and retake what was lost, Starfleet Command has authorised a number of raids to take place behind enemy lines to disrupt enemy operations. If successful, these raids will not only provide essential disruption to enemy defensive infrastructure but keep Dominion forces off-balance long enough for Starfleet to prepare a counter-offensive.


Starfleet Tactical has identified three key installations that the Dominion forces have established that are providing supplies and resources to their forces. Though it would take a larger force to destroy or recapture them, any disruption to enemy supply lines will be of great benefit to Starfleet’s plans. Without it, there is little hope of recapturing these invaded Federation worlds.

Starfleet has ordered you and either your squadron/or other commanders with their fleet to undertake a series of raids behind enemy lines. The three targets are:

  1. The repair yards in orbit of Pesak III, supporting damaged Dominion ships;
  2. The supply depot on Messif VII, now a key part of Dominion supply lines;
  3. The Shangris Science Station, whose sensor array has been turned to monitor Starfleet operations.

Some of these locations may still have the original inhabitants living nearby or manning the facilities. Starfleet has warned that under no circumstances should civilians be knowingly fired upon. This means that either a strike team must perform a risky extraction before their assault, or target key infrastructure without any loss of civilian life.

The tactic of hitting the enemy target swiftly and with the full might of your ships is vital here. Evading heavy engagement with the enemy is essential, as Dominion forces in the region are significant. Fortunately, these locations are close to the Berrin Nebula, a class-9 nebula whose sensor-disrupting composition can be used to hide ships. Each facility was also built by the Federation, so much is known about them. But be warned: Starfleet Intelligence has discovered that Dominion forces have placed defensive infrastructure in the region, including orbital weapons platforms and detection grids. These must be bypassed in order to successfully strike targets.

Key Points

  • While this mission could be written with one ship, it is perfectly suited for anyone with their own squadron or who wishes to collaborate with another member.
  • You will need to be creative in how you will get behind enemy lines without detection. The Berrin Nebula will assist you greatly.
  • The idea is for each attack to be quick and not give the enemy the chance to respond. These are dangerous locations on their own without getting stuck into a fight with more Dominion forces.
  • These are facilities Starfleet would prefer to recover someday, not destroy now. There are also likely Federation citizens at these locations. They may be endangered by your strike and/or need rescuing.

The Facility

(Assigned to Captain Struan MacLeod)

Fourth Fleet Intelligence has become aware of a Breen weapons development facility developing a version of their energy-dampening weapon compatible with Dominion power generation systems. While most modern Federation ships have been built to resist this weapon, the power reserves available to Dominion battlecruisers and battleships would likely exceed Starfleet defensive capabilities. Outright destruction of the station would only cause that work to resume somewhere else, so a plan has been created to sabotage the prototype instead. The success of this mission is dependent on a team being able to get in and out without raising suspicion before the weapon is fitted to a Dominion warship.


Breen and Dominion power systems are extremely different. While the Breen have been able to reverse engineer a number of Dominion systems over the past two and a half decades, they don’t have the capability to simply mount Dominion weapons on their own ships and vice versa. Starfleet is aware of a facility, Facility D-218-C,  trying to solve this incompatibility, to attach Breen energy-dampening weapons directly to Dominion battleships. Located behind enemy lines, its location was discovered because of the high volume of transmissions it is making with Breen military command.

Based on the available evidence, the Breen are nearly ready to test this weapon in the field. While destroying the facility is an option, Fourth Fleet Intelligence wants this prototype sabotaged, to sow doubt about whether solving the Breen-Dominion incompatibility is even possible. With their own understanding of Breen and Dominion technology, they have created a virus that will introduce imperceptible errors into the power conversion systems that will result in the dampening weapon inverting its effects to disable the firing ship, if not simply exploding.

The facility is located in a system home to several Breen starship maintenance facilities. It is guarded by at least one Breen warship at all times. Your ship must pull this warship away, either by directly attacking the maintenance facilities or by sabotaging them as well. A team must enter the facility and upload the virus to the weapon and leave without being detected. If, in their view, the virus would not have the intended effect, they must improvise to achieve the desired result while still making it look like an accident.

Key Points

  • Repeatedly, we’ve seen in Star Trek that it’s really hard to bolt a piece of technology from one species onto the power systems of another and hope for the best. This research facility is attempting to solve that problem between Breen and Dominion technology; this would be really bad for the Federation.
  • The research facility is far enough behind enemy lines that it is not itself a fortress. It is relying on being far enough away from the main battles of the war to stay safe. Getting to the system in question would be the tough part, and this would require careful navigation and reduced power output.
  • The overall goal of this mission is for the Breen to install their weapon onto a Dominion ship and end up disabling or destroying that ship, so that it appears that the technological incompatibility can’t be solved. Destroying the station itself or the weapon itself would be a mission failure.
  • As Starfleet doesn’t use cloaking devices, distraction and misdirection would be your main ways of accomplishing this, but perhaps the station has a sensor weakness you can exploit.

Protect Arriana

(Assigned to Commander Theo Barrington)

A Federation world has been invaded by a large contingent of Jem’Hadar soldiers. They have captured two settlements already and are pressing on to the capital city. The governor has requested further Starfleet troops to hold the line and retake what has been lost. The potential loss of life if Starfleet fails could be immense, not to mention the strategic implications or blow to Federation morale across this front. Protecting Arriana is critical to the campaign.


The world of Arriana Prime has been attacked by the Dominion. While Starfleet was successfully able to repel enemy ships, they could not prevent the landing of a huge number of Jem’Hadar soldiers on the surface. With ruthless efficiency, these ground forces have seized two of the colony world’s major settlement and are marching on the capital city. It is unclear if they intend to secure the surface in anticipation of their fleet’s return, or to cause chaos through bloodshed across a Federation world. With most nearby Starfleet ships still engaged beyond the system to drive off the initial Dominion strike force, you have been ordered to deliver troops to Arriana Prime to defend the capital and remove the Jem’Hadar.

This won’t be easy. Dominion forces have obliterated all orbital defences, leaving limited infrastructure to assist with such a mission. Your ship will have to be the eyes and ears. Your crew will need to take charge of the situation. The governor has agreed to declare martial law, giving Starfleet full authority in this matter. The colony’s own militia has fallen, so it is down to your crew and ship to restore control of the planet. Save the colony’s government, prevent the capital from falling and retake the settlements lost.

Key Points

  • This battle will require multiple away missions and the need for you to lead troops to victory.
  • ‘Troops’ in this case is Starfleet Security. Though well-trained, there is no force in the Federation accustomed to ground combat of this scope.
  • A planet bombardment will not assist in removing the Jem’Hadar. With their shroud technology in place, it is difficult to determine their exact location. Additionally, as part of preemptive measures included within martial law, sensor scramblers and transporter inhibitors have been activated to stop the Jem’Hadar from advancing too quickly. The enemy is known to move among civilian settlements, using them as a shield against this exact target - the potential collateral damage of a bombardment is unacceptable to Starfleet.
  • The terrain of the battlefields will be entirely down to you.
  • You may want to consider sending in teams to rescue civilians, evacuate areas and provide defence where needed.
  • The ultimate goal is the restoration of Federation control and for the governor to agree to rescind their orders for martial law.

Destroy the Lab

(Assigned to Lieutenant Commander Tomek)

Dominion forces have reclaimed a secret Ketracel-white on a rogue planet nestled deep in a Mutara class nebula. Previously unknown to Alliance forces at the end of the Dominion War, this facility has helped temporarily jumpstart Ketracel production and, in turn, an increase in Jem'Hadar forces. The facility needs to be located within the nebula and destroyed.


A rogue planet, named Saxue by the Dominion, was a former Ketracel-white production facility during the height of the Dominion War. Located in a calm pocket deep in a Mutara class nebula, Saxue was, by Dominion War standards, a minor production facility. However, with the current crisis, it has enough manufacturing capability to jump-start the Jem'Hadar forces into unmanageable numbers.

The facility is the sole man-made structure on an otherwise barren planet, so locating the facility on the planet should be easy. The tricky part is finding the planet within the nebula, which is located a few light years outside of Federation borders. It is also safe to assume that the nebula is patrolled to some extent by Dominion ships, and to expect Dominion ships in orbit of Saxue. Exact numbers are unknown; however, based on deep space scans of ship traffic in and out of the nebula, it would appear that there are no more than a dozen Dominion ships, primarily of the Dominion attack ship variety.

Your ship has been assigned the task of penetrating the nebula, locating the planet, and confirming the facility's existence. Your secondary objective, if feasible, is to destroy the facility by whatever methods available to you. Otherwise, once the facility's existence has been confirmed, leave the nebula and report back to Fourth Fleet Command. Use whatever means necessary to complete your objective.

Key Points

  • The planet exists in a "calm pocket" within the nebula.
  • The nebula is a standard Mutara class nebula, so ships’ systems will be hindered. However, technology has also come a long way. Shields and sensors will still be affected, but not entirely compromised.
  • There are several options for this mission, each suited to different ship types.
    • Science ships will be more capable of entering the nebula and finding the planet in a reasonable amount of time before being detected themselves, even through the nebula's interference. However, they might not be as suited to go up against a dozen Dominion ships. Less combat oriented ships may be more suited to try to escape the nebula with the information, which could set up a dramatic climax of an escape.
    • More combat-oriented ships will take longer to find the planet, which leads to them being more likely to enter into a firefight in the nebula with Dominion ships, where shields and other ships’ systems may be compromised. However, once they reach the planet, they'll be best suited to destroy the facility.
    • Another option may be to lure the Dominion ships into the nebula, then reach the planet and destroy the facility. Also note that the facility does not have to be destroyed by orbit, and might not even be able to be if its shielded. Going down on foot may be required, depending on the story you want to tell.
  • The ultimate goal is to confirm the existence of the facility. From there, your story will diverge to getting the information back to Starfleet or destroying it yourself. This divergence will entirely depend on your ship and the story you want to tell. Either way, the facility is a major boost to the Jem'Hadar which cannot be allowed to stand if Starfleet is to stand a chance.

Uneasy Alliance

(Assigned to Commander Geronimo Maverick Fontana)

A squadron from the Cardassian Third Order has been offered to defend a Federation world, Janoor III. However, during the Dominion War, Janoor III was attacked and occupied by Dominion forces, which the people remember only too well. Starfleet has dispatched a ship to act as a liaison between the people of Janoor III and the Cardassian forces, to prepare defences and to defend the planet when the attack finally comes.


Twenty Six years ago, the Federation world Janoor III was attacked by the Dominion, who then occupied the planet. Now, the planet lies in the path of the Dominon’s lost fleet and must prepare to defend itself once more. The Cardassian Third Order offers a squadron of ships to assist in the defence preparations and to help defend the planet when the attack comes. However, the Cardassians were among the occupying force and the people of Janoor III don’t want help from them.

Starfleet has dispatched your ship to Janoor III. Your orders are to act as a liaison between the planet’s leadership and the Cardassian commander. Getting the people of Janoor III to accept Cardassian help will be a difficult task. Most of the people still living on the planet remember the Dominion’s brutal treatment of them during the occupation and harbour a deep resentment towards the Cardassians for ‘selling out’ the Alpha Quadrant. At the same time you must work with the locals and Cardassians to prepare the planet’s defences and make sure your own ship is ready for the incoming Dominion forces.

Key Points

  • Getting the leadership of Janoor III to agree to accepting Cardassian help will only be the first step. The sight of Cardassians on the planet’s surface will be incredibly unpopular.
  • The planet’s population and the size of its main towns and cities is up to you.
  • How the anger and resentment felt by the locals manifests itself is up to you but given their history with the Cardassians, it will not be smooth sailing.
  • What the planet’s defences are has been left deliberately vague, but since this is a backwater Federation world, they are unlikely to be particularly extensive or advanced.
  • This mission is focused on the tensions around cooperation with the Cardassians, but how to depict the upcoming battle is up to you.
  • The Cardassian forces should be small - no more than a half-dozen ships. While your ship acts as a liaison, your officers are not in command of the overall defence of Janoor III. This is one of the few missions which includes working alongside an NPC squadron throughout, so be mindful of Intel Office guidance around such.

Save Gomtuu

(Assigned to Lieutenant Commander Deneva de Sousa)

A large, powerful spaceborne creature has been reported attacking and destroying Dominion ships before fleeing. Pursued by the Dominion, Starfleet fear this rare lifeform will be killed, or harnessed against them by their enemies. Your ship has been dispatched to rescue the creature.


A Federation science vessel was forced to flee from a region of space where they believe they have detected the arrival of a spaceborne lifeform, similar in shape and size to Gomtuu. The creature may be related. Dominion forces have quickly swept across the region and the last known scan of the living vessel showed it had destroyed six Dominion vessel. It is now hiding while the Dominion hunt it down, and Starfleet must find it first.

Starfleet Command has ordered your ship to discreetly get past Dominion ships without detection and to find the spaceborne lifeform. There are concerns not only for the life of a rare creature, but that if the Dominion reach it first and are able to take control of it, they could use it as a weapon against Starfleet forces.

Locating the creature will take some time as it has entered a dense region of space filled with subspace vacuoles. The use of telepathic crewmembers to make contact could help significantly. At all costs, Starfleet wants a peaceful interaction once the creature has been found. If possible remove it from the area of conflict and prevent it from falling into Jem’Hadar hands. If possible, escort it into Federation space or to a far away region that it won’t be bothered any more (e.g.: The Black Cluster). Killing the creature is not an option.

Furthermore, making the creature angry may cause it to unleash its powerful defences that could destroy your vessel (as observed against the Dominion ships). There is no defence to this and Starfleet is unaware of what other ‘powers’ it has. Starfleet is keen for your ship to determine if it is similar to Gomtuu that was encountered by the Enterprise-D in 2366.

Key Points

  • Where and how you find Gomtuu 2.0  is totally down to you. You may want to consider if it needs the subspace vaculoes for a reason (e.g. energy consumption, source of food, etc)- or it is simply using the area to hide from the Dominion.
  • The entity is believed to be like Gomtuu, but it may have key differences. Use Trek canon as guidance, but feel free to make new discoveries about this creature.
  • You may encounter and engage Dominion ships trying to find the creature. You might play a game of cat and mouse in the dense region, or use the subspace vaculoes against them.
  • Consider if any member of your crew could be telepathically linked to it. What would they experience? How could they help? Could it overwhelm them? Communicating with it is vital. How you do it, is down to you.
  • Freeing it and protecting it from the Dominion is essential. Again, how you do this, will be down to you.

Liberate Breen Slave World

The dilithium mines of the Deptrock system play a major role in the military logistics of the Breen’s offensive against the Federation. They are also home to a camp housing the slaves who work to produce the vast quantities of dilithium needed. Starfleet has issued orders not only to render the mines of Deptrock inoperable but to free the slaves, too.


In this mission, your ship has been sent to strike a blow against the military infrastructure of the Breen offensive and rescue slaves from bondage. The Deptrock system lies within the territory of the Breen Confederacy, and the sixth planet is the site of a major dilithium mine. Here the crystal is extracted before being shipped elsewhere for refining and to resupply warships. The vast majority of the mining labour is provided by slaves, some of which have been recently abducted in the Breen’s initial assault on Federation territory. Others have been there for some time.

Starfleet believes that rendering the mines of Deptrock inoperable will significantly hamper the deployment speed of Breen warships. It is also Starfleet’s moral imperative to liberate slaves wherever possible, and especially to rescue abducted Federation citizens. Evade border defences to make a daring assault on Deptrock, crippling the mines and freeing the slaves.

Key Points

  • There are many ways the mines could be rendered inoperable, including an orbital bombardment to collapse them. But the slaves must also be freed, adding a complication to the mission.
  • The briefing and wiki article are deliberately vague on how many slaves are in the mines. This is to give you freedom in your story design, and IC Starfleet may have this information if it suits you. While the intention is that your starship should be able to evacuate them all, feel free to add reasonable complications if this enriches your story. Perhaps there are so many your crew also needs to steal a Breen freighter, for example. Your mission does not include any Federation NPC ships to help with the evacuation.
  • The specifics and difficulties of crossing the border to reach Deptrock are down to you.
  • The defences of Deptrock have likewise been left vague. But while the mines are important to the Breen, it is not a bustling military hub.

Hunt the Breen Commander

(Assigned to Captain Romaes Anjin)

The Breen commander Thot Rodyn is responsible for some of the Breen’s biggest military victories and remains an active leader on the war front. Integral to the enemy’s strategic operations as he is, Starfleet has ordered your ship to hunt him down and take him off the board.


Thot Rodyn is one of the highest-ranking Breen officers involved in the offensive against the Federation, especially among those who lead from the front. He has led Breen ships in many of their most successful assaults, particularly their hit-and-run raids which have devastated Starfleet defences and seen many citizens captured as Breen slaves. Moving from hot-zone to hot-zone, Rodyn roams with his ship across the sector, seizing opportunities to assume command of Breen forces to launch new, lightning-fast offences.

Starfleet has ordered your ship to hunt down Rodyn and either kill or capture him. He leads from his warship, a heavily-armed and fast-moving vessel that has been known to travel with a small escort of interceptors, before meeting up with Breen strike forces to lead them in their attacks. This small unit relies on evading detection to not engage Starfleet forces as it travels, and has been thoroughly effective until now.

Finding Rodyn will be as difficult as taking him out. He is known to exploit the stellar anomalies of the [region] to avoid Starfleet forces, and Intelligence has struggled to identify a pattern to his movements. To find him would take picking up the trail somewhere he has recently operated, such as the location of one of his strikes, and pursuing. Otherwise, your ship could set a trap for him, luring him to a tempting target, or trying to ensnare him in a nebula or anomaly he is likely to use for cover. While he may be easily found once he has met up with other Breen forces, he is surrounded by heavily-armed warships.

His ship is also heavily defended even when operating independently and is known to travel sometimes with an escort. Your crew will have to use all their guile and skill not just to pin Rodyn down, but to defeat him once they have him.

Starfleet would prefer Rodyn be captured for interrogation and possible future bargaining with the Breen. Taking his ship, or at least its computer database, could put invaluable military intelligence in Starfleet’s hands. But if that is impossible, Starfleet will settle for the blow to Breen operations of killing Rodyn.

Key Points

  • This is a perfect mission for a battle of wills between captains, as your ship can try to hunt down Rodyn and engage in a game of cat-and-mouse.
  • The briefing is deliberately vague on details of how Rodyn operates or the nature of his ship and escort. They should be exactly as powerful as suits your story.
  • How your ship finds corners Rodyn is also up to you. Feel free to create member canon locations in the Deneb Sector he might have led raids against so your ship can follow his trail, or possible tempting targets where your ship could lie in wait for him to strike. But remember, his attacks are usually launched with a full Breen strike force - defeating him in the open would be difficult indeed.

Attack the Fleet Yard

(assigned to Commodore Imya Jori)

An old Breen fleet yard has been handed over to the Dominion and is now fully supporting their ships with repairs and maintenance. Its use is hampering Starfleet’s attempts and cutting the support the Dominion is receiving from those Breen who support them. It must be destroyed. 


The Lungurn Fleet Yards are an old Breen maintenance facility constructed during the Dominion War itself. They fell into disuse as tensions cooled along the border with the Federation. The arrival of the Lost Fleet and its support from certain Breen factions have seen the reactivation of the fleet yards, and for weeks they have been serving as a key facility keeping enemy ships combat-ready.

You have been assigned to disrupt the operations of the Lungurn Fleet Yards. While its destruction is ideal, even significant damage to its facilities would deeply undermine the capacity for Dominion ships to repair and return to the fighting.

As this location is well-defended and behind enemy lines, it will take more than brute force to reach and compromise Lungurn. The mission necessitates crossing the border covertly by travelling through the Ciatar Nebula. Successfully navigating the nebula while evading enemy detection will take significant modification of ship systems and careful tactical planning to avoid local patrols. If the Dominion lose contact with any of their patrols, they may be on high alert, and any subsequent raid on Lungurn will be significantly harder. Ciatar is also the best route for any escape after a hit-and-run on Lungurn.

Key Points

  • This mission is best suited for a squadron of ships to undertake as it will be very difficult for one ship to damage, let alone destroy, the fleet yard. One crew alone will have to be clever and resourceful to deal with this challenge.
  • The fleet yards are not only orbiting drydocks but are also built into several asteroids and moons. How many are down to your discretion; however, remember that this installation is well defended (not only by Breen and Dominion ships but also from weapon platforms too).
  • You could take out the entire fleet yard in a creative and cunning way, or you may want to focus your attack on a singular area (perhaps the command and control center?). Or could you consider attacking the yard in a different way? Perhaps an infiltration team gets on board? Can you find the weak spot? The choice is up to you.

Infiltrate and Liberate

(Assigned to Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes)

The Federation colony world of Nasera II fell to the Lost Fleet in its initial strike and has been under Dominion rule since. A team of officers have been instructed to slip through enemy lines and infiltrate Nasera II to gather intelligence and sabotage local defences ahead of an upcoming strike to retake the planet.


Nasera II is one of the oldest Federation colonies in the Deneb sector, and thus one of the most developed worlds in the region. Close to the Breen border, it was one of the first worlds to be targeted when the Confederacy joined forces with the Lost Fleet. It fell quickly despite its extensive defensive infrastructure, which was simply unprepared for such a massive force. Taken by surprise by the Breen and Dominion, planetary leadership surrendered to avoid a huge loss of life. As Starfleet prepares for a counter-offensive to retake Nasera, your ship has been instructed to send a team to slip past enemy territory and make it to the surface. There your officers are directed to assess the situation on the ground, gather intelligence, and conduct sabotage against local defences to aid the upcoming strike.

Intelligence makes it clear the Dominion have landed a great number of Jem’Hadar soldiers and Vorta overseers. Locals continue their life under the watchful eyes of soldiers, and avoiding detection will not be easy. Starfleet advises making contact with any local resistance to increase manpower and use their knowledge of the area.

Nasera’s proximity to the Breen border also puts it close to the Ferengi border. While other forms of subterfuge may help land a team, Starfleet recommends reaching an arrangement with Ferengi traders to help smuggle a team among cargo they may bring to the planet, as the Ferengi Alliance remains a trading partner with the Breen and otherwise neutral.

Once on the planet, your team must conduct surveillance to assess the Dominion’s defences. They will have multiple days to prepare ahead of beginning sabotage missions, which should be completed as late as possible ahead of the strike force’s arrival to cause the most possible damage to the planet’s defences. Three key targets have been identified:

  • The defence systems control centre. Located in a guarded building inside the capital, from this facility all planetary shielding and orbital defence platforms can be sabotaged. Destroy the control systems or sabotage the software. This target has the highest priority.
  • The governor’s mansion. From here, the Dominion ruler of Nasera has assumed control. Starfleet suspects them to be a Vorta, but warns your team could be dealing with a Founder. Infiltrating this location and taking the planetary leader hostage is dangerous, but could force some of the Jem’Hadar to stand down. This target is only a secondary priority, and may not be achievable.
  • The orbital station. Separate to the planetary defence systems, the old station has been modified by the Dominion, with more weapons and stronger shielding added. This has, however, made its power systems highly volatile. Sabotaging the power grid should be relatively easy and incapacitate the station - if you can get anyone up there. This target has only a tertiary priority, and may not be achievable.

There may be other targets, depending on what the Dominion have done to Nasera. While the defence systems control centre must be taken and the systems sabotaged, your team has wide freedom to ascertain what else is important, and what is achievable.

Key Points

  • This mission can be taken by any command, but is ideal for someone with a small ship (including a Raven) or a ship unsuitable for combat. Here your officers would leave the starship behind to infiltrate Nasera alone.
  • How you get to Nasera is up to you - the suggestion of infiltrating with the help of Ferengi is just that, a suggestion. Getting to Nasera can be its own plotline, though!
  • This mission is a good opportunity to show what life is like for Federation citizens under Dominion rule. Martial law is in place, the Jem’Hadar ruling with an iron fist. While life and work continue, because the Dominion want this planet to continue functioning, this is a glimpse of what the future could be like if the Lost Fleet expands its holdings.
  • You have some flexibility on your team’s sabotage missions. The defence systems control centre in the city is the mission priority. If you want to only write sabotaging that, go ahead. If you want to split your team, consider some of the other targets - or invent others that your team find when they land.
  • Is there a local resistance force? Civilians taking up arms against the Dominion can give your characters insight to the situation on the ground, local intelligence, and provide reinforcements. Some may be Starfleet officers left behind.
  • This mission is deliberately designed so it can become quite complex. By adding on storylines of reaching Nasera, making contact with the locals, scoping out multiple targets, and taking them out, this could be quite a long mission. But also - it doesn’t have to be!
  • Starfleet’s strike against Nasera is not the main purpose of this mission. If you’re burning to write your ship taking part in the attack at the same time officers are sabotaging, please contact the IO for guidance. But there’s more than enough here to fill a whole story without depicting the battle in orbit.