Intelligence Office Guides

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Creativity in Bravo Fleet takes many forms. While the Canon Policy lays out the process of how Bravo Fleet canon is developed, it is merely a foundation and starting point. The articles listed here provide further guidance for members on how to contribute to Bravo Fleet canon or best practice when participating in Bravo Fleet activities. They will regularly be expanded to meet the needs and frequently asked questions of members.

  • Bravo Fleet FAQ: While not a writing guide, many basic principles of Fleet activity are explained here.
  • Submission Guide: Guidelines and requirements for contributing to the Bravo Fleet wiki
  • Introduction to Bravo Fleet Writing: A quick explanation of the fleet's writing activities
  • Writing Primary Characters: How your dossier character works within Fleet Canon and Writing
  • BFMS Fiction Guide: How to create Missions and Stories using the main Bravo Fleet site
  • Fiction Proposal Guide: How to write a proposal for a fiction (not necessary for your avatar command!)
  • Story Comments Guidelines: Best practice in leaving a comment on a BFMS Story
  • Task Force Writing Guidelines: Guidance on IC depictions of Task Force staff and events (primarily aimed at members of Bravo Fleet Command)
  • Bravo Fleet Fiction Rubric: The Official Fiction Grading Rubric for Bravo Fleet. All official Intelligence Office writing competitions are graded with this unless otherwise specified, and is a highly recommended resource for anyone wanting to run a fiction competition looking for a grading method!