Arriana Prime

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Federation Faction

Arriana Prime
Star system

Arriana System


Deneb Sector


Alpha Quadrant




120 million


Arriana Prime is a Federation colony in the Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant. An M-class world, it is the third planet from the G-type star which is the source of its name. Established in 2311, it is home to primarily Efrosians, Caitians and in the last fifty years, Antedeans.

Arriana is very much like Earth with the amount of water to land ratio. The only significant differences include only three continents, and the planet having five natural satellites in orbit. The moons of Arriana bear significant deposits of precious ore.

The oceans of Arriana Prime are filled with countless marine life, which make it ideal for the Antedean population.

The capital city of Arriana is a massive metropolitan area booming with life and commerce. It is a pure paradise and one of the few worlds on this frontier where its citizens enjoy an idyllic lifestyle.

The Lost Fleet Campaign

Arriana Prime was the location for a large conflict between the crew of the USS Resolute and an isolated group of Jem’Hadar without starship backup. Despatched to stop the Jem’Hadar reaching the capital city, the Resolute arranged for evacuation of civilians from a location on the plains outside the capital city using a civilian livestock transport ship.

Directly in the line of advance for the Jem’Hadar, the evacuation came under attack by the Dominion forces, a conflict ended when two of the civilian transport rafts crashed into the site, wiping out the Jem’Hadar strike force.

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