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This article is an official Bravo Fleet canon character.Federation Faction

Yewande Jamila







Task Force 93

Rear Admiral
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Yewande Banda (Yuh-wanda Bahn-da) was born in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa on Earth. She was the daughter of a prominent politician who was a retired Fire Department Chief and her mother was a teacher. When she turned 18, she wanted to continue her family’s public service, yet wanted to serve on a grander scale beyond her country. Ever since she was little, she stared at the stars.

Despite her curiosity, she had never traveled into space until she joined Starfleet Academy. Yewande enjoyed the Academy tremendously as different race and species came together in a common goal. She also liked to learn, although her focus was mostly on tactics and strategy. Yewande was quite athletic and a larger built than other goals, so she was a natural in sports and did well in Tactical & Security Courses. Her instructors steered her towards that career field and after Yewande graduated, she was commissioned as an Ensign aboard the USS Lexington working in their Tactical & Security Department.

After two years, Yewande was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and took on the role of Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer. Assisting in several investigations, Yewande learned the position very well and was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Alabama as the Chief Tactical & Security Officer. Performing admirably in small skirmishes, Yewande was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the USS North Carolina which participated in the build up to the Dominion War.

Recognized for her work in integrating tactical and strategic plans for eventual war, she was promoted to Commander and transferred to the USS Endurance to serve as her Executive Officer.

After the Dominion War, Yewande was promoted to Captain when she assumed command of the USS Sirius which conducted several deterrence patrols along the Romulan border. She served her staff duty at Starfleet Command as the Assistant Director of Operations for Beta Quadrant before assuming command of Starbase 10 along the Romulan Border as Commodore.

Yewande served as Director of Operations for Sixth Fleet, learning fleet operations and logistics while developing operations planning expertise of the headquarters with her tactical experience.

Yewande was a natural successor to VADM Anin to take the helm of Task Force 93, Bravo Fleet as war with the Gorn erupted and the Klingon Empire devolved into Civil War. Yewande was promoted to RADM while VADM Anin was transferred to the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.

Since taking command of TF93, Yewande has operationalized the Task Force Headquarters at Providence Fleet Yards while appointing theater commanders for each contingency/conflict facing TF93.

Service Chronology

R-C-1.png 2358-2359 - General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy - Year 1

Y-C-2.png 2359-2360 - Tactical & Security Cadet, Starfleet Academy - Year 2

Y-C-3.png 2360-2361 - Tactical & Security Cadet, Starfleet Academy - Year 3

Y-C-4.png 2361-2362 - Tactical & Security Cadet, Starfleet Academy - Year 4

Y-O-1.png2362-2364 - Tactical & Security Officer, USS Lexington

Y-O-2.png 2364-2366 - Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer, USS Lexington

Y-O-3.png 2366-2370 - Chief Tactical & Security Officer, USS Alabama

Y-O-4.png 2370-2373 - Chief Tactical & Security Officer, USS North Carolina

R-O-5.png 2373-2376 - Executive Officer, USS Endurance

R-O-6.png 2376-2379 - Commanding Officer, USS Sirius

R-O-6.png 2379-2383 - Assistant Director of Operations, Beta Quadrant, Starfleet Command

R-A-1.png 2383-2386 - Commanding Officer, Starbase 10

R-A-1.png 2386-2389 - Director of Operations, Sixth Fleet

R-A-2.png 2389 - Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force 93