Xelis System

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Xelis System
Grid A1, Delta Quadrant
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Delta Quadrant


Round Table

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Unexplored ten-planet star system in The Round Table. First noted by the U.S.S. Xelisa after obtaining star maps from a Koocha trader, who intimated that the fifth planet in the system held ruins that may be of interest to Starfleet and the Federation.

Officially designated MW-DQ-2384-1-AA under the Federation Stellar Directory’s Bayer classification system, the system has become unofficially known as the Xelis System after the first and only planet in the star system to be named. It remains to be seen whether these still-unofficial names will be the final names assigned by the Xelisa's commanding officer upon completion of the system survey.


MW-DQ-093-ZZ9ZA-Alpha (α)

A gas giant.

Beta (β)

A gas giant.

Gamma (γ)

A red, dune-covered geoinactive world where a team led by Lt. Cmdr. Grayson has uncovered evidence of ancient but long-extinct life. Home to electrical storms and an unbreathable atmosphere, it is not an idyllic vacation spot.

Note: Gamma should not to be confused with planet Epsilon, which was originally designated Gamma until the discovery of the first and third planets in the system. When it was learned that 1-AA was a ten-planet system instead of an eight-planet one, designations were reassigned at the prompting of Lt. Cmdr. Tod’dav Grayson.

Delta (δ)

An Overview

M-class world. Possible destination of Lt. Commander Bastion Castillo’s undisclosed mission to make first contact with an alien race.

Home to both the The Razer Empire & Katros Republic, a faction that split the planet into major societies. The Great Divide that caused both groups to become hostile to each other. However they have agreed to cease hostilities going forward for possible membership into the Federation. Uneasy truce exists currently.

Strategic Staging Grounds

In June 2385 the Federation agreed to establish a base of operations in the Xelis System. Given the fact that this is the only Class M Planet in the area, and the people of The Planet Delta agreed to allow the Federation to have a staging grounds for DEI and for ships looking for repairs. Brigadier General Nathaniel Robinson is ordered to assume command of the new Station which is being called Starbase Delta in honor of the planet that it orbits.

Epsilon (ε)

A jungle world, home not only to what appeared to be a fifteen-meter-tall Venus fly trap analog, but also a very peculiar several-thousand-year-old wall. The planet is currently being explored by Captain Fellowes and a small team. Has a single moon.

Epsilon dig site found various tools and instruments that suggest an ancient civilization was once in the area of space. There is evidence of space travel. There were no computers or technology found but a library of books was found that had a extensive star charts as well as dictionaries of races that we've not heard about previously.


The only named planet in the system, after the ship that first charted it. Xelis (aka ZZ9ZA-Zeta) is a small, rocky, geoinactive world riddled with harsh terrain and colored a sickly tan. Inhospitable but habitable, it is home to a hostile, cave-dwelling race that has taken part of Lt. J.G. Thomas Pierce’s science team hostage.

Eta (η)

A gas giant.

Theta (θ)

A gas giant.

Iota (ι)

A gas giant.

Kappa (κ)

A class-Y (Demon-class) world.

Lambda (λ)

A class-Y (Demon-class) world.