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Federation Faction

William Sheridan





October 19th, 2323




Commanding Officer of Task Force 9 (Ret.)

Vice Admiral
Played By:

Gio Santos

William "Bill" Sheridan was the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9 and the Flag Officer of the USS Endeavor during the year of 2386.

Physical Attributes

Bill is not a physically imposing person. He is of average weight and stature although those who engage him in conversation often count his eyes as his best feature. Bill was born with a congenial heart defect that and as a young adult he had to undergo emergency surgery to replace his heart with an artificial one.


Father: Lieutenant Colonel Eric Henry Sheridan III - (Deceased)
Mother: Marina Rigelict Sheridan- (Deceased)
Brother(s): Harold Sheridan
Sister(s): Joan Brookes - Juila Duvall - Helen Sheridan
Spouse: Katherine Adsila-Sheridan, Bajoran Colonel (Divorced)
Children: William Sheridan JR. - Cassandra Frankes - Lilly Grace - Steven Adsila

Psychological Profile


Bill has a rather unimposing demeanor and he can be best described as an adept listener. Often allowing others to speak as he listens, it is this trait above all others that makes him an excellent diplomat and an asset in heated debates. The product of a turbulent early adulthood Bill has learned the value of patience and persistence.


Early Years

William “Bill” Sheridan was born on March 6th 2323 on Luna Colony, Sol System, to then Lieutenant Joshua James Sheridan and Karen Wheldon Sheridan both of Pensacola, Florida, Earth. Living an idyllic childhood Sheridan became very close to his father. Seeing him as a larger than life character Sheridan was deeply effect by his death in 2354, just 2 months before his graduation from Starfleet Academy. Sheridan’s relationship to his mother waned and he had little contact with her until on her death bed in 2360.

Road to Starfleet

While Sheridan’s father was posted at SFMC Base XI, Marine training Center, Starfleet Marines (MTCSM) Centauri VI he decided to serve the Federation but not to follow in his father’s footsteps, but instead he joined Starfleet. In 2349 Sheridan participated and completed the Potential Starfleet Officer’s Course (PSOC) held at Starfleet Academy. In late 2350 he was accepted into cadet training where he was rated an above average recruit. Upon completion of recruit training Sheridan went through the Admiralty Review Board and was selected to continue his training and was on the road to earning his Starfleet commission. Sheridan completed Starfleet Academy in late 2354 graduating with distinction, third in his 103-person class.

Sheridan went on to serve in Starfleet as a security officer, becoming proficient in the area of evasion and espionage. These skills would become essential to his survival when he would later become a prisoner of war during the Border Wars.

Personnel File Circa 2386

  • Serial number: SP 134-995
  • Most recent assignment:
    • Task Force Commanding Officer Task Force 9, Bravo Fleet
    • Sector Commanding Officer, Finnea Sector
  • Previous assignments:
    • Task Force 72 Commanding Officer,(2386-2386)
    • Sector Commanding Officer, Hadea Sector (2383-2386)
    • Commanding Officer, USS “Constantinople” NCC-36851, (2372-2383)

Federation-Cardassian War

At the commencement of the Border Wars (Federation-Cardassian War) as an ensign in 2348, Sheridan received command of a small Security Detachment aboard the USS Horizon. The Horizon was an aging Niagara Class Starship with a compliment of 107. The Horizon was dispatched to the Federation colony of Setlik III in response to a planetary distress signal at a time when the Federation and Cardassian Union were at war. The Cardassian Union thought the colony to be the staging ground for an assault on Cardassian space, and a large strike force was dispatched to the colony to destroy it. However, no such military base existed, and the Cardassian troops attacked the civilian population, with over 100 casualties before any Starfleet vessels could arrive. This event was later known as the Setlik III massacre.

While en route to the colony the Horizon encountered a hostile unknown entity (later determined to be Jem'Hadar). After a brief skirmish the Horizon’s warp-core was badly damaged to the point of breaching. Losing conn control the ship flew into Cardassian space. Unable to control the warp-core she flew ever faster and began breaking apart at the seams, moments later the warp-core breached. Luckily prior to the warp-core breach many of the crew of the Horizon were able abandon ship in escape pods and await retrieval.

Sheridan stayed true to Starfleet tradition and refused to leave his Captain and against orders remained upon the ship at his side. This final act caused Sheridan and the majority of the senior staff to become trapped on the ship without any way of communication or escape. Hearing the original distress call of the Horizon the USS Freedom responded to the area and within hours crossed into Cardassian space. They were able to locate and rescue the surviving crew members from the escape pods, but the search for survivors in the wreckage was called off when 3 Cardassian Galor-class Starships were spotted heading towards the area. Long range sensor scans of the debris field located no other survivors so the USS Freedom headed back to Federation space.

Unknown to anyone the bridge section of the Horizon remained mostly intact and although badly injured some crew members had indeed survived. The survivors were found and taken by the Cardassians and declared Federation spies. Sheridan was taken to a remote prisoner interrogation camp, somewhere on Cardassia Prime. The Cardassians did not believe the Starfleet accounts of how the Horizon was destroyed and had their suspicions that the Horizon was out fitted with some new type of energy weapon. In accordance with the Cardassian Articles of Jurisprudence, Sheridan was found guilty of spying and subjected to weeks of torture at the hands of the Obsidian Order. After 3 weeks their efforts proved fruitless when time and again Sheridan was unable to provide any information about the entity that destroyed their ship. When they could not compel him to speak he withstood further torture and refused to provide any information to his interrogators concerning Starfleet operating forces in the area.

Eventually Sheridan was transferred to Hutet Labor Camp located on Cardassia IV. While in captivity he became resourceful and used his time to gain intel about the current Cardassian-Bajoran state of affairs. Sorting through the daily dictated propaganda and deceptions Sheridan was able to piece together a reliable picture of the Cardassian Psyche. It was during this time that he became close to his fellow Bajoran prisoners and came to understand their blight.

Through a network of unofficial contacts Starfleet Intelligence became aware that some of the crew of the Horizon had survived and were being held captive. All diplomatic efforts proved fruitless and in late 2351 the green light was given for a hostage rescue operation. The elite Marine cell known only as “STU | Alpha One” was able to extract Sheridan and one other survivor from the labor camp. To this day Federation and the Cardassian Union officially deny that any such incident ever occurred.

When Sheridan was returned to Earth he was immediately ordered to Starfleet Command, where he was debriefed and after 3 months of psychological evaluations he was found fit to return to duty.

  • Excerpt from Psych evaluation...

"After speaking with ensign Sheridan I get the distinct impression that he continues to struggle with the events surrounding his captivity. Although he has not verbally spoken of his feelings towards his captors (see attached for further) I sense that he worries about his ability to form trusting relationships. I believe these feelings will not hinder her in the official performance of his duties and I further certify that he is fit for duty and I recommend this officer be returned to duty immediately."
Grelion Marxion, PhD
Captain, Asst. Chief of Psychiatry
Starfleet Medical, 2359

Dominion War

In 2373 Bill was posted to the Carrier Class USS Constantinople as her commanding officer. With the commencement of the Dominion War the USS Constantinople was dispatched to Batazed as part of a major defensive force. Shortly after the Battle of Betazed commenced where allied forces fought valiantly, but were ultimately defeated by Dominion Forces. At the end of the battle Sheridan would be recommended for the Starfleet Commendation Medal for his actions that day.

In 2375 the USS Constantinople was re-deployed and would part take in what would be the final battle of the Dominion War, The Battle of Cardassia. In space, the two fleets bore into each other with abandon, the battle degenerating into a melee of close-quarters combat between numerous starships. The Constantinople, although badly damaged, pressed the fight allowing the Dominion's lines to thin at the center of their formation. Sheridan seized the opportunity and a clear break in the lines occurred which help lead to the eventual taking of the Cardassian home world. Sheridan was cited for gallantry and valor for his actions that day. The instrument of surrender, the Treaty of Bajor, was signed at Deep Space 9 only days later effectively ending the war.

Peace Time

After the war Sheridan was promoted to Commodore and began actively seeking assignments that brought him more stability and closer to home. In 2383 he was appointed Hadea Sector commanding officer. The time spent at Starbase Hadea were more or less uneventful with Sheridan presiding over several trade disputes, which is exactly the type of duty he had been seeking.

New Beginnings

In 2386 Sheridan left his position as Hadea Sector Commanding Officer and was given command of Task Force 72, 4th fleet and Starbase 72. The year long tour of duty saw a desire in Sheridan grow, he yearned for frontier duty. Sheridan actively sought out the recently open command of the only Starfleet presence in the Gamma Quadrant, Task Force 9.
Later that year his command was transferred to the Gamma Quadrant as Task Force 9's Commanding Officer.


In late 2386 Sheridan was promoted to Bravo Fleet's Chief of Staff but not long after taking office his health began diminish and he chose to resign his commission and accept early retirement. Sheridan rejoined his ex-wife Katherine on Bajor and now from time to time he can be found on the grounds of Starfleet Academy on Earth teaching new cadets.

Service Jacket

  • 2341-2345 Attended Starfleet Academy. Graduated fourth in class.
  • 2345 Posted to U.S.S. “Horizon” NCC-24182, Ensign, Security Officer.
  • 2348 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2350 Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2351 Posted to U.S.S. “Coolidge” NCC-24253, LT, Asst. Chief of Security
  • 2354 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2354 Posted to U.S.S. “Homer” NCC-22296, LTCDR, Chief of Security
  • 2359 Attends Starfleet Command School, Graduated fourth in class.
  • 2360 Promoted to Commander
  • 2361 Posted to U.S.S. “Keel” NCC-32296, CDR, Executive Officer.
  • 2366 Offered command of U.S.S. “Drake” NCC-20381. Declined.
  • 2371 Granted a Bajoran Commission to attend the Bajoran Military Academy
  • 2372 Offered command of U.S.S. “Constantinople” NCC-26851. Accepted.
  • 2372 Posted U.S.S. “Constantinople” NCC- 36851, CDR, Commanding Officer
  • 2375 Commended for valor during The Battle of Cardassia, Dominion War
  • 2379 Promoted to Captain
  • 2382 Promoted to Commodore
  • 2382 Assigned to Hadea Sector, COMO, Sector Commanding Officer
  • 2384 Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • 2386 Assigned to Command Task Force 72, RADM, Commanding Officer.
  • 2386 Assigned to Command Task Force 9, RADM, Commanding Officer.
  • 2386 Promoted to Vice Admiral
  • 2386 Promoted to Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff
  • 2386 Medically Retired