Warp Field Coils

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A ship’s warp field is generated by paired sets of warp coils, with one set of coils housed in each Warp Nacelle. Each Warp Coil is comped to two warp coil segments. These segments are constructed from a core of densified tungsten-cobalt-magnesium for structural stiffening and embedded within a casting of electrically densified verterium cortenide. The lower coil segment has a pass through for the Plasma Injector. Each coil segment in a coil pair is seperated the warp field gap. This gap provids a pass through for the warp filed without it interacting with the warp coila agian alowing more of the field energy to excape to form the ships warp field without looseing some of the energy to secondary reactions with the verterium cortenide.

When the plasma is injected from the Plasma Injector energizes the Verterium cortenide with in the warp coil it causes a shift of the energy frequencies carried by the plasma deep into subspace domain. The quantum packets of subspace field energy form at approximately one third the distance from the inner surface of the coil to the outer surface, as the verterium cortenide causes changes in the geometry of space at the Planck scale of 3.9 X 10-33 cm. The converted field energy exits the outer surface of the coil and radiates away from the nacelle. A certain amount of field energy recombination occurs at the coil center line and appears as visible light.

While improvements in the casting process used to form the outer Verterium layer of the warp coil has improved constancy between different coils it is still the preferred method to install closely matched pairs of coils within the same nacelle. Refurbishment of the coils is best handled during a layover at a Starbase or major shipyard. The maximum time between the youngest and oldest coil par within a nacelle should be no more than six months.