Walter Picardo Tenson

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Walter Picardo Tenson

Trill/Betazoid (Joined)



  • Host: 2347
  • Symbiont: 2253

United Federation of Planets


USS Tornado


Vice Admiral

Played By:


Personailty & Traits


Tenson is a very fun, very easy-going person, so much so that some people actually gave him the nickname of "Space Hippy." He likes to keep things light and is fairly carefree. He loves to wink, to the point where some doctor actually consider it a form of eye irritation. He also love to carry what he called a "Jame Bond" smile with him. From observation, it seems to be a variation derive on Starfleet's image record of Captain Kirk, little information is known about this "James Bond" character however.

Tenson is also a very protective person, whether it is his crew, ships or task force. He often gets in trouble with higher ups due to his protectiveness and this is especially true with his little sister, Elita. The constant protectiveness of Tenson over his sister had also caused a rift to open between the two.


  • The Art of Chinese Tai Chi
  • Holo-programing
  • Computer Core Technology
  • Astronomy
  • 20th-21st Century Dramas


  • Lemon Iced Tea
  • Coffee: Double, Double
  • James Bond Holo-program


  • Power Hungry Rank Seeker
  • Popularity


Family History

Tenson's father, Yuji, was one of the first Tensons to leave orbit of Betazed. Being a plasma storm researcher, he moved closer and closer toward the badland which harbours a healthy numbers of plasma storm at any one time. It wasn't long before he settle himself on Trill which was then the closest Federation World to the badlands on a Permanent basis. During the course of his research, he was introduced to Tieri, a Trill pilot who took him to the badland and back. It was said that after a few life threatening situations together, they fell for eachother; however, their union was not look good upon by Tieri's family as their child would never be able to become a host and they went as far as renouncing Tieri as a family member.

Early Years

Tenson went through quite a bit of trouble in regards to his half Trill status. His peer saw him as second class citizen, someone who will never have a chance to join with a symbiont. As symbiont training becoming more and more prominent in life, Tenson got another more wonderful gift... a little sister.

When Elita arrived in his life, Tenson vowed that he'll never let Elita feel the same loneliness that had faced him and that he alone will bear all the hardship of being different. Tenson took Protecting Elita just as seriously as sybmbiont training is to normal Trill children. It was his greatest wish for Elita to escape the pain he have had to suffer through.

Teenage Years

Tenson's teenage years went a lot better than his elementary years as his peers were beginning to realized that most of them probably wouldn't be allow the chance of becoming a host as well. Being join with a symbiont is still on the background, but the urge and the difference just isn't as prominent as it used it be.

As his telepathic ability also develop at this age, Tenson for the first time, noticed just how strange joint Trill fells telepathically. It's like touching completely different minds from the same person, it took a lot of getting used to before he could finally be able to tell the person and the symbiont's memory apart.

It is also at this time that Tenson found a passion in computer programming and astronomy. In fact, to him, the two almost blends into each-other as he programed softwares to drive his telescope. Unknowing to him, his passion of Astronomy will also spill onto Elita who will earn a degreed in Astronomy later in life.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy went pretty uneventful for Tenson as it did many others. There were the occasional wild parties, the occasional pranks and occasional troubles... but overall, nothing eventful really happened.

There is the occasional romances that's usually followed by the occasional troubles too.

All in all, Tenson graduated with unremarkable fanfare which somehow also gotten him some lifelong friends.

Starfleet Service

Tenson's Starfleet service changed dramatically like many other when the Dominion War was declared. He was serving aboard the USS Intel as her Chief Science Officer. It was the first time Tenson was assigned as Chief of anything and it was also the shortest... The Intel was assigned as front line defender with the rest of the 10th fleet.

Being on the front line means nearly constant battle, there were no time for repairs, no time for healing and no time for rest. Never before in Tenson's life had him seen such bloodshed and never before in his life had he lost as many friend. There was also the uncomfortable proximity between Trill and the font line. In fact, Tenson probably would have broken down completely if there wasn't the fact that Trill was right behind him and he needed to do everything in his power to protect it, to protect his home, his friends, his family... his little sister.

The Intel did not stay in the action for very long however, the Dominion force had managed to knocked out the Intel main power leaving her helplessly in place while driving the rest of the Starfleet force into a retreat. Not being able to repair the main power in time, the Intel it's surviving personnel were taken to a Dominion camp.

Already in Tenson's camp was a Trill Captain, Nost, from the USS Ageless. As the ranking Starfleet officer in the camp, Nost looked after the people under him. This did not go unnoticed by the camp's supervising Vorta, Eris, she saw hurting Nost as a way of demoralizing the prisoner in the camp. Whether it was Jem’Hadar hand to hand combat training or Vorta mental probe, Nost was Eris's favourite choice. Nost's joint status also made him weak against the varies toxins and drugs the Dominion introduced in his body, added with the physical injuries from the Jem'Hadar, Nost decided that the risk to the symbiont is too great. He plead the doctor from the Ageless to remove the symbiont and keep it safe. That however, was not possible with the simply emergency first aid kit the Dominion had supplied the prisoner with; the only other way was to join the symbiont with a new host and Walter happened to be the only one who was even closed to being qualified. Tenson found the entire concept hard to sallow, especially after being disqualified all his life and rejected the suggestion out of hand.

A few more month past when one day Nost was carried into the prisoner bunker incredibly burnt and beaten. In his extreme pain, Nost's first concern was still the symbiont. Tenson would never forget the painful way that Nost had crawled in front of him begging him to protect the symbiont.

The Operation was long and painful and Tenson was naive enough not to realized that Nost was giving up his life to the symbiont, to him... That blissful ignorance was quickly shattered when the symbiont stabilized itself within him. Being only half Trill, Tenson's joining did not resemble those of full Trill. Instead of merging the mind of the host and symbiont together, Tenson senses the symbiont's memory much like how Betazoid sense each-other's thoughts.

Two days after the operation, while still recovering from the operation and coping with the new voices that were inside his head, the Dominion Camp came under attack from a Klingon Task Group. Much of what happen still remain fuzzy in Tenson's memory; the next thing he remember to any degree of clarity was waking up in a Klingon infirmary with the Ageless's doctor at his side.

Later, when his head finally cleared enough, Tenson would come to regret the decision to go through with the operation. In a small corner deep within his mind, he'll always feel a tint of guilt as Nost would still be alive if the symbiont had not be removed from him.

Service Record

  • Conn Officer - USS North Sea
  • Chief Science Officer - USS Intel
  • POW - Dominion POW Camp #5
  • LOA from Starfleet to attended Symbiont Trainings.
  • Starfleet Command - Experimental Holographic Computer Interface Program
  • Commanding Officer - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Task Group Beta Commander - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Beta Division Commander - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Chief of Staff - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Task Force Second Executive Officer - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Task Force Executive Officer - USS Tornado
  • Task Force 38 Commanding Officer - USS Tornado
  • Retired


  • Father: Yuji Tenson
  • Mother: Tieri Tenson
  • Sister: Elita Emma Tenson