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An example of a Vorta


The Vorta are the administrators of the Dominion and directly under the Founders (Changelings) in the chain of command. During war time and tactical operations, the Vorta command the three different types of Jem'Hadar battleships. They are also responsible for the fair and correct distribution of Ketracel-White to the Jem'Hadar "First" and his soldiers. Personal counseling of a Founder can also be part of a Vorta's duty, mainly in diplomatic issues or during war time when it comes to strategic plans.

Cultural History

According to Dominion information, the Vorta homeworld is called Kurill Prime and lies deep in the Gamma Quadrant, inside Dominion territory. However, it is a fact that the Vorta are being cloned by the Founders in special cloning facilities.

Another story tells us that the Vorta were primates, living in the forests of their homeworld (he did not tell the name of that homeworld though). An injured changeling got lost in the Vorta forest and a Vorta family kept that changeling in their tree home until he fully recovered. As a special gift, that changeling arranged that the Vorta became the elite race of the Dominion, directly under the Founders.

Looks & Fashion

Nearly all standard Vorta wear their black hair curled and tied up. Their ears have got ridges every third millimeter and they are slightly pointed. They are longer and thinner than human ears. The Vorta's eye color varies from light silver over light blue to light purple.

Nearly nothing is known about the civil life of the Vorta. There are rumors about their marriage ritual: A changeling holds the speech and melts his hands over the bride's and the groom's hand as a special sign of unity. However, that rumor has never been confirmed by any Vorta or any changeling.