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August 18, 2387


Romulan Star Empire


Senator (deceased)


Admiral (retired)

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Senator Vorelian was an Admiral in the Romulan Star Navy until the Hobus event of April 2387. He then retired from the military to serve as a senator for the new provisional government. He died in office on August 18, 2387, assassinated while attending the Algorab Summit.

Recent History

A former Admiral in the Star Navy, Vorelian hung up his boots after Hobus, recognizing an opportunity to amass greater influence as a Senator. Living in Ch'ros on the new capital of Rator III from late April 2387 until his assassination during the Algorab Summit on August 18, 2387, his time in politics was fraught with conniving schemes, slithering between various factions within the provisional government, the Star Navy and the Tal'Shiar. He was the type that appeared to cling to power, convinced of his own self-worth although actually not actually in control of things, grasping for power through his former title as EnRiov and new allies within the Tal'Shiar.

During the summer of 2387, as part of his deal with the Tal'Shiar, he introduced one of their operatives to Subcommander Volus tr'Keirheol, Commanding Officer of the IRV Imperiax, which was in need of a cloaking device. The Tal'Shiar cut a hard deal with the Sub-Commander, offering to provide it in exchange for certain concessions for the Tal'Shiar.

Algorab Summit

Vorelian went on to continue his relationship with the Tal'Shiar and, when the Algorab Summit was convened in August 2387, his position was one completely directed by the Tal'Shiar: he demanded greater action by the Star Navy, or if not them, then the Tal'Shiar, to address the dissenting colonies, and he berated the government's reliance on the Federation following Hobus. The Tal'Shiar's ultimate plan for him was martyrdom, however, and after he'd made his positions known, they assassinated him and implicated Starfleet.

Given Vorelian's fire-eating attitude against the Federation, no one questioned that Starfleet had the motive to kill him, and his death served exactly the purpose intended by the Tal'Shiar. It was a unifying moment, one where the formerly dissenting dignitaries came together against a common threat, demanding that Starfleet leave their territory, aggressively deploying the Star Navy to seal their borders, and increasing the power of the Tal'Shiar as an internal police force to make up for a void left by the relocation of the Star Navy.