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Former Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer

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Admiral Valren Arelwynn is currently an Assistant Director of Starfleet Operations. He formerly served as Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer and Director of Starfleet Intelligence. He is a Betazoid and has served in Starfleet since 2342, though he was out of service from 2351 to 2355.

Personal details

Personality profile

Valren can seem to have two personalities. He is very relaxed and often jokes the vast majority of the time; however, when he has a duty to perform he'll quickly turn serious and expect the same from those around him. He has a strong drive, which he often directs towards brief romances with women. Also, when carrying out his actions he strictly observes some personal rules he has set out for himself. Though many of the rules would seem humorous to most, he takes them very seriously. He prefers to be called "Admiral" or, more informally, "boss" than "sir".

He speaks with a drawl customary to those of the former southern United States where he enjoys the culture. When he moved to Earth in 2374, he lived in Louisiana where he picked up a slight bit of their accent and a lot of their expressions.



Early life

Growing up Valren had a rather typical childhood and developed strong telepathic abilities in his adolescence. His abilities were above average which entitled him to go to the best schools where he excelled. Despite this, he had a rather introverted personality due in large part to the feminine dominance of Betazed. This frustrated his mother, who wanted him to be happy, and she encouraged him to join Starfleet where he could escape the matriarchal Betazoid culture.

He took the typical route for Betazoids at the academy, majoring in psychology, but found it uninteresting. He had had to minor in a core field and chose flight control. He was posted to a number of ships early in his career and was a good, but unnoticed, officer.

Despite having always resented the attitude that was shown to him and other males by the dominant female sex on Betazed, out of loyalty to his parents, Valren returned to Betazed to be married in 2351. He retired from Starfleet, per the demands of his spouse, but soon became frustrated with his lack of freedom and left to reactivate his commission. His wife then unilaterally divorced him, keeping the rights to inherit his mother's wealth. Valren has had a mixed feeling of regret of this incident. He is very proud of his family and familial heritage and has lost that, however, as an individual, he is sure he could not have survived, emotionally, on Betazed. It was only after his departure from Betazed and divorce that Valren decided to more pro-actively court women and earned his reputation as a "ladies' man".

The Oslo, Copernicus and early intelligence work

Upon rejoining Starfleet, he was recommissioned at his previous rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He was posted as a night shift conn officer aboard the USS Oslo which was involved in one of the most active fronts during the Federation-Cardassian War. On this tour of duty, the "new" Valren - who dropped his inhibitions and deliberately tried to get noticed - was quickly taken under the wing of the senior staff. Within a few months he was made conn on Beta Shift, under the command of the XO, and he honed his piloting skills. As a telepath, he was able to anticipate the next order before the OIC could verbalize it. It was a key advantage while in battle and he was promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief Conn Officer following a series of successful battles in 2357.

It was not, however, his skill at the helm that got him on the command track. In 2358, the Oslo was sent on covert operations in Cardassian-occupied space. The Oslo's CO pegged Valren for the mission due to his telepathic abilities. He was surgically altered, along with the ship's Chief of Security, and sent into Cardassian space. Valren lived as a Cardassian for 11 months before returning with information that helped the Federation retake three systems.

Valren was promoted to Lieutenant Commander but, due to a Cardassian bounty on his head, was reassigned to the USS Copernicus, which was assigned explorative duties in the Beta Quadrant. He was told by his CO on the Oslo that he was to be the Copernicus' XO but the captain of the Copernicus instead opted for another officer. Valren was again the Chief at conn and named Second Officer. He was exceedingly frustrated by this and went into the assignment resenting his CO. This resentment, ironically, led to a romance which fast turned into a conflict of interest. Valren, though involved with the CO, also had a fancy for a fresh-from-the-academy ensign in engineering. When the CO discovered this, she was outraged, and it was mutually decided that a transfer would be best. Valren's tour on the Copernicus lasted less than three months.

Valren learned a lesson from this and began to prepare himself a set of personal rules. The first of which was "never date a superior officer", which would later evolve to "never date anyone over 30".

Starfleet had no open postings for his rank outside of the Cardassian fronts, from which the fleet still kept him for his safety, and he spent 5 months on "detached duty" on a base along the Klingon border. He had, in fact, been working as an operative for Starfleet Intelligence, who had taken a notice to him after his mission into Cardassian space. While on the base, he got the chance to mingle with many foreign cultures and wrote his second rule: "the less humanoid, the better the catch".

The Archer and Starfleet Intelligence (Part 1)

Finally in early 2360, he found a ship-based assignment, and this time was First Officer as he'd wanted to be on the Copernicus. His tour on the USS Archer was relatively successful, though not overly eventful. It was aboard the Archer that he made full Commander in 2361 and from which he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence on Earth in 2363. Going to Intel was a great opportunity but it was a hard choice for Valren. Becoming that associated with the spooks would largely bar him from being an operative, something he'd enjoyed to date.

He worked as an analyst at Intel and eventually caught the eye of the Head of Starfleet Intelligence in 2366, becoming his aide. His tour there was brief as his superior was promoted and replaced with a Vulcan, with whom he clashed, and he was destined to be reassigned. Valren never got along with Vulcans; he thrived on his sense of humour and was intensely frustrated by the Vulcan lack of visible emotion. During his brief tenure as aide to the Vulcan head of Starfleet Intelligence, he penned rule 11: "avoid Vulcans at all cost".

As a commanding officer

To his surprise, he was assigned as a CO. It turned out that his former boss at Intel had now had his hand in ship assignments. He became commanding officer of the New Orleans Class USS Iowa. His first assignment to patrol the Romulan and Gorn borders was aborted during the Borg crisis. The Iowa was ordered to Wolf 359 but arrived after the battle. The Iowa undertook recovery operations but Valren had to be confined from sickbay. The overwhelming terror seeping from the minds of the survivors overwhelmed Valren and he had to be sedated for the duration of the recovery operation. Following this, Starfleet granted him six months medical leave during which he returned to Betazed for supplementary telepathic training. He resumed command of the Iowa in late 2367 which was again patrolling, this time exclusively on the Romulan border. The tour was uneventful accept for two encounters with Romulan cruisers. On both occasions, Valren's telepathy allowed him to outwit the Romulans. When his tour expired in 2369, he was promoted to Captain and assigned to the Nebula Class USS Marcus.

The original mission of the Marcus was explorative in the Beta Quadrant, beyond Federation and Tholian space. However, in 2370, the Marcus was ordered to the Alpha Quadrant following the destruction of the USS Odyssey in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet had begun to amass ships in the sectors neighbouring the Bajor System fearing an eventual Alpha Quadrant invasion by the Dominion. The Marcus spent most of these years conducting patrols and participating in war games, but it saw action in 2372 when the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords. By this time the invasion of the Alpha Quadrant seemed inevitable and Valren saw his tour on the Marcus renewed, he was also promoted to Commodore and charged with leading a fleet of two dozen ships in preparation for war. Valren's fleet, which was known as the Tenth Fleet, was charged with protecting his ancestral home the Betazed Sector. Due to bad intelligence, Valren had led the Tenth Fleet away from Betazed to conduct war games in mid-2374; the result was the devastating defeat of Betazed at the hands of the Jem'Hadar.

Starfleet Intelligence (Part 2)

Valren expressed his outrage, rather unceremoniously to the top brass. Despite this, they agreed, a major shake-up was on its way at Starfleet Intelligence and Valren was promoted to Rear Admiral and made Associate Head of Intelligence in San Francisco. He coordinated the intelligence operations that were being undertaken towards races not participating in the war: mainly the Breen, Gorn and Tholians. The result of this operation saw Starfleet alerted of the Breen entry into the war slightly in advance, though this saved few lives -- due to its discovery only days before the entry -- it allowed Starfleet to quickly rejig its fleet positions, preventing major losses of systems.

Valren was seriously wounded during the Breen raid on San Francisco in 2375 and spent most of 2376 in hospital. Upon his release, he again became an Associate Head of Intelligence, this time charged with helping the Cardassian Union rebuild itself following the massive civilian losses at the end of the war.

In 2378, he was promoted to Vice Admiral and made Director of Starfleet Intelligence. His primary mission in this post was to see the Federation completely reorient its intelligence gathering mechanisms, including civilian involvement in the intelligence network.

Bravo Fleet and Beyond

In 2380, he proposed that the fourth fleet, refocus its intelligence activities which had been so successful during the war. The fourth fleet, which was also known as Bravo Fleet, had dedicated a Task Force to intelligence during and after the war. Though still nominally charged with intelligence, Task Force 44 had become involved in a variety of missions in recent years.

Accepting his recommendations, Starfleet ordered that Task Force 44 undertake a more prominently intelligence-based mission. To that end, Valren was assigned as commanding officer of both Task Force 44 and its base of operations, Xavier Fleet Yards, in January 2381. In August, he relinquished command of XFY to focus on his Task Force duties but remained stationed on the base. He had an awkward relationship with the base CO, Commander David Jackson, but they became allies towards after a few months.

His tenure as Task Force 44 was successful and his goals were created, after a year on the job he was promoted to Alpha Division Commanding Officer and full Admiral overseeing five Bravo Fleet Task Forces: Task Force 9, Task Force 17, Task Force 21, Task Force 38 and Task Force 44. During his tenure there, 44 was shifted to Beta Division and out of his area of influence.

In May 2383, he was selected to replace Fleet Admiral Robert Chadwick as Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. After four months in the position of Bravo Fleet CO, he was promoted to the post of Vice Chief of Starfleet Operations, the sharing fourth in command of Starfleet with several others behind the Commander-in-Chief, Chief of Staff and Chief of Starfleet Operations. Arelwynn is the Vice Chief of Starfleet Operations responsible for the Beta Quadrant and is stationed in the Klach d'kel Brakt System.

Preceded by:
Fleet Admiral Robert Chadwick
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
May-September 2383
Succeeded by:
Admiral Adrian Mormar
(September-October 2383)