Valoris Nebula

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Valoris Nebula
Grid C2, Alpha Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Class 4 Nebula


Alpha Quadrant


Lagashi and Helike Sectors

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The Valoris Nebula is a large Class 4 nebula located in the Lagashi and Helike Sectors, most significant for forming part of the post-Dominion War border between the Breen Confederacy and the United Federation of Planets. Its partial rotation in 2385 was the immediate cause of the Breen Crisis.


The nebula's gas content is mainly hydrogen, with notable amounts of helium, lithium, and nitrogen, with the concentration of particles nearly twenty thousand times that of interstellar space. It is given a violet glow by the low-level polaron energy released by two neutron stars toward its centre, which also renders the nebula dangerous to non-corporeal life, which must remain within shielded starships while inside the nebula. The polaron radiation also interferes with starship sensors, reducing the passive scanning range of sensors not calibrated to compensate for it by half.

The nebula is a birthing ground for new stars, with two protostars and three stars less than one billion years old within the space it occupies. These third-generation stars have notable heavy element content, making them strong candidates for planetary formation.


The Valoris Nebula was first entered by the Lagashi during the First Breen War, in 2205. It was the primary battleground of the Third Breen War, as both sides tried to keep the fighting out of their own space. The sensor interference of the nebula led to many battles happening by surprise as the two sides stumbled on each other, rendering the war far more brutal and likely granting a significant advantage to the Lagashi due to the increase in chance as a factor.

During the Dominion War, the most notable deep space battle on the Breen Front was the Battle of the Valoris Nebula, in which nineteen Starfleet ships, seven Klingon Birds of Prey, three Romulan warbirds, and two Lagashi carrier battle groups held off a Dominion fleet nearly three times that size for five days, allowing the Federation Alliance the time necessary to build their supply lines for the invasion of Cardassia. After the war, the Treaty of Bajor made the Valoris Nebula the permanent border between the Federation and the Breen, and the Federation granted most of the space that they gained to the Lagashi Republic.

In 2385, a subspace anomaly of unknown nature "moved" the nebula, rotating it with relation to the galactic plane. This switched which side of the nebula several star systems were on, creating contention between the Federation and Breen as to control of the region. The nebula eventually ceased its rotation, but the planets remained in their new positions. After several costly conflicts, the Federation and Breen agreed to allow each other's supply and aid lines to cross the borders and care for their colonies.