Moss/My Sandbox/2017 Task Force 38 Canon Update

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Phase I - Overview
Status Article Effort
Complete Task Force 38 Major
Complete Task Force 38 Command History Minor
Complete Task Force 38 Timeline Major
Complete Template:TF38 Footer Minor
Phase II - Regional Overview
Status Article Effort
Complete Battle of the Round Table New
Complete Delta Advisory Council New
Complete Diogara Station Major
Complete Diogora Station Move (Diogara Station)
Complete Epatha Gateway New
Complete Gradin Belt Major
Complete Helios Colony Minor
Complete Kartelan Station New
Complete Persephone Colony Minor
In Progress Round Table Major
Complete The Gradin Belt Move (Gradin Belt)
Pending The Round Table Move (Round Table)
Phase III - Regional Specifics
Status Article Effort
Pending Archadian Confederacy Minor
Pending Archalaran Accords Minor
Pending Ariel Nebula Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Ba'neth Minor
Pending Borg New
Pending Chaotic Space New
Pending Dendrian Order Minor
Pending Devore Imperium Minor
Pending Divitian Republic Minor
Pending Ghemawat Realm Minor
Pending Hierarchy Central Command Minor
Pending Hirogen Minor
Pending Hestia's Hearth Minor
Complete Kartelan Major
Pending Kartelan Protectorate Agreement Minor
Complete Kesat New
Pending Jathlin Arm Major
Pending Malon Cooperative Minor
Pending Mordred Nebula Major
Pending Pelora Formation Minor
Pending Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths Major
Pending Pre-Warp Cradle Minor
Pending Skareen Consolidate (Star Desert)
Pending Solaria Nebula Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Star Desert Minor
Complete Turei Alliance Major
Pending Tynusian Empire Minor
Complete Vaadwaur New
Pending Category:Delta Quadrant Astrometrics Database Major
Pending Category:Delta Quadrant Powers Major
Pending Category:Delta Quadrant Lifeforms Consolidate (Category: ... Powers)
Pending Category:Delta Quadrant Major Players Consolidate (Category: ... Powers)
Pending Category:Delta Quadrant Minor Players Consolidate (Category: ... Powers)
Phase IV - Background Information
Status Article Effort
Pending Ankari New
Pending Archadia Remove
Pending Abaddon's Junkyard Minor
Pending Ariel Mercenaries Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Battle of Union Major
Pending Battle of Union (2384) Consolidate (Battle of Union)
Pending Brenari New
Pending Brian's Race Consolidate (Star Desert & Jathlin Trading Group)
Pending Divitia Remove
Pending Druoda New
Pending Druoda Sector Consolidate (Druoda)
Pending Federation transwarp network Minor
Pending F'hoca Gateway Consolidate (Iconian Gateway)
Pending Five Star Liberation Front Movement Minor
Pending FOB: Anchorage, "The Rock" Remove
Pending Four-Dimensional Beings Remove
In Progress Gradin Belt Minor (add descriptions)
Pending Glosian Republic Minor
Pending Hazari New
Pending Hazari Asteroid Belt Minor
Pending Kadi Minor
Pending Kinbori Minor
Pending Koocha Remove
Pending Ialnalyn Consolidate (Perenalthorias...)
Pending Iconian Gateway Major
Pending Jathlin Trading Group Minor
Pending Markonian Outpost Minor
Pending Morex Minor
Pending Morexians Major
Pending Nokaro New
Pending Old Theatre Major
Pending Omega Crisis of 2383 Minor
Pending Ord'mirit Mining Belt Minor
Pending Ord'mirit Mining Corporation New
Pending Raehcoren (species) Remove
Pending Raehcoren Energy Entity Remove
Pending Research Station Ariel Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Ruined Station Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Salina New
Pending Salina Sector Consolidate (Salina)
Pending Shivolians New
Pending Solaria Gateway Consolidate (Iconian Gateway)
Pending Spacial Anomaly Remove
Pending SD-1 Impossibility Remove
Pending Thanatoksia Minor
Pending The Arches Consolidate (Star Desert)
Pending The Glosian Republic Move (Glosian Republic)
Pending Tilamari Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Tilamar Remove
Pending Underspace New
Pending Vaadwaur Colony Ruin Consolidate (Vaadwaur)
Pending Varro New
Pending Velorum System Remove
Pending Vren'tal Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)
Pending Xelis System Remove
Pending Z'eldagar Consolidate (Pre-Warp Cradle)