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Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebay 1 - Main Shuttlebay

Shuttlebay 1, or the Upper Shuttlebay, has been modified to house all of the auxiliary craft that make up Centaurus Flight. These auxiliary craft are made up of some of the most advanced small vessel designs ever to serve Starfleet.

Type 14 Shuttles

Centaurus, Gliese, Normae, Ithaca

Type 12 Shuttles

Cassiopeia, Procyon

Danube-class Runabouts

Achernar, Basri

Shuttlebay 2 - Runabout Landing Bay

Shuttlebay 2 is the smallest of the auxiliary craft facilities on Lakota and is the permanent home of two Arrow-class runabouts. Due to their size, these vessels cannot be shifted between bays using elevators, so they stay permanently docked in the lower shuttlebay.

Arrow-class Runabouts

Kaeden, Kirsen