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Section I - Overview
Status Article Effort
Complete Task Force 72 Minor; Add OSI, Freedom's Legion
Complete Task Force 72 Command History Minor; Clean formatting
Complete Task Force 72 Timeline Minor; Revise; Add AP
In Progress Template:TF72 Footer Minor; Revise; Add Long Jump and/or OSI


Section II - Political
Status Article Effort
In Progress Breen (planet) Minor; Updates
Pending Cardassian Minor
Pending Cardassia Prime Minor; Update
Pending Orion Syndicate Major; New Article
Pending Talarian Empire Major; Need totally new article
Pending Talarians Major
Pending Tzenkethi Major
Pending Kzinti Patriarchy Major; Add Feminist Revolution
Pending Kzinti Feminist Revolution New Article
Pending Ratarian Republic Major
Pending Lagashi Republic Minor; Alrakis Pact
Pending United Federation of Planets Major; Update with history

Missions and Reports

Section III - Missions and Reports
Status Article Effort
Complete Deep Space 7 Minor; Add Destruction & Team 14's contributions; Magellan's encounter
Pending Bajor Minor; Add Nogura's Mission
Pending Gomtuu Major
Pending Triton Major; Hope reports
Pending Paradise Outpost Major; Pandora reports
Pending Bynar (planet) Major; Memory Theta's reports: sanitize
Pending Tshuud Major; Hope reports
Pending Order of 12 Major; Nogura reports, DS12 posts