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Retired Simulations

Section I - Retired
Status Article Effort
In Progress USS Peacemaker 1962-C, Sovereign, Retired for Adm Christopher Pike, BFCO
Complete USS Pegasus 1702-B, Dreadnought, Reserved for FAdm Bremer, BFCO
Complete USS Constantinople 60411, Steamrunner, Retired for FAdm Sorac Dunar, BFCO
Complete USS Farragut 72013, Nebula, FAdm Chadwick, BFCO
In Progress USS Wildcat NX-35324-B, Wildcat, FADM Tomas Wolfe, BFCO
Complete USS Dreadnought 77447, Ronin, FAdm Siraa, BFCO
Complete IRV Devoras IRC 2009, D'Dreidex, Retired for FADM Teylas Remar, BFCO
In Progress USS Yorktown 82002, Century, FADM Teylas Remar, BFCO
Complete USS Ronald Reagan 26306-A, Ambassador, Dan Taylor, BFCO
Complete USS Valkyrie 78086, Dreadnought, Adm Barak Aubrey, BFCO
Pending Starbase Bravo Reserved

Notable Simulations

Section II - Notable
Status Article Effort
Complete USS Triumphant Sim of the Year 2017
Complete IRW Imperiax Sim of the Year 2015, add this and the class change
In Progress USS Vindex Sim of the Year 2016
In Progress Starbase 400
Complete USS Ares Merge Histories
Pending USS Ajax (Wallace Class) see Fallon
Complete Roosevelt Station Page needs updating
Complete Endeavour NX-06 See CaptainPorthos
Complete USS North Star
Complete DFS Lavie See Camila
Complete USS Jericho See CaptainPorthos
Complete USS Unification see Aio
In Progress USS Victory Merge Histories & Current
Pending USS Triton New Update needed
Complete USS Tornado see Blackwolf
In Progress USS Scorpio see Alexander
Pending USS Akagi Update
Pending USS Hope New
Complete Memory Theta Sim of the Year 2018
Pending USS Hawaii New; BFA Sim
Complete USS Pandora New
Complete USS Equinox see Bahrat
Complete Deep Space 12 Update
Pending USS Venture Update needed
Pending S.F.I. Delphi New; see TF99CO
Pending USS Traveller see TF72CO
Pending Heyerdahl Station see TF99CO
Pending Faltan Station needs update, see TF93CO