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|        name = Emily
|        name = Emily
|      image =  
|      image = [[file:legoemily.png|200px]]
|    realname = Emily Wolf
|    realname = Emily Wolf
|        dob = 1990
|        dob = 1990
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|      gender = Female
|      gender = Female
|      status = Active
|      status = Active
|      email =
|      email = *
|          fn = [ Emily]
|        irc = Emily, Wolfie
|          fn =  
|    discord = Emily#6153
|        irc =  
|    discord = @Emily#6153
|        aim =
|        aim =
|        yim =
|        yim =

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This article represents an Infobase user/editor.

Personal Information
Real Name:

Emily Wolf

Date of Birth:



United States





Contact Information
Discord Nick:


Emily is a member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty who currently serves as the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer. She previously served as Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff and Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force 9, Task Force 93, and Task Force 99 respectively. She was also Bravo Fleet's Graphics Director and the Internet Office Command Adjutant for the Infobase. She currently runs New Lakarian City, the Federation's Embassy on Cardassia Prime.

Behind the Character

Emily Wolf is a high school teacher and professional development specialist in the United States. She started simming in 2012, joining Bravo Fleet in 2013. She's served in the leadership of two fleets and three IRC networks, and she was on staff assisting in community engagement for Anodyne Productions. Thanks to DVS from Anodyne and Trev from StarfleetUK, Emily learned programming and UI/UX design while working with Nova as a game manager. She created the first responsive Nova skin available to the public, and has released several other themes and plugins (Xtras Profile).

Past Projects

Designed a new BFMS theme, game banners, and admiralty signatures.
Created new fleet policies and assisted in the implementation of the fleet's Charter and Magistrate Code.
Assisted in the implementation of a Discord server and community awards.
Restarted the Graphics Team and designed new game banners, admiralty signatures, userbars, and a Nova skin.

Notable Characters


Admiral Elizabeth Wolf (2015, 2019 - present)
Fourth Fleet Executive Officer
former Fourth Fleet Chief of Staff
former Task Force 9 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet

Ambassador Alyssa Fleming (2019 - present)
Federation Ambassador to the Cardassian Union, New Lakarian City
former Federation Ambassador to the Orion Syndicate
former Director of Starfleet Tactical, Starfleet Command


Rear Admiral Catherine Wolf (2014 - 2015)
Director of Beta Quadrant Operations, Starfleet Command
former Task Force 93 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet
former Task Force 93 Executive Officer, Fourth Fleet


Rear Admiral Richard Wolf (2015 - 2016)
former Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet
former Director of Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Command

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Fleet Service History

Listed in chronological order of service:

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
ADM Hars Darax
Bravo Fleet Executive Officer
July 2019 (2389) - Present
VADM Logan Black
Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff
June 2019 (2389) - July 2019 (2389)
VADM Nithumen Browsden
RADM Caymen Greener
Command AdjutantInternet Office: Infobase
March 2016 (2388) - April 2016 (2388)
VADM Patricia Morrison
Task Force Commanding Officer (99)
November 2015 (2388) - March 2016 (2388)
RADM August T. Grayson
VADM Mitchell Hanson
Task Force Commanding Officer (93)
August 2015 (2388) - November 2015 (2388)
VADM Allison Reyes
VADM Vadosia Adislo
Task Force Commanding Officer (9)
June 2015 (2388) - August 2015 (2388)
RADM Scarlet Cameron
VADM Logan Black
Bravo Fleet Graphics Director
April 2015 (2388) - April 2016 (2388)
RADM Zachary O'Connell
RADM Clay Teller
Task Force Executive Officer (93)
July 2014 (2388) - June 2015 (2388)
CDRE Zachary O'Connell


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