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This article represents an Infobase user/editor.

Personal Information
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Emily Wolf


East Coast, United Stares





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Emily (or "Wolfie") has previously served as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9, Task Force 93, and Task Force 99. She has also served as the Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 93, Command Adjutant of Bravo Fleet's Infobase, Director of the Bravo Fleet's Graphics Team, and Commanding Officer of various simulations.

Outside of Bravo Fleet, she is a member of the AceIRC Global Network staff, being one of their Services Administrators, their Frankfurt server admin (, and their webmaster. She also works with Anodyne Productions as their Community Engagement Specialist.


Award Image Award Name Reason for Nomination
Acadco.png Command Academy Graduate For completing the Bravo Fleet Academy's Command Course on June 21st, 2015
Mem02-2year.png Dedication Citation: 2 Years Emily has verifiably been a member of Bravo Fleet for two years.
Groupccmd.png Command Ribbon - Class C As a standing member of the BFA, Emily is eligible for any ship class C or below.
Commatseaactive.png Active Command at Sea Citation Emily currently commands an "active" fiction within the fleet, thus she retains this ribbon.
Comrecognition.png Community Recognition Ribbon This award was given to Emily for raising morale throughout the Fleet.
Achievement.png Medal of Achievement The Medal of Achievement was given to Emily for her work in helping the Fleet's Internet Office bring the Infobase up and running.
Admem2.png Rear Admiral Emeritus Award The Rear Admiral Emeritus Award was given to Emily after completing a tour as a Bravo Fleet Admiralty member, holding the final rank of Rear Admiral.

Staff Billet Information

Listed in chronological order of inauguration

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
RADM Clay Teller
Task Force Executive Officer (93)
July 2014 (2388) - June 2015 (2388)
CDRE Zachary O'Connell
VADM Logan Black
Bravo Fleet Graphics Director
April 2015 (2388) - April 2016 (2388)
To Be Determined
VADM Vadosia Adislo
Task Force Commanding Officer (9)
June 2015 (2388) - August 2015 (2388)
RADM Scarlet Cameron
VADM Mitchell Hanson
Task Force Commanding Officer (93)
August 2015 (2388) - November 2015 (2388)
VADM Allison Reyes
VADM Patricia Morrison
Task Force Commanding Officer (99)
November 2015 (2388) - March 2016 (2388)
RADM August T. Grayson
RADM Caymen Greener
Command Adjutant: Infobase
March 2016 (2388) - April 2016 (2388)