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Darian Caplinger
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This is the bio of the person who currently holds the position of Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer.

Personal Bio & Fleet Service Record

Darian is the owner and main systems administrator of Bravo Fleet assets, and holds the rank of Fleet Admiral with Oliver Tidwell as the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer (BFCO). He lives in Springfield, Missouri in the United States with his wife, whom he married in 1993. He has 2 sons and 4 grandsons. He joined Bravo Fleet in the fall of 1998, and is presently serving his second stint as BFCO. Darian worked for over 25 years in Emergency Services first as a Firefighter/EMT and then as Deputy Sheriff. He officially medically retired from law enforcement in 2012. He was also ordained as a non-denominational Christian minister on June 4, 2010.

Darian first started in Bravo Fleet in 1998 by attempting to try his hand at command when he applied for the USS Traveller in Task Force 58. After just a few weeks, it was clear he was in way over his head and his first attempt at command failed. After his failure, he decided to be a player for a while so he could get a better understanding of how things worked in Bravo Fleet, and to be able to make friends he could count on to help him with recruiting for when he tried his next attempt at command.

Eventually, Darian vied for his second attempt at command by applying for the Nebula Class USS Farragut in Task Force 72. Thankfully that attempt at trying his hand at command did not fail, and he worked his way up through the ranks, starting first at Lt Commander before graduating the Command Academy, and ultimately working his way through all the ranks up to Fleet Admiral when he made BFCO for the first time.

Along with having earned every rank between Lt Commander and Fleet Admiral, Darian also worked through every position between Commanding Officer and Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. His first posting of any significance was as Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Force 72's Delta Group, and then Alpha Group. During this time, he made his first posting to the Bravo Fleet Admiralty as Bravo Fleet Recruitment Officer. He was invited by Lenny Murphy to move to Task Force 86 as his Task Force Executive Officer. He worked that position for about 6 months before he was needed to move back to Task Force 72 as Task Force Commanding Officer.

Shortly after he made TFCO, Bravo Fleet was split into two divisions, known as Alpha and Beta. Darian was promoted to be the very first Division Commanding Officer of Bravo Fleet's Beta Division. When Ed Smith (aka Sorac Dunar) was promoted to BFCO and Lenny Murphy was promoted to Bravo Fleet Executive Officer (BFXO), Darian was promoted to Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, which at the time was very much like a Chief of Staff and was considered the 2nd Executive Officer. In time, Ed Smith retired as BFCO, and Lenny Murphy was promoted to BFCO. When Lenny was promoted, he nominated Darian to serve as BFXO. When Lenny stepped down as BFCO, Darian was nominated and was voted in as his replacement.

Sometime around 2007 or 2008, Darian decided his boys needed his attention more than the fleet did, so he retired as Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer, and resigned his command of the USS Farragut. While he was not active as a Commanding Officer, he continued to write in various cameo appearances on games throughout the fleet, until January of 2012 when he was asked by the BFCO (Nathan Cowell) invited him to return to the BFA as the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General. When Nathan was removed as BFCO, Vince Brinkmeyer was promoted to replace him. Around that time, Darian was nominated and confirmed by the BFA to move over to be BFXO again. After Vince resigned, on January 2, 2013, Darian was voted back into the position of BFCO for the second time.

So far during his reign as BFCO, Darian has overseen many changes in the fleet. He redeveloped the main site, fixed the issues and bottlenecks of the fleet forums by changing the software that ran it, and cleaning out the several years worth of accrued posts. He's also overseen many positive changes including a new Bravo Fleet map, removal of the draconian JAG code, expansion of services available to members of the fleet, consolidation of a few Task Forces in order to better serve the members of the fleet.

There is still much work to be done. While the above accomplishments listed have occured during the time that Darian was in place as BFCO, he is quick to point out that he did not do it alone. He is very thankful for the team he has in both the BFA and in the supporting crews around the fleet (the Task Force Executive Officers and Command Adjutants throughout the fleet.

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R-A-5.png Fleet Admiral (RET) Robert Chadwick, Federation Ambassador-at-Large

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R-A-5.png Fleet Admiral Oliver Tidwell, Fleet Commanding Officer
R-A-5.png Fleet Admiral Robert Chadwick, Fleet Commanding Officer
R-O-4.png Lt Commander Justin Chadwick, Chief Medical Officer, USS Farragut

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