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USS Yorktown



Defiant Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 99


Starbase 400 Defense Fleet


Beta Quadrant




Vice Admiral K'Temoc



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The USS Yorktown NCC-1717-F is the Flagship of Vice Admiral James K'Temoc Bremer and is a defense vessel for Starbase 400. The Yorktown is also the primary vessel for Starbase 400's Special Operations Team.

The Yorktown-F was commissioned in 2389 following the loss of the Yorktown-E, also a Defiant class ship, during a battle with rogue Dominion ships. The Yorktown-F features state of the art technology, including Quantum Slipstream Drive and a Type 1 Positronic Processing Core. She continues to carry to the motto, "The Fighting Lady".

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
    —Neil Armstrong - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Yorktown is a Defiant-class starship attached to Task Force 99. The Yorktown is the ninth starship to bear the name and follows a legacy of proven ships of exploration. The name Yorktown has often found it's name into the halls of Starfleet Command as a proven name of science, and a stalwart ship in times of defense of the Federation. The name "Yorktown" goes back as far as the founding of the Federation and, in fact, Earth Starfleet.

Throughout its history some of the most famed officers in Starfleet have touched the deck plating of the USS Yorktown under assignment at one time or another.


USS Yorktown, NX-05

The first Starship Yorktown was an NX Class ship. She was commissioned ahead of schedule in 2154. A last minute change though a special dispensation by Starfleet Command changed the name from Atlantis to Yorktown. NX-06 was renamed Atlantis. When the Earth/Romulan war began in 2156, Yorktown was assigned to Task Force 4 which also included NX-10 Pegasus. In 2158, Yorktown attacked and destroyed a Romulan sensor array in the Nelvana system. In early 2159, Yorktown was attacked and destroyed by the Romulans near planet Galorndon Core.


The second starship named Yorktown was the prototype of the Yorktown Class Battleship, built in 2161. Originally named South Carolina, the name of the ship and the class was changed to Yorktown just prior to launching and commissioning. NS-01 Yorktown would have a very active service life during the Romulan war, but due to her age she was assigned protect core Federation worlds during the Four Years War and saw limited action. The ship would remain in active service long enough to see the new Constitution class ships in service. Yorktown's final mission was with the soon to be famous USS Enterprise NCC-1701 under command of Captain Robert April in 2248 when the two ships were sent to the Klingon border on patrol. In March 2249, the NS-01 Yorktown was decommissioned.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717

The next Starfleet ship to bare the name Yorktown was a Constitution class Starship built in 2250. This ship severed the Federation proud while she explored the 'Final Fronter' from the 2250s to 2280s. In 2284 the ship was refit. In 2286, after an encounter with a probe sent to Earth to find out why whales were no longer present, the ship was towed to space dock to under go repairs from its encounter with the probe. While there, the ship was renamed Enterprise-A and placed under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. After being renamed, this ship continued on to earn high praise for her new crew, after a few minor bugs were fixed. In 2287 the ship was hijacked by the Vulcan Sybok who was looking for the mythical 'Sha Ka Ree'. In 2293, the ship was sent to escort the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for peace talks following an explosion on Praxis, but due to a conspiracy between Klingon and Federation members and an attack by a cloaked Bird of Prey, this fell apart. However, after rescuing Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy from the Klingon mining prison Rura Penthe, the ship and crew, with help from Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior, were able defend the peace talks from the Bird of Prey that was able to fire while cloaked. This opened a new era between the Federation and Klingons.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-A

The next USS Yorktown, commissioned in 2296, was an Excelsior Class ship. The NCC-1717-A made a name for herself in 2301 when she alone protected a Federation colony from an attack by the Tholians who claimed the planet was in their territory. Alone, the Yorktown stood her ground against five Tholian ships, re-earning the Yorktown's nickname from Earth's CV-10 in World War Two, 'The Fighting Lady'. NCC-1717-A destroyed three of the attacking ships, damaged another, and succeed in keeping the Tholians from firing on the colony or landing troops. In 2323 the ship was again in battle, but this time against the Romulans. In a border clash akin to the incident in 2266 between the USS Enterprise and a Romulan Bird of Prey, the Yorktown responded to a report of an attack on a neutral zone outpost. The Romulans wanted to test their newest cloaking technology as well as upgraded plasma torpedoes. The Yorktown was able to repel the attacking ship, but took massive damaged, loosing more then half her crew. The ship was towed to a Starbase by the USS Lexington, but Starfleet decided she was too badly damaged to be repaired and they decommissioned the ship. NCC-1717-A was scrapped two weeks later.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-B

In 2325, the next USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-B, was commissioned at Utopia Plaitia Fleet Yards. One of the new Centaur class ships, this Yorktown would have a short life. In 2340, the ship was returning from a trip to the Klingon Homeworld of Qo'noS, when she encountered a sever ion storm near the border. The ship suffered a total power loss which allowed matter and anti-matter in the warp core to come in contact and cause a core breach that destroyed the ship. At first, Starfleet assumed the Klingons attacked the ship, but after a joint investigation the truth was learned. This allowed the two powers to work together toward a common goal and aided Federation and Klingon relations.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-C

The next Starship to carry on the name Yorktown was commissioned in 2350 as an Ambassador class vessel. In 2352, the Yorktown took part in the first Federation and Klingon joint operation. The Yorktown and a K'tinga Class Battlecruiser conducted a joint survey of two star systems. This truly ushered in a new era of cooperation between the two powers. The ship operated along the Klingon border, with two brief tours along the Romulan boarder, spending the next twenty years in the area. In early 2372, a new Chief Tactical/Security Officer joined the ship. This officer would go on to become Fleet Admiral and Commanding Officer of the 4th Fleet during the Dominion War, Mike K'Wor Bremer In 2374, NCC-1717-C was retired from service after twenty-four years. This ship would be handed over to the Starfleet Museum where she now sites along with other famous ships from the past.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-D

The next Starship to be called Yorktown was commissioned in 2374, as an Intrepid class vessel, the day after NCC-1717-C was decommissioned. NCC-1717-D would, like NCC-1717-B, lead a short life. As part of Starfleet's 4th Fleet, and under the command of Rear Admiral Martok (no relation to the current Klingon Chancellor Martok) this ship saw more then her share of fighting in the early days of the Dominion war. The Yorktown-D took part in several major engagements, earning twelve battle-stars for service. In late 2375, the Yorktown was assigned to protect the Chin'toka system as part of Captain Sisko's defending force. However, the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan defenders were not ready for the Dominion's new ally, the Breen, and their energy dissipating weapon. The battle was nearly a slaughter. After the Defiant and several other ships were destroyed, the Yorktown, which had been assigned to guard the fleet's right flank, came in to cover several dozen escape pods from the lost ships. RAdm. Martok and the Yorktown-D were able to destroy another three Breen Frigates, one Jem Ha'dar Attack ship, and damage a Cardassian Keldon class cruiser before a Breen ship got in a shot with its energy dissipating weapon. Helpless, the ship started to drift and the crew began to abandon ship, but the Breen continued firing. The ship was destroyed with all hands aboard, but her sacrifice allowed many escape pods to make it to safety.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-E

The next Yorktown was commissioned in 2376 as a Defiant class ship. Assigned to the 4th Fleet like her predecessor, NCC-1717-E was assigned to Avalon Fleet Yards under the command of the Research and Development Department. Her Commanding Officer was James K'Temoc Bremer.

In 2379, when K'Temoc became Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS, the the Yorktown-E remaining under his command. After little more then a year in that position, K'Temoc took the position of R&D Director at Starbase 400 with the Yorktown as Defense and R&D vessel. The Yorktown became one of the most reliable vessels based at Starbase 400 and she saw action again the Krazzle, Romulans, Pirates, and Rogue Klingons. In 2384 the Yorktown temporarily became Starbase 400's primary Training Vessel, but she continued to see front line service.

In 2388, the Yorktown became primary vessel of Starbase 400's Special Operations Team, conducting covert missions including the hunt for former Starfleet Officer turned Pirate 'Clark'. Later in year however, the Yorktown-E was destroyed by rogue Dominion forces when the ship rammed a Jem'Hadar Attackship that was attempting to ram the USS Pegasus-B. The Pegasus-B managed to beam Captain K'Temoc and the surviving crew off the Yorktown before she exploded.

USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-F

The current Yorktown was commissioned in 2389 as a Defiant class ship, just like her predecessor. NCC-1717-F is just beginning her career.

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