USS Vincennes

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Vincennes



Sovereign Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 44






Lieutenant Colonel William Ragsdale


The USS Vincennes (NCC-82559) was a Sovereign class starship assigned to Bravo Fleet's Task Force 44. The ship was tasked with intelligence gathering and recon missions for the 4th Fleet. We also provide a little extra support for sustained conflict in our area of operation. The USS Vincennes is currently under the command of Major William Ragsdale.


There have been six vessels named Vincennes. All vessels were named for either the American Revolutionary War Battle of Vincennes or the town of Vincennes, Indiana.

The first USS Vincennes was a 703-ton Boston-class sloop of war in the United States Navy from 1826 to 1865. During her service, Vincennes patrolled the Pacific, explored the Antarctic, and blockaded the Confederate gulf coast in the Civil War. Named for the Revolutionary War Battle of Vincennes, she was the first U.S. warship to circumnavigate the globe.

The second USS Vincennes (CA-44) was a United States Navy New Orleans-class heavy cruiser sunk at the Battle of Savo Island in 1942.

The third USS Vincennes (CL-64) was a Cleveland class light cruiser of the United States Navy that saw action in the Pacific during the later half of World War II.

The fourth USS Vincennes (CG-49) was a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga class AEGIS guided missile cruiser. History most remembers this Vincennes for accidentally shooting down a commercial airliner over the Persian Gulf in 1988. Shortly after, the CG-49 was decommissioned. There would not be another vessel named Vincennes for nearly 200 years.

The first starship to be named Vincennes was a NX class vessel tasked to exploring the ever-expanding boundaries of the universe. The UES Vincennes served with distinction before being decommissioned in 2174.

The current USS Vincennes (NCC-82559) was commissioned in 2375 and placed under the capable command of Captain T'sak. T'sak captained the Vincennes for the next 8 years before retiring. The USS Vincennes was then placed in drydock at Xavier Fleet Yards. It was due to be mothballed when unbeknownst to Major Ragsdale, his father, Colonel Thomas Ragsdale, pulled some strings to have his son given the command.

Commanding Officers

  • 2375-2383: Captain T'sak
  • 2383-present: Lieutenant Colonel William Ragsdale