USS Triumphant

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.StarfleetThis article is official Task Force 99 canon.

USS Triumphant



Odyssey Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 99


Exploration and Defense


Beta Quadrant




Rear Admiral Michael Aravan




The USS Triumphant, NCC-99246, is the Flagship of Rear Admiral Michael Aravan, Task Force 99's Executive Officer.

Mission History

An Orion to Die For

The head of the Orion Syndicate decides to defect after the Orion Sector Tactical Command is attacked and destroyed. In a desperate gamble, she turns to the Triumphant after she leads a small raiding party in what seems like an attempt to get the massive Federation starship. Instead, she turns them over to the Triumphant and requests asylum, but keeps her real identity a secret until she has no other choice. Her actions led to upheaval in the Orion Syndicate and now she lives a hidden life under an assumed identity, knowing she's going to be hunted forever.


The Triumphant retrieves a ancient probe thinking that it's a long lost probe sent from Earth centuries before. Instead, it contains a Thasian entity which attacks the Triumphant after believing she was attacked. With a death count rising over two hundred, the Chief Operations Officer managed to get the Thasian woman to understand theirs was a mission of peace, but her actions have consquences and she is sentenced to eighteen years in a holographic cube to learn the ways of the Federation.

Strange Matter

A Romulan science ship investigating a graviton ellipse is found by a Nova Class ship while in the Belkan's Drift asteroid field and the Triumphant is sent to investigate. The crew of the Romulan ship is found dead either by self inflicted wounds and the signs of a firefight where they all killed each other. A deadly virus, in reality a lifeform, had came from the ellipse after the Romulans sent a probe in and it came back with it.

When the crew of the Triumphant begin to investigate it, the ellipse attracts the attention of a dark matter asteroid which is drawn to it and the emissions of the lifeform and the ship and crew. The Thasian woman is freed from her imprisonment and helps to try to save the ship and manages to communicate with the lifeform but discovers it's hostile to all life. With no choice, they're forced to beam it into space while avoiding the dark matter asteroid which continues into the ellipse after the life form is gone.


The USS Triumphant was awarded Sim of the Year in 2017.