USS Thesis

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Thesis



Intrepid Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 21


Beta Quadrant




Commodore Lioraw Saeihr


The USS Thesis, NCC-74949, is an Intrepid-class starship, serving in Task Force 21 on an exploration mission in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant.

Ship's History

  • July 25th 2382 - Commander Liorae Saeihr assumes her first command with the USS Thesis.
  • August 1st 2382 - USS Thesis leaves space dock under her new command and starts it's first shakedown cruise.
  • October 1st 2382 - USS Thesis leaves Deep Space Nineteen to deliver medical supplies to Kovar Colony. The mission takes an unexpected turn, however, when the Captain comes face to face with a ghost from her past.
  • February 15th 2383 - Shoreleave is cut short for the Thesis crew as an incoming distress call draws the USS Thesis in Task Force 21's Joint Mission 'The Merciless Storm'
  • March 2nd 2383 - USS Thesis leaves Starbase 611 to take readings from a nebula in the nearby sector, en route to the nebula the Thesis picks up some suspicious readings and alters course to investigate.
  • March 2nd 2383 - USS Thesis encounters a ghost ship floating in space. Further investigation shows that Thesis encountered a ship from the future, the crew listed on the manifest seem to have been vanished into thin air however.

Mission Summaries


The USS Thesis leaves spacedock for a shakedown cruise. Initial tests are positive and all seems to go as planned when suddenly an Orion ship decloaks and cripples the Thesis with a single phaser blast. After transporting several supplies and weapons to their cargo hold the Orion ship makes a run for it and hides inside an asteroid field. The Thesis gives chase and finally manages to locate the Orions as they hide their ship inside one of the large asteroids.

After careful consideration. the Thesis crew decides to lay a trap since the pirates have boobytrapped the entrance they used to get inside the asteroid. Two shuttles and the aerowing are taken out and hide on the opposite side of the asteroid as the Thesis ventures inside. When the Thesis manages to finally detect the correct pirate vessel (due to reflecting walls on the inside of the asteroid) they make a run for it as they set off the trap. The Thesis crew, prepared for the mines, shuts down sensors and the Intrepid class Thesis is only temporary disabled by the small shockwave. The pirate ship is then disabled by the shuttles that were left behind and as the Thesis rejoins forces. The Orions are taken into custody and will be handed over to the proper authorities upon arrival at SB 19. At the moment the crew is winding down with a small celebration as the Thesis returns home.

On it's journey back to Star Base, the Thesis unexpectedly encounters a rogue soliton wave. After careful consideration of several options, it iwas decided that the best course of action was to disperse the wave with photon torpedoes. This tactic worked and now the Thesis has just docked at the Star Base for a healthy bit of R&R before embarking upon its next mission.

Medical Relief

After a couple of days shore leave, the Thesis is sent to deliver medical supplies to the Kovar Colonies, just on the doorstep of the C’hakilian Empire in the Beta Quadrant. It’s going to be rough ride, the journey will take us at least twelve days, and mostly through unclaimed territory. There have been a couple engineering situations on the journey, but what happens once we obit Kovar and shuttle down to the surface remains to be seen.

After twelve days of travel, the Thesis arrives at Kovar IV and delivers the needed medical supplies to the Kovar Colonies. Commander Saeihr received an in-field promotion to Captain from Vice Admiral Luke Duncan. The next day, the Thesis crew arrived at Kovar III and transports the containers down to the surface, whilst the Away team beams down to attempt to find out who is behind this charade. Dr. Gwellian devised a tracking agent and modified a tricorder to track the said containers whilst on the surface of the planet. Arriving on Kovar III's surface, the team now is under cover of darkness in a small outbuilding waiting for the pickup of the containers; all seems to be going well until he team approaches a warehouse and is confronted by a stranger who leads them to find Veridium and the fact that this race is truly exploiting a pre-warp civilisation. The Thesis Bridge is attempting to remove the anti-matter canister and rescue the pinned-down away team. Whilst removing the dampening field, an alarm sounded, alerting all subversives who then attacked the away team; the anti-matter cannister was safely beamed aboard, then after a firefight, the away team was reunited with the Thesis, but suffered several casualties.

Discovering A Lost Ship

The Thesis sets out to study the Cratesius Nebula. After about half a day of travel the Thesis picks up something that seems to be an old beacon, or abandoned/obsolete satellite dish. The Thesis is at that point still half a day from the nebula but will have to make a detour to investigate the origin of the signal. Just as Captain Saeihr decides the nebula has priority, some evidence comes to light that indicates the signal is carrying a Federation signature. Later as the ship comes closer a hull configuration is seen on sensors and speculations are being raised about a ship.

Science has a civilian PhD, Dr. Aiyana Pell assisting in research of the Cratesius Nebula and specific concerns are being raised as it presently does not fit the projected model; meanwhile, the Thesis has located a beacon which caused the Aerowing to be deployed and sent to investigate. It seems the signal was a distress signal from an unidentified, apparently experimental Federation ship which has hull armour rated sixteen times that or normal. An away team was sent, but did not make full contact with the ship's interior.

Whilst the Away Team struggled to board the NX vessel, the Thesis is fired upon by three minor ships in the area and the CO/XO have requested a diplomatic solution to the problem rather than the firing of weapons. The CDO is presently preparing to meet with the leaders of the twelve Z’tnzizi’I Tribes which inhabit a relatively small but largely unexplored region of the Beta quadrant with borders that, by Federation standards, are loosely defined at best. Having sent an away team for a diplomatic encounter with the offending tribe, the shuttle is attacked by the K'tznick's and the CDO is killed. Safety for the shuttle and away team is located in a nearby nebular gas field, whilst the crew performs repairs and attempts to make a reconnection with the Thesis.

Meanwhile, back on the Thesis, the NX Federation ship USS Pell is being dragged into a protoplanetary event horizon and the Thesis attempts to use its tractor beam to remove it from harm's way; however the Pell is too great a mass, the event is also dragging in the Thesis to her doom, thus the Commodore orders release of the Pell. Soon unknown signatures of another K'tznizk tribe are found and are in an attack formation and closing in on the Thesis. The starship is able to dispatch the offending tribal attackers and is now on the hunt for the missing Away Team who set out earlier in a shuttle for a diplomatic convocation and has not been heard from for over a day.

Time passes and it is found that the Z’tnzizi’I have attacked the shuttle and the Chief Diplomatic Officer is killed in an explosion. The offencive tribe is the N’tinziln, who after Shuttle One attempted negotiations, threatened again, however with the Thesis in hot persuit and under K’tnzick presence, the N'tinziln left the shuttle in a flurry of other ships. Meanwhile the Thesis was attempting negotiations with the K'tnzick, whilst attempting to pinpoint the shuttle's location for a rescue attempt. Disgusted and intolerant of the Federation, the K'tnzick General recalled his ships and the shuttle and Thesis were again reunited. All aboard survived aside from Lieutenant West, who was Code White upon arrival in sickbay.