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"We are such stuff as dreams are made on."
    —'The Tempest,' William Shakespeare - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Tempest NCC-84705 is a Rhode Island-class scout assigned to Sirius Squadron commanded by Captain Augustus Tycho. Fast and versatile, the Tempest works alongside other squadron ships and missions, fulfilling scouting and reconnaissance duties for both tactical and scientific operations. She is often assigned directly in support of the USS Sirius, acting as escort, courier, or patrol ship as necessary.

Design and Layout

Part of the first wave of Rhode Islands constructed by Starfleet, the Tempest matches the configuration of many ships built between the Dominion War and the Attack on Mars. As such, she is built with consideration for both the comfort of her crew and the rugged practicality of a post-war frontier vessel, without either the luxurious indulgence of the era of the Galaxy-class and her contemporaries, or the tendency towards spartan modernism in the post-Mars years. Decks are carpeted and halls brightly lit, but bulkheads and fixtures keep their cool metal finish.

With these choices made on both efficiency and respect for her crew, Tempest's design paints her as a beacon of an era when Starfleet looked to the horizon, but knew the dangers of the frontier.


Bridge of the USS Tempest

The bridge is a near-circle, its deck staggered across three shallow levels. On the Tempest, the Helm console lies alone instead of alongside Operations, the controls in a semi-circular console at the forward, lowest level. The middle level bears twin command chairs set into a platform for the captain, with the first officer seated to their left. Flanking those seats, set against the bridge bulkheads, are tactical and operations to the right and left of the captain, respectively.

Behind the command platform, on the highest level is a railing bearing the auxiliary controls, a station usually held by a mission specialist. This is the only standing control panel on the bridge. At the very rear of the bridge is the master systems display (MSD) panel, flanked by consoles and controls against the bulkhead. On the right-hand bank the Engineering and one Mission Ops console are set; on the left, Science and a second Mission Ops. Both banks have space for a third crewmember on either side, with custom configurable stations. To the front of these banks are doors leading to Deck 1 on either side of the bridge. Seats are upholstered in a pale blue and dark grey. As with most of the ship, the bridge's deck is carpeted in grey, with the bulkheads and fixtures in grey-brown metal.

Leisure Facilities

As a small ship, the Tempest has only two mess halls and two observation lounges, and one recreation room. The mess halls, located on Decks 2 and 7, are identical, with a dozen or so tables and four replicator banks. They are one of the main areas where the crew can socialise, gathering over meals, but have the same minimalist aesthetic of the rest of the ship. The rec room on Deck 4 is larger, with comfortable seating, games tables, and an elevated stage for performances. It is the usual choice of venue for major social events involving the whole crew.

The observation lounges are smaller and more comfortable, designed for more intimate and casual gatherings. Both have sofa seating, large tables, and bars with stools, and have claimed some of the best positioning for window views of the ship. The larger lounge at the rear of Deck 7 is available for the whole crew's use, while the smaller lounge on Deck 2 acts as both an officer's and VIP lounge. It is the venue of choice if the captain is hosting the senior staff or delegates for social occasions.

Auxiliary Craft

Type-12 Shuttles

The Tempest carries a pair of Type-12 shuttles in her single bay, the Prospero and the Miranda. Small and fast, they are deployed on minor scouting or transportation operations.


Interior of the Caliban
The Tempest's Waverider-class integrated auxiliary craft, the Caliban, is an atmospheric shuttlecraft docked onto the ventral hull. It can easily and comfortably accommodate up to eight crew on long-range missions, and is equipped with transporters, bunk space, a lounge, a small conference table, and scientific and emergency medical facilities. It is deployed for planetary or long-term away missions or as the captain's yacht when necessary.