USS Tarawa

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Tarawa

Intrepid Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 58


Covert Operations




RADM Jonathan Jeracho


The USS Tarawa is an Intrepid class Starship that serves the Federation along the Romulan Neutral Zone in the Qualor Sector. The Tarawa's main missions are that of undercover work for the Task Force.


She was commissioned in 2376, and served a single three-year exploratory mission under Captain Jonathan Klech. In 2379, Captain Frederick Gluth took over command and commanded as part of Starfleet's campaign against the Gorn Occupation. Captain Gluth was killed in action, and the Tarawa was towed back to Deep Space 6 to receive repairs, a refit, and a new commanding officer,Captain Robert Martens.

In 2382 Captain Martens retired and stepped down as the CO of the Tarawa. Her new skipper came from the USS Rhode Island to lead them into the future. Her new Commanding Officer was Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Jeracho III. Commander Jeracho took the Tarawa from her home Task Force 93 to Task Force 44 and in that time was promoted to Commander. After which, he lead the Tarawa on a repair mission to fix the Observation and Relay Telescope in the Bellatrix system near Gorn space. During that mission he was promoted to Captain due to the nature of tensions arrising from the conflict. The mission was a success and Tarawa sustained minimal damage. Now under the ever vigilant watch of Captain Jeracho, she sails yet again; the never ending search for new life and new civilizations.

Tasked with Covert Operations, the USS Tarawa conducts clandestine missions to maintain the balance of power in the Beta Quadrant.