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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Shadow



Intrepid Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 58


Explorer/Light Cruiser




Commander Christopher Dennis


The USS Shadow is an Intrepid Class that serves in the role of Explorer/Light Cruiser in the ranks of Task Force 58, under the command of Commander Christopher Dennis.


The construction of the USS Shadow, began in the mid-late 24th Century. Originally planned to be an Akira Class cruiser, this ship was then made a Sovereign. The reason for this was that with the Dominion War finally being over, Federation resources started to replenish. Also, originally to be named the USS Fortitude, the ship became instead the USS Shadow after Captain Perrusio took command.

Shortly after, the USS Shadow NCC-51585-A, in her actual incarnation as an Intrepid Class ship was commissioned, after the premature destruction of the original one. The USS Shadow was then transferred to the 4th Fleet and assigned to Task Force 38. It was there that Perrusio received his promotion to Commodore and would take position as Task Group Commanding Officer for Task Group Alpha.

After Commodore Perrusio retired, taking his place was R'alka Grenn, who served at the time as ship's Executive Officer. Grenn would bring a great deal of prosperity to the Shadow, and held the position for some time. Due to outside circumstances, however, Commodore Grenn was also forced into retirement.

The next Commanding Officer of the Shadow would come after Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Sumpter, Grenn's Executive Officer. Under his command, the Shadow saw Sumpter rise in the ranks to Commodore.

In late 2383 the USS Shadow, along with the rest of Task Force 38 engaged the Borg in a devastating battle. The result was the loss of many Federation ships, including the Shadow (NCC-51585-B), as well as the collapse of the Omega field, and the Iconian Gateway. The next Shadow would come in the form of yet another Intrepid-class: the USS Shadow NCC-51585-C.

In early 2384 the USS Shadow moved over to Task Force 72.

In February 2384 the Shadow was to become the flagship of Task Force 21 under the command of Rear Admiral Jonathan Sumpter.

Late in 2384, Rear Admiral Sumpter was promoted and his first officer, then Commander Halaris Imorious was promoted to Commanding Officer. Shortly after she was to be promoted again to Captain and served a brief stint as a Task Group Commanding Officer until a quick reassignment to Task Force 58.

In 2385 Starfleet Command, would reassign the Shadow once more, this time to Task Force 86's Task Group Trident after being offered the position of Task Group Commanding Officer.

After a few years the Shadow was re-assigned back to the Task Force 58 where Captain Halaris Imorious stepped down from Command. Starfleet Command decided to re-commission the USS Shadow as NCC-76595. A new Commanding Officer was assigned to the Shadow: Commander Christopher Dennis.

Commanding Officers

  • Commodore Perrusio.
  • Rear Admiral R'alka Grenn.
  • Rear Admiral Jonathan Sumpter.
  • Rear Admiral Halaris Imorious.
  • Commander Christopher Dennis.