USS Seleya (NCC-73816)

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USS Seleya








Task Force:

Task Force 38


Delta Quadrant



Commanding Officer:

Fleet Captain V'Sal



The USS Seleya is a Federation Sovereign-class starship. For four years, the Seleya was assigned to Task Force 38 as the flagship of Explorer Group 381, the unit responsible for Starfleet’s operations in the Gradin Belt. It was relieved by the USS Elysion in early 2399. It is under the command of Fleet Captain V'Sal and has a majority-Vulcan crew. The Seleya is currently undergoing its first major refit over Vulcan.


One of the original Sovereign-class ships ordered by Starfleet, Seleya was constructed in orbit of Vulcan and launched in 2379 and has always served with a majority-Vulcan crew. She was named for the three ships in Vulcan service to bear the name ‘’Seleya,’’ which were in turn named for Mount Seleya, one of the most important spiritual sites to the Vulcan people. Fleet Captain V’Sal has been in command since 2380, following a year of space trials in the Vulcan system.

In the early 2380s, the Seleya was assigned to diplomatic and tactical missions along the Romulan border as part of a broader push towards renewed Romulan-Vulcan relations, though these operations became more defensive in nature following the collapse of the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2387.

From 2387 to 2395, Seleya was the flagship of Starfleet’s First Fleet, bearing the flag of Admiral S’Tal, but she was transferred to the Fourth Fleet in 2395 to head up renewed exploratory efforts in the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant, where she became flagship for Explorer Group 381 and for Task Force 38.

Due to obvious animosities between her Vulcan crew and the Devore, Seleya was mainly assigned to operations in the western quadrant of the Gradin Belt, where she made first contact with a number of races and served as a powerful deterrent to hostile acts against other exploratory ships.

Seleya was replaced by USS Elysion in early 2399 on station in the Gradin Belt as the flagship for Explorer Group 381, so that it could return to Federation space for its first major refit and for a chance for her Vulcan crew to return home. It is anticipated that following her refit, the Seleya will return to the Delta Quadrant. En route to Vulcan, Seleya dropped off a Turei delegation at Starbase 38.

Notable Crew

  • Fleet Captain V’Sal: V’Sal has been in command of the Seleya since 2380. He is well-respected and has a background in tactical and intelligence operations going back to the early 2300’s.
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