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USS Ronald Reagan



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Admiral Dan Taylor


The USS Ronald Reagan was an Ambassador Class starship assigned to Task Force 86.


The second Starfleet vessel to bear the name Ronald Reagan, the third Ambassador Class vessel to be completed by Starfleet Command constructed at Utopia Planitia as the prototype was, however due to several design and enginering issues the ship wasn't launched until 2327, initially under the command of Captain Gareth Daltry the ship lead an uneventful existence whilst under Daltry's command for 15 years she was tasked with projecting power down the Klingon boarder. Somehow the ship lead a charmed life during those years while other ships were involved in continual skirmishes the Reagan managed to escape similar incidents without violence and bloodshed, that was until 2342 when a miss calculation on Captain Daltry's part saw the Reagan cross over in to Klingon space. A full half of the crew was killed in the following military action by the Klingon, surrounded by several D7 cruisers the ship was pounded for hours until the ships first officer surrendered to the Klingons.

It took Starfleet a year to negotiate the release of the Reagan and the remainder of her crew, after careful investigation by Starfleet Security charges were brought against the senior staff by Starfleet JAG for their parts in what was called the 'the Daltry Incident' although later found not guilty the investigation and trial meant the Reagan languished in dry dock for two further years after her return by the Klingons. The effects of Captain Daltry's choices were so wide reaching that Starfleet Academy wrote up a piece on the incident which became required reading for all cadets during the second year ethics course.

Although the ship didn't leave space dock until the middle of 2346 she recieved her new commanding officer for the first time December 28th 2345, then Commander Dan Taylor stepped aboard USS Ronald Reagan for the first time. Little did he know that the ship would play a central role in his life for years to come. From this point on the ship lead a more normal life, being involved in skirmishes and wars in equal measures with other ships in its areas. After 3 more years working along the Klingon Boarder the ship was sent out on a five year long deep space exploration mission out far beyond Ferengi and Breen space. With the ships triumphant return at the end of its mission the ship recieved a minor refit to bring it up to date with modifications made to its sister ships in the interveining years.

Early in the year 2355 USS Ronald Reagan once again left space dock at set out amongst the stars, this time with orders to patrol the Cardassian boarders, what followed was nearly 10 years of skirmishes and naval actions against the Cardassian Union until the Reagan was pulled out of the area by Starfleet Command. The ship was heavily damaged after all that time, rather than sending it out again with patch work repairs (As it had been during the Federation-Cardassian War) Starfleet decided to bring the ship in for its next major refit early. It was at this juncture that Starfleet began the last major update of the Reagan's space frame, almost every component aboard was replaced over a period of 5 years. When the ship left space dock again in 2370 she felt like she was new again, with the same Captain and crew she sailed around the stars as part of Task Force 86 the Active Incursion Decision.

After only 3 years the ship returned to spacedock once again after her commanding officer retired from Starfleet unexpectedly, under the command of April Johnson she continued her task in Task Force 86 until 2382 when she was retired from service unexpectedly by Starfleet Command who cited structural microfractures as the reason for her decomissioning.

OOC Note

The USS Ronald Reagan is considered a retired designation. Such honors have been reserved for retired Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers. Future simulations in Bravo Fleet may not carry the name save for Admiral Taylor, should he return to the fleet.