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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

USS Ottawa



Steamrunner Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 9


Light Attack Cruiser


Gamma Quadrant




Colonel Ellis Sheppard, Jr.


Ship History

July 2382

Then Commander, Marcus Solwick took command of the newly commissioned Steamrunner Class, USS Ottawa NCC-59996. As her maiden voyage, a basic shakedown cruise, was about to commence the USS Ottawa was given orders by Starfleet to answer a distress call made out by the USS Woodland.

August 2382

The USS Ottawa met up with the crew of the USS Woodland and the survivors were brought aboard, the two crews had to learn to work together in an effort to find a way to sustain enough power and breathable air to make it to Starbase 900. However, whilst en route, they learned that the USS Searcher was sending out a call for assistance. The over crowded ship had no choice but to answer the call seeing that they were the only other Starfleet vessel in the area. When they came upon the USS Searcher they found her in a conflict with the Five Star Liberation Front Movement. Commodore James S Wilke was aboard the USS Searcher conducting an interrogation of High Minister Salu'd from the Movement. The joint skirmish ended in a successful withdrawal of the Movement. The crew of the Woodland were then taken on to Starbase 900. After the short battle with the Five Star Liberation Front Movement the USS Ottawa received light battle damage and had to attend to her repairs at Starbase 900.

November 2382

The crew of the USS Ottawa encountered a new race, and they received a new crew member by the name of Fettab 13, who was later appointed as the new Executive Officer. With a new XO in hand and the crew still in shock over the fast promotions of Lieutenant Commander James Riot and Major Jim Olend to command there own ships the crew were disconcerted about opening up to there new XO. After these turn of events, Commander Solwick reported the incident to Starfleet but shortly after that the ship dropped out of sensor range of the Task Force. The crew soon learned that they had been captured by Q and sent to the System of J-25. Q had paid a visit to the Ottawa to give the crew gifts. The crew avoided temptations from him and managed to ignore him altogether. Q eventually relinquished the Ottawa, sending them to Earth.

January 2383

Newly promoted Captain Marcus Solwick transferred from Task Force 38 and was promoted in title to Task Group Commander of the Paladins in Task Force 86. The new role was given to Marcus after he had proven himself over the year as a capable CO. The USS Ottawa was also recalled to Avalon Fleet Yards to be refitted and a new crew assigned. To the crew that where going to stay in the Delta Quadrant this was a sad moment. Marcus realised that things where going to change and his career was going to take off.

The USS Ottawa sustained minor damage, which resulted in a loss of warp power due to the Dilithium crystals being damaged beyond repair. Meanwhile a new, pre-warp capable race contacts them and without the ability to warp out and long range communications gone the crew of the USS Ottawa had to find a way to not violate the prime directive and gain possession of the Dilithium they needed in order to leave the sector.

Upon discovering the Omega particle, the USS Ottawa and Captain Solwick had to find a way to contain the particle and await assistance in destroying the most powerful weapon ever discovered.

Captain Solwick and the crew of the USS Ottawa transfers over to the USS Zodiac, an Excalibur Class. With a skeleton crew the Ottawa returns to Earth Spacedock to begin an early refit. The new ship wide Holo-projection system is to be installed along with other essential system upgrades. Rear Admiral De Marco had her attached as an emergency support Ship during the refit, which lasted 12 months.

October 2384

Lieutenant Commander James Culbertson Jr was given command of the USS Ottawa and a new crew was assigned to her. The ship reported to Beta Antares Fleet Yards and reassigned by order of Admiral Adrian Mormar to Task Force 17's IGOR division, Task Group Ulysses, under the command of Captain Brad Huddle.

Commanding Officers

  • 2382-2383: Marcus Solwick, Commodore.
  • 2384-2385: James Culbertson, Jr, Captain.
  • 2385-Pres: Ellis Sheppard, Colonel