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Nebula Class




Exploratory Cruiser




Captain Bradley J. Harrison


The USS Niña is a Nebula Class starship and a member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 9 - Guardians of the Gate. The USS Nina is under the command of Captain Bradley J. Harrison and his Executive Officer Commander Jordan Blackwater.


USS Gladiator

On March 14th, 2384, the USS Gladiator left Utopia Planetia on its first mission under the command of Commander Jake Murphy, a young Commanding Officer with a great knack for command. Escorting the USS Gladiator during its space trials were the USS Liberator and USS Montreal. The idea, according to Starfleet Command was for the Gladiator to travel around past the Romulan Neutral Zone, and then head back to Utopia Planetia via Pluto at Warp 7.9, but on April 2nd, 2384; the USS Liberator was attacked by an unknown force, and destroyed with only 5 out of its 88 crew surviving. 10 days later; the USS Montreal was also attacked and destroyed with all hands lost. Commander Murphy, instead of returning to the nearest starbase; ordered the USS Gladiator ahead on its space trials, but on April 28th, 2384; it was also attacked by an unknown force. After the ensuring battle; the USS Gladiator was badly damaged all over and with no weapons, and with life support failing; Commander Murphy returned to Utopia Planetia. Upon his arrival; he resigned his commission, but not before asking for the USS Gladiator to be repaired for a new Commanding Officer. That new Commanding Officer was Commander Bradley J. Harrison

One month later; the new look crew of the USS Gladiator were sent to Cardassian territory, near Volan III where scientists on the colony there noticed what looked to be the formation of a second briar patch. The Gladiator, along with the USS Toronto were sent to the area to investigate. During the voyage, Starfleet Command altered the mission slightly when they were informed Commander Harrison of the disappearance of the USS Sapphire, the ship that he last served on with distinction. It had gone missing on its new assignment, which just happened to be researching the same area of Cardassian space. After arriving at the location; the cardassians appeared, determined to take the Sapphire to their own spacedock. It seemed that while Commander Harrison was transferring to the Gladiator; the Sapphire was attached with a new warp core that they were to test and the Cardassians wanted it for themselves. Another battle raged on, and Commander Harrison was left with no alternative but to destroy the Sapphire, not before rescuing his former Captain; who unfortunately died on the operating table after sustaining injuries.

Starfleet immediately sent the Gladiator for repairs at Starbase 94 while the crew had four weeks of rest at Risa. Following the rest at Risa; the Gladiator crew had new orders to head to the Romulan Neutral Zone, and in particular the federation outpost of Tiropa IV. They were sent there to re-supply the colony before there long winter, which lasts 4 years. This will give the crew a chance to see how colonists live and work, and this mission will be their first to the Neutral Zone. The mission was going to plan until the romulans appeared and started firing upon the colony, causing damage that was beyond repair. It caused massive fissures in the ground, and destroyed the command center, with the Captain still inside. Without informing anybody; Commander Harrison went down on his own to save the Captain of the Colony and was seconds from disaster. This caused a major problem with Starfleet and the Gladiator was immediately sent to Starbase Protector.

Arriving at Starbase Protector to transfer the colonists from Tirpoa IV to another ship; the Gladiator crew decided to spend some relaxing time at Starbase Protector during Federation Day celebrations and it was made even better when the Federation Day Ball was at Starbase Protector this year. The crew attended, but not before overhearing that Starfleet wanted to get rid of Commander Harrison for an older and stricter Commanding Officer.

In the end; Starfleet decided to keep Commander Harrison in command of the Gladiator, but there next mission was effectively not going to be a mission. They were due to travel at a maximum speed of Warp 4 to Alpha Eriandi to meet up with the USS Courageous and participate in Federation Festival events with the Courageous that were linked with the Federation Day celebrations. Some of the crew find this as a demotion of one of the finest ships in the Federation, but as they arrived; somehow they were transported back to 1999, San Fransisco by an unknown force. After somehow getting back to 2385 without even knowing. The USS Gladiator headed to Alpha Eriandi, only to find that the festival was finished, and they had been gone for well over three months.

Everyone, including Commander Harrison were bewildered that it had happened, and that Starfleet had been waiting well over 2 months for the crew to turn up at Utopia Planetia for the decommissioning of the USS Gladiator. Would this be the end of the USS Gladiator crew. Would they be split up, will they be together again or will they have to say goodbye???

USS Missouri

With the retirement of the USS Gladiator; the crew of the reactivated USS Missouri; an Intrepid Class starship had one more surprise given to them. They were now under the command of the 21st Task Force within Obsidian Fleet. After speaking with both Rear Admiral Mason Havok and Commodore Joseph Banning; who was an academy friend of now Captain Harrison, the crew had a new found sense of commitment to Starfleet after the horrors that plagued the Gladiator. The first mission for the new USS Missouri; would be a quick set of trials, since she was in the scrapyards for 18 months. They would then travel to Betazed for the Biannual Trade Conference, as Federation delegates. This quick trip around the block turned into a fight for survival as Q took over the ship and plagued problem after problem with the crew, just for laughs.

After finally getting rid of Q; the crew head to Oakland Fleet Yards to celebrate Christmas & New Year with their families on Earth. The crew haven't seen their families in over 2 years and all of the stories of their adventures need to be told. It was an adventure for all, including the Commanding Officer, who had to meet his new Executive Officer, but somehow fell in love with her

After a nice Christmas shoreleave on Earth; Starfleet have given the USS Missouri their next mission. They were sent to the Barradas System, and in particular; the M-class planet Barradas III. They were sent their on a fact-finding mission to see into an uncharted area of the planet that is rumored to not have been raided by the group of mercenaries led by Arctus Baran back in 2370. This will give the crew a chance to head down for some away missions, explore the planet and even will give the chance for some people to land the USS Missouri on the planet. With the Federation fearing that war between the Romulans & Klingons could start any day; the USS Missouri were told to be extra careful. During their time in the Barradas System; Starfleet Command contacted Captain Harrison with a major proposition. Either he allow 5 crew members from the USS Missouri to transfer off the USS Missouri and head to Starbase 84 to take command of the USS Fearless, or allow for a covert operation to the Nequencia Alpha system.

Captain Harrison sent five of his crew on this mission, to find Klingon POW's that had been presumed alive after being captured during the last war. It was a high crisis mission, and one that may give the Federation the upper hand in negotiations with the Romulans and Klingons, if war breaks out. What the Missouri crew didn't know is that the romulans already had the upper hand and had sent the 4th Imperial Fleet to intercept the weakened crew of the Missouri, as well as the Fearless

The Fearless was captured, and the five Missouri crew were forced to admit defeat and were forced to destroy the Missouri, or be killed. The Missouri was caught in a battle with the lead ship of the 4th Imperial Fleet. With a fantastic move by Marine Captain Will Stout and Commander Isobella Cullen, by blowing up the Fearless; the Missouri was able to defeat the romulans and cause a retreat in an area that would no doubt become a battleground, if war broke out

As the Missouri arrived at Starbase 99; everyone was talking about the USS Missouri, and how they may have slowed or even stopped the war between the Romulans & Klingons that is sure to engulf the entire Alpha Quadrant. People wanted to celebrate, but Starfleet Command feel that it is not time to celebrate just yet. So, until the excitement and constant news reports die down, the USS Missouri has been taken off active service and told to head directly to Starbase 99 for some rest & relaxation.

The Missouri's next mission was very close to Marine Captain Stout's heart. The Cadians are very similar to the Canines on Earth, except for a few distinct differences. The Cadians have developed the ability to walk upright and have a strong intellect. A few of them have a "cloaking" ability, it has been kept strictly classified, so far Starfleet has only managed to learn that whatever causes this also causes several other unique traits and abilities. This year, the cadians who live in the system are voting for their next Prime Minister. The election is very important on the main planet; Cadian III, but it is marred by several disappearances of high ranking military officers and the incumbent Prime Minister, and members of Will Stout's family. To make matters worse, the romulans have developed a presence in the system and are introducing themselves into the election, causing many cadians to start rioting in the town center. The Missouri was sent to the system to solve the problems, and prevent the romulans from annexing the system.

USS Niña

After safely averting a civil war and stopping the romulans in their tracks; the Cadians proceeded with their election; free of romulans. In the end; the incumbent Prime Minister wins re-election. After spending the last two months stuck in the Cadian system, making sure that the Cadians stuck to the peace treaty; it is finally time for the Missouri to head to Earth Spacedock for some shoreleave. Captain Harrison needed to speak with his Task Group Commanding Officer and this is the only time to see him in person. What Captain Harrison didn't know is that Commodore Banning had a major twist for him. A new ship!

The USS Nina, a brand new Nebula class starship recently finished at Jupiter Station is handed over to Captain Harrison and his crew. They are the first to take command of this fine vessel. The Nina has been fitted with an experimental fighter/hangar pod at the request of Starfleet Command. They were ordered to the Betreka Nebula, where they will test out the new ship including how reliable the new fighter pod is in a simulated battle with another ship.

Just outsides the area of the Gamma Quadrant’s Mawasii Allegiance is the small planet of Tylmeria IV, and for the past two years; Starfleet has been working on a duck blind mission, in anticipation of first contact. Three weeks earlier; the duck blind failed to contact Task Force Headquarters, which has caused some major concerns, including the fact that maybe pirates have taken over and captured the Starfleet members. Commodore Valdez and Rear Admiral Huddle have made it a priority that a starship head to Tylmeria IV to investigate.

The mission is of such high importance since the mountains of Tylmeria IV is rich with dilithium that is worth billions to pirates and to the planet. Starfleet informed the Senior Staff of Task Force 9 that First Contact was not meant to happen for at least another 12 to 18 months; but with the loss of communication with the duck blind and several rumours of pirates in the area, the Federation want to keep the people of Tylmeria IV alone, but don’t want the pirates to mine the planet, so First Contact has been moved forward so that the Federation can make the planet of Tylmeria IV protectorates of the Federation before the pirates can start their attack.

The Nina has been tasked with not only the First Contact with the people, but they are also tasked with protecting the planet against the pirate attacks.