USS Neptune

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"The trident of Neptune is the sceptre of the world."
    —Antoine-Marin Lemierre - Ship's dedication quote

The USS Neptune is a Vesta-class explorer assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 93. And the flagship of the Neptune Advanced Exploration Division. The vessel is under the command of Captain Michael Ryder. The USS Neptune was built during a pivotal time. It also hosts an annual event for talented Starfleet singers to show their skills to the Fleet.


The USS Neptune started laying of the hull in 2397 at Earth Station Mckinley. While on her shakedown cruise she encountered Klingons making her acclimated to combat before her actual commissioning. With the advantage of the titular Vesta going through her shakedown cruises the Neptune was able to be streamlined and prepared for a more refined launch in late 2399 when the ship was commissioned. Captain Ryder was notified by Captain McCallister of his assignment to the Neptune. The crew discovered a Roman Army from the events of the Stormbreaker Campaign. The quick actions of the crew helped to save the Romans from annihilation.


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The Neptune is a Vesta class explorer created for the purpose of advanced exploration. She was a part of the initial batch of the Vestas that were selected to be built. She is built for missions that take her out of the reaches of civilizations for long amount of times. She is able to handle missions on her own without reinforcements from other ships. She is equipped to handle any mission; however the addition of ships to the Neptune Division strengthens her ability to be used as she was intended.

Recreation Facilities

Scarlet Fire Brewhouse

Scarlet Fire Brewhouse

A favorite of the crew the Brewhouse is ran by the Captains now love interest Felicity Bowen. The brewhouse has whatever the crew could ask for that is withing Federation regulations. It has a very comfortable atmosphere and allows for crew and guest to decompress after a long shift. Felicity prides herself in being the best proprietor anyone on the ship has ever witnessed.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers