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USS Mackenzie is an Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser assigned to the Fourth Fleet.

Construction and Launch

The USS Mackenzie was a long serving Excelsior class and was approved to be upgraded to the Excelsior II class in January of 2392. Construction in February of 2392 and was completed in December of 2394. Her shakedown cruise was on January 15th, 2395, and she was certified a month later on February 15th, 2395. The USS Mackenzie was assigned to Task Force 47 in October 2400 and operated in the Thomar Expanse. In February 2400, she was assigned to Task Force 72.


She was named after Sir Alexander Mackenzie, a Scottish explorer and fur trader known for accomplishing the first crossing of North America in 1793.

Design and Layout

The Mackenzie was built to be a force for good in whatever theatre she was assigned. Her bridge is designed to function as a flagship for a higher-ranked officer and serve the day-to-day functions needed. The ship was able to engage in saucer separation mode with a smaller more intimate battle bridge available for use.


The Mackenzie has been to the Delta Quadrant twice. Once to face the Devore Imperium, and twice to track and trace the activity of a Borg Sphere. The second outing resulted in the death of the Chief Engineer in 2401. The ship and its crew has built a reputation of not backing down from a fight. The ship has been through challenging adventures - facing the the lost Dominion fleet in extraordinary fashion. The ship was nearly crashed into the Janoor Colony by Janoor Cult members and a rouge Starfleet officer. She is often referred to by long time crew as "The Mack". As of 2401, Mackenzie has had three captains.

Support Craft

The Mackenzie is equipped in the following fashion.

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 10
Runabouts 2

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

  • 2.15.2395-4.20.2400: Captain Alexandra "The Hammer" Pantuso
    • At age 65, she was given the chance to work on identifying weaknesses in the design for improvement in the model. She considered her work completed and retired from Starfleet at the age of 70 on April 20th, 2400.
  • 10.16.2400 - 02.05.2401: Captain Ambrose Harris
    • Promoted to Captain and reassigned from the USS Edinburgh. Dies on 02.05.2401, murdered by Devore Imperium Officer Pantheon.
  • 02.06.2401 - 9.15.2401 : Captain Wren Walton
    • Transferred from Starfleet Command