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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

USS Forrestal



Century Class

Date Commissioned:




Assigned TF:

Task Force 9




Captain Kristen Tate


The U.S.S. Forrestal was a Century Class starship under the command of Captain Kristen Tate and Commander Janalle Tristam. The vessel is assigned to Task Force 9 in the Gamma Quadrant. She most recently was the only Century Class vessels assigned to Fourth "Bravo" Fleet at the time of her service.


Intrepid Class

Following the destruction of the U.S.S. Gettysburg the crew of the vessel are reassigned to the U.S.S. Forrestal an Intrepid Class vessel much like the Gettysburg. Two years after the new assignment Robert Kinsley the officer responsible for the destruction of the Gettysburg and near death of the entire crew is rediscovered. Ian Kinsley and his crew are assigned to chase him into the Delta Quadrant where he has fled.

They track him to the Pre-Warp Cradle where he has fled with the hijacked U.S.S. Yellowstone a Defiant Class starship. He has taken control of a planet that has not reached warp capability though seems unaware of the presence of the U.S.S. Forrestal. A plan is hatched and set into motion resulting in the capture of who the crew believes to be Robert Kinsley and his allies. The damage to the planet’s culture is severe, but there is little the crew of the ship can do. The man believed to be Robert Kinsley commits suicide shortly after his capture. The ship and crew are permanently assigned to Task Force 38 as part of the Delta Quadrant Exploration Initiative. And, part of Fourth “Bravo” Fleet.

During a routine clean up mission following tracking Robert Kinsley into the Pre-Warp Cradle a small crew are assigned to a shuttle mission in order to chart a nearby world. A severe engine malfunction results and the shuttle crashes onto an inhabited planet where the species is in their Medieval Era. Lieutenant Commander Salaek the Executive Officer, his son, the Chief Science Officer, and the Chief Flight Control Officer are on board the shuttle. Only Salaek and his son survive the crash.

They are captured before the Forrestal can locate the distress beacon and some of their technology is captured along with them. The crew manage to save their Executive Officer and Stellar Cartography Officer, but not without causing extensive damage to the society. War among the species results and within months they have nearly decimated their entire population. Little can be done after the crew recover their people. The Forrestal then leaves the Pre-Warp Cradle in order to return to Starbase 900 for some minor repairs and crew transfers.

After the minor repairs are completed the U.S.S. Forrestal begins her journey deeper across the Round Table. The Science Department comes up with a plan to study skin cell regeneration and the Medical Staff and the Science Staff begin working on the research to pass the time of the journey. A young medical student who has been assigned to the ship for her residency named Janice Wilhelm is assigned to assist the science team in their research. Desiring advancement and fame she decides to take the research project into her own hands.

She steals a biological gel-pack and some samples from the science labs before beginning her own experiment inside her quarters. The end result is catastrophic as power is lost throughout the ship and radiation begins to spread. A large mass of skin begins to develop and expand killing Janice Wilhelm in the process. Several others suffer radiation poisoning, and the only way to stop the experiment is for someone to personally disconnect the power. Lieutenant Commander Martin Johnston is assigned to disconnect the power. Though, he is well aware that it will kill him and while his ex-girlfriend and Chief Medical Officer bids him to not go Martin takes a chance. He is successful in ending the problem though it costs him his life.

The U.S.S. Forrestal arrives at a small nebula in which they unofficially name the Johnston Nebula in honor of their fallen friend and Chief Operations Officer. Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Moore is assigned as the new Chief Operations Officer while the ship’s doctor grieves at the loss of her ex and friend. Large creatures that seem to feed off the tiny particles that fill the nebula are discovered. At the very center is a system with a large purple star or at least what the crew believes to be a star. A race of insectoid beings are also believed to have once resided inside the system.

Lieutenant Veronika Pavlenko the ship’s Chief Engineer under orders by the ship’s Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Draas Ranav boards a derelict station that is also found inside the system. While she is exploring the rest of the crew find out that the star is a large Omega Particle hidden by the nebula that prevents any sensors penetrating inside. While debating on destroying the Particle Commander Kinsley discovers that the insectoid race is simply in hibernation and accidently awakens them. They become hostile attacking the ship which manages to escape through a wormhole that is generated by the station. The end result is the destruction of the Omega Particle, the alien race, and the system. The vessel returns to the Alpha Quadrant near the Antares Shipyards where they have sustained heavy damage.

The U.S.S. Forrestal is towed back to Antares Shipyards in order to undergo repairs from their previous mission. While the vessel is in drydock Ian Kinsley and Veronika Pavlenko marry before most of the ship’s crew. Their daughter having been born during the previous charting mission to the “Johnston” Nebula. They named her Alyssa in honor of Veronika’s sister though the spelling is slightly different. The senior officers go on vacation while new personnel are assigned to the vessel.

Lieutenant Commander Draas Ranav returns home to his parents before making the decision to resign his commission for unknown reasons. The Admiralty decide to make Lieutenant Veronika Pavlenko the new Chief Engineer as she knows the ship better than a newly assigned Executive Officer. She is also the most senior officer following the Commanding Officer and despite some minor protest is made the new Executive Officer and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. The rest of the crew soon return to the ship in time for the vessel to return to active status.

The U.S.S. Forrestal is assigned to chart the Star Desert a region of space that has not been fully charted by a Federation vessel. They discover a derelict station that they believe was constructed by the Borg Collective and make the decision to go to Red Alert and Battle Stations before boarding. Though they discover that the Borg have no presence there and do not discover the true identity of the builders. Lieutenant Commander Veronika Pavlenko and Lieutenant Janalle Tristam lead an away team that discovers an Android factory and are able to capture one for further study before being attacked.

Commander Ian Kinsley is captured before the attackers flee with the Forrestal in pursuit and the Android Factory destroyed by a Quantum Torpedo leaving only the shell of the station. The pursuit ends at a station named Serpent Station where they discover that Robert Kinsley is very much alive. He has a large fleet of B’Rel class vessels and prepares to attack and destroy the Forrestal, but a fleet of alien vessels appear and attacks the B’Rel class vessels. The unknown aliens turn out to be the Anarians a race that had been in several skirmishes with Robert Kinsley. Robert is killed during the engagement on board the Forrestal and the Mayvren Savage the Chief Medical Officer completes a DNA screen.

It is determined that the man really is Robert Kinsley and the crew continue their charting mission in the Star Desert. They discover the fate of the Cayuga a vessel that crashed on a planet after being forced into the Delta Quadrant by some sort of subspace wave. Soon however they are recalled back to the Alpha Quadrant by Starfleet Headquarters.

Century Class

Commander Ian Kinsley finds out that he’s been promoted to the rank of Captain and that the U.S.S. Forrestal NCC-76595 is being decommissioned. Though, as Admiral Tolstoy explains a new Century Class starship has been constructed and is being named Forrestal. The crew are assigned to the new U.S.S. Forrestal NCC-82003 a Century Class starship with a great many advancements in technology. The ship has also been moved from Task Force 38 to Task Force 9 in order to assist in the Gamma Quadrant. While celebrating the new U.S.S. Forrestal the ship is attacked by an unknown terrorist group. The attempt fails largely because Lieutenant Indicium prevents the attackers from succeeding by beaming the bomb off ship shortly before explosion.

The vessel arrives in the Gamma Quadrant and begins their first patrol route along the Dominion border where they find a small pod containing a crystal. Upon further investigation the android officer Lieutenant Indicium discovers that the crystal is actually a weapon, but his discovery is too late and it takes control of his body. The ship is then attacked by the android in which several members of the crew lose their lives, and one of whom sacrificed himself to save the ship. Ensign Camron Phillips forces the android inside a cargo bay and evacuates all of the air through the cargo bay doors. Afterwards the ship returns to New Bajor to undergo a small refit and some crew transfers before setting off once more.

Changes are made to the Forrestal which results in the ship no longer capable of carrying marines or a diplomatic detachment as Starfleet decides to change direction of the ship. They want the vessel to explore the Gamma Quadrant, but for now Command has decided that the ship shall continue with her patrol so that the crew can become used to their new environment. The crew discovered some sort of distress signal and moved to investigate. It turned out to be a long dead society calling themselves the Kavanii, an alien race living within an uncharted asteroid field.

The Kavanii had died out when a genetic defect caused their internal organs and other major internal proponents to change into a fluidic state which led to their ultimate demise. The crew put this into their report and left a small probe within the asteroid field warning other vessels to stand clear since communications were useless inside due to the high concentration of metallic ore within. The ship then returned to New Bajor to resupply and to give the crew some rest and relaxation.

While in orbit around the planet New Bajor the headquarters for Task Force Nine an unknown assassin managed to sneak aboard the ship and critically wound Captain Ian Kinsley. The crew managed to kill the attacker, but Ian was severely injured and relieved of command within an hour of the attack. Starfleet command assigned a Captain who was in the area at the time on an acting basis until her orders can be approved. The ship was then ordered to follow up on the lead left by the attacker which will lead them into a region of space where no Federation vessel has dared to tread. Captain Kristen Tate will be leading a crew that are distraught about the loss of their Captain and the invasion that they have suffered on board the vessel by an unknown culprit.