USS Equinox

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.StarfleetThis article is official Task Force 38 canon.This article is official Task Force 99 canon.

USS Equinox



Sovereign Class

Date Commissioned:

July 6, 2388



Assigned TF:

Task Force 99




Commodore Adren Bahrat Noth


The USS Equinox was commanded by Commodore Bahrat Noth and assigned to Task Force 99. Previously, the Equinox was assigned to Task Force 38.


Chapter 1: Discovering Epatha Gateway

The USS Equinox sets sail after a crippling blow dealt by the Borg during the Battle of the Round Table. Now desperately alone and looking for a way home the discover a nearby wormhole. A successful probe reveals the Gradin Belt. This discovery launches a three (3) month deepspace assignment to explore this new area. The Equinox’s crew works to fill in the gap in canon since Voyager's time over a decade ago...

Chapter 2: The Gradin Belt Has Teeth

The Gradin Belt while rich in resources and filled with life, is a dangerous corner of the Delta Quadrant. The Equinox is welcomed by a Vaadwaur scheme while the crew fight to survive in this new area. The Turei and Kesat become possible new allies where friends are scarce...

Chapter 3: Visit To A Small Planet

To everyone’s surprise, a small vessel on long range sensors flies by which has striking similarities to the Delta Flyer. The Delta Flyer was a specially designed Starfleet shuttlecraft constructed by the crew of the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant over a decade prior. While the warp signature and ship alloys seem to be vastly different than the engineered shuttlecraft - structurally there are noticeable similarities; the crew investigates and follows the short trek of the shuttle to a small inhabited world. Here the Equinox crew encounters a planet full of aliens who actually know who they are and are acting as the Federation. These aliens had been monitoring Voyager as they passed through the Gradin Belt years ago. Since then, the entire population of the planet had become fans of the crew and their heroic journey home. While the crew walk down the red carpet as celebrities on this world, they quickly realize things are not what they seem…

Chapter 4: Message in a Bottle

Under the direct order of the Task Force Commander, Ruth Ellsworth, Dr. Lockword had been reassigned to the USS Equinox - the pioneer ship in the Gradin Belt - under the command of Fleet Captain Adren Bahrat Noth. Upon receiving a copy of the Turei map depicting the region - Task Force Command became highly interested in the vague description of Hirogen space - an area known to house various ancient relay stations - stations which could strengthen the Pathfinder Project and temporarily allow Lieutenant Lockwood to transfer a holo program of himself - or one of his own design (with his knowledge of the Pathfinder Project and MIDAS arrays) - working on the premise that two Lieutenant Lockwood’s is better than one. This wide window of communication could help both sides concretely hash out a plan to more permanently open communications between home and the Task Force...

Chapter 5: Navigating the Underspace

The USS Equinox head to the Vaadwaur stronghold, embedded in an Hazari asteroid belt. Accompanied by a Turei Warship, the pair attempt to broker a lasting peace in the region. The zone is a few months away, so special permission is granted by the Turei to use the Underspace with the Turei's supervision - shortening the journey to a few days. While this mission was one of diplomacy, the Delta Quadrant had other plans. When the USS Equinox arrives in Vaadwaur space; the crew quickly discover that the Vaadwaur had traveled too deep in the darkness - and had awakened Borg. Much has changed in the centuries while the Vaadwaur 'slept', the Borg no longer a novice as a Delta Quadrant power. All plans to negotiate a Peace Treaty in the region fades as the Equinox engages in a battle with the Borg - an encounter which opens old wounds - an haunting reminder of the Battle of the Round Table...