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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Damocles



Galaxy Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 21




Captain Conor Starke



The USS Damocles was the final spaceframe built of the original 12 Galaxy-class spaceframes as part of the class' initial production run. However, like the five directly preceding her, the spaceframe that would become the Damocles was taken only to the framework stage of constrution. It was then broken down into manageable segments and dispersed by cargo carriers to remote sites within the Federation as a security measure. With the galactic political climate what it was in the early 2360's, it seemed like the incomplete spaceframe would remain in storage for a signifigant amount of time, if it was ever completed at all. Even the premature destruction of the USS Yamato in 2365 did little do change Starfleet's mind, as by that point the design board and fleet yards had moved on to other starship types. However, following the decimation of a signifigant portion of the fleet, Starfleet chose to activate three of the stored Galaxy-class frames in order to bolster fleet strength. The Damocles herself, along with her final two sisters, would finally be activated in early 2371 following first contact with the Dominion and the destruction of the USS Odyssey.

Being third in line behind two other Galaxy-class vessels, the Damocles did not reach the completion phase of her construction until 2374, when she was assigned to the Second Fleet. With the buildup for the upcoming Operation Return then underway, the Damocles was commissioned and left the dockyard prior to the application of most of her final external markings, a situation that would not be corrected until after the cessation of hostilities in 2376. The Damocles herself was one of the last ships to arrive at Starbase 375 before the fleet was ordered to get underway prematurely following the reception of intelligence reports stating that the Dominion was about to bring down the minefield at Deep Space 9. Assigned to Galaxy Wing 9-3 during the battle, the Damocles was tasked with engaging several Galor-class destroyers in order to hold open a hole in the Dominion lines. She did this job admirably, but was heavily damaged during the engagement and only the timely arrival of Klingon reinforcements saved her from possible destruction. Following the battle, the Damocles was towed back to drydock for extensive repairs.

Eventually, she would rejoin the Second Fleet and go on to participate in several raids on the then Dominion-occupied Betazed. The Damocles would fight in that theater of operations almost until the end of the war, working through the liberation of the planet. Following that, she would go on to participate in the final engagement of the war, the Battle of Cardassia. In a bizarre quirk of fate, following the Cardassian turnabout late in the battle it would be one of the Damocles' foes from Operation Return, the Trager commanded by Gul Macet, that staved off a determined Dominion assault on the Damocles.

Following the war, the Damocles was assigned to escort relief convoys to Cardassia Prime and other colonies within the Union after acts of piracy began to run rampant. She would engage several Nausicaan raiders as well as Orion Free Traders in the first months of the duty, however following word spreading that the convoys were no longer easy pickings the attacks tapered off and the escorts adopted a steady, uneventful routine. In 2377, the Damocles was assigned along with three other starships to command a series of exercises and wargames as part of the Luna-class development project. The Damocles would work with and against the newly launched USS Luna in efforts to evaluate her performance and capabilities. In 2380, the Damocles was assigned as part of a fleet demonstration squadron assigned as part of the memorial service for former Federation President Jaresh-Inyo on Mars. Following these duties, the Damocles was sent as part of a Starfleet presence along the Tzenkethi border, where she was the flagship of patrol operations until early 2384 when she was recalled to Utopia Planitia to undergo extensive refits and upgrades before being assigned to Captain Conor Starke and duties in the Omega Antares Sector.