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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

USS Arizona



Sovereign Class








Admiral Nathan Cowell


The USS Arizona is a Sovereign Class Starship under the command of Admiral Nathan Cowell.


USS Arizona (Prometheus Class)

The Arizona was a Prometheus Class starship with the Starfleet registry NCC-77021. A member of Bravo Fleet, she was assigned to the Romulan/Federation border.

Immediately after launch, the Arizona departed from Deep Space 6 to rendezvous with the SS North Star at her last known position. The transport vessel, owned by the Ferengi Grixx, had been attacked and pillaged by a team of four unknown assailants, leaving casualties and making off with the goods intended for the colony in the Braken system.

An away team was sent to the North Star to assess the situation and investigate the situation. Lieutenant Commander Mantell and Lieutenant Commander Halsey met with Grixx while Major DeVries encountered the Romulan biochemist, S'anra. With her innate knowledge of the cargo, she was transported back to the Arizona to meet with Cowell. Due to her knowledge, as well as a personal desire to recapture the cargo in order to fulfill her paid contract, S'anra requested to stay onboard the Arizona.

Following this tour, the Arizona was reassigned to Task Force 38 as part of the Delta Exploration Initiative (DEI). Not long thereafter, this vessel was destroyed in late 2386 under classified circumstances.

USS Arizona-A (Sovereign Class)

The Arizona was recommissioned as a Sovereign-class vessel after her destruction during a mission that took the vessel into the future. The details of the exact nature of that mission have been classified, however it is known that both the ship and a sizable number of her crew were lost during the ordeal. The Arizona legacy was carried over in both name and by a large portion of the crew who were given the chance to keep the name Arizona alive in her second incarnation.