USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

USS Arcturus



Odyssey Class (Uprated)




Heavy Explorer / Flagship

Task Force:

Task Force 38


Delta Quadrant



Commanding Officer:

Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden



The USS Arcturus is a modified Odyssey-class starship built specifically to explore the Delta Quadrant. Designed and built over a period of ten years, Arcturus has greater endurance compared to her sister ships and is intended to be able to return to Federation space with her task group using standard means, should the Barzan Wormhole destabilize and leave them stranded 70,000 light-years from home. Currently assigned on a seven-year mission to chart and analyze the Nacene Reach, Arcturus serves as the flagship for both Task Force 38 and Task Group 382.

Design and Construction History

Ordered in 2389 under the auspices of the Delta Exploration Initiative, the then-unnamed Arcturus was intended to be the centerpiece of Starfleet's renewed exploratory efforts in the Delta Quadrant following the restoration of regular contact with the Gradin Belt and Nacene Reaches through the re-stabilized Barzan Wormhole. Several classes were considered as possible flagships including the Sovereign and Century, but the Odyssey-class was selected because of her large size and existing optimizations as a flagship. The purpose of this ship would be both to demonstrate the Federation's power (and thus protect the ships in her task group by the mere threat of Federation reprisal) and to lead the entire task force home, should their shortcut in and out of the Delta Quadrant fail for some reason. In addition, the fact that the Odyssey-class design could operate in two separate sections both with warp drive made the ship a favorable design for the sake of multi-mission capabilities; it was envisioned that she would be able to operate routinely in two different places at once. After a three-year study, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau recommended the following modifications to the base design to accomplish this new mission: an expanded primary hull with additional quarters and amenities to serve as a mobile base of operations and/or accommodate the crews of smaller vessels that may need to be abandoned for a journey back to the Alpha Quadrant; a larger deflector dish with higher-power navigational shields to reduce the long-term effects of baryon radiation on the space frame; industrial replication bays to produce materials as necessary for long-term isolation; and a secondary shuttle bay in the lower section of the stardrive section to provide additional small craft support during extended separated flight mode.

Otherwise unmodified, the design was approved by the DEI in 2392 and construction was authorized by the Federation Council in the following year. Laid down at Utopia Planitia fleet yards in 2393, she had an unusually long construction time at nearly six years as the new design features were implemented into what had otherwise become a streamlined process. When she was launched in 2399, she was the largest and most advanced ship in the fleet. Befitting a ship of her size, she was placed under the command of Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden and staffed with some of the brightest minds in Starfleet, including a Captain of Engineering, two full medical staffs, a JAG detachment, representatives from the Federation diplomatic corps, and scientists from every discipline.

First Year (2399)

The Arcturus was deployed from Starbase 38 in her first year of service to the Nacene Reach in the Delta Quadrant. After revealing a Ferengi plot to disrupt Federation-Barzan relations and participating in an intra-fleet war game, she traveled through the wormhole and into the Delta Quadrant. Her first assignment was to assess the situation in the Ocampa System, which she reached after over a month at high warp.

Preparing for the Delta Quadrant

  • Following her launch, Arcturus transferred to Epsilon Indi to pick up the majority of her crew en route to Barzan II. While transporting key encryption modules for her advanced communications array, the ship's Executive Officer, Commander Michael Lancaster, diverted to respond to a distress call from a packet freighter shuttling between Sol and Epsilon Indi. This turned out to be a plot by Barzan dissidents who wished to end the alliance with the Federation leading to the capture of his vessel and two other officers from the Arcturus, while Lancaster himself was marrooned on the low-warp freighter. After leaving port early, the Arcturus retrieved Lancaster and then proceeded to the Barzan system where they were able to apprehend the Barzans while they were attempting to take the modules to a Ferengi marauder. It was then revealed that it was a Ferengi plot to disrupt Barzan-Federation relations.
  • After taking on her final senior officers at Starbase 38, the Arcturus was ordered to engage in a war game, leading her Task Group against a Task Group from another fleet.

First Steps on the Frontier

  • The Arcturus's first assignment was to travel to the Ocampa System.