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USS Akagi



Sovereign Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 38




Delta Quadrant




Commander Aurelia Pendergrast

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.

The USS Akagi is a Sovereign Class starship, the third ship in Bravo Fleet to bear the name, under the command of Commander Aurelia Pendegrast. One of the newer of her class, built 12 years after the Dominion War, the Akagi has been equipped to handle most challenges of the Corridor has to offer including scientific, diplomatic, and military.


IJN Akagi

Akagi (meaning 'Red Castle') was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), named after Mount Akagi in present-day Gunma Prefecture. Though she was laid down as an Amagi-class battlecruiser, Akagi was converted to an aircraft carrier while still under construction to comply with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty.

Akagi's aircraft participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War in the late 1930s. Upon the formation of the First Air Fleet or Kido Butai (Striking Force) in early 1941, she became its flagship, and remained so for the duration of her service. With other fleet carriers, she took part in the Pearl Harbor raid in December 1941 and the invasion of Rabaul in the Southwest Pacific in January 1942. The following month her aircraft bombed Darwin, Australia and assisted in the conquest of the Dutch East Indies. In March and April 1942, Akagi's aircraft helped sink a British heavy cruiser and an Australian destroyer in the Indian Ocean raid.

After a brief refit, Akagi and three other fleet carriers of the Kido Butai participated in the Battle of Midway in June 1942. After bombarding American forces on the atoll, Akagi and the other carriers were attacked by aircraft from Midway and the carriers Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown. Dive bombers from Enterprise severely damaged Akagi. When it became obvious she could not be saved, she was scuttled by Japanese destroyers to prevent her from falling into enemy hands. The loss of Akagi and three other IJN carriers at Midway was a crucial strategic defeat for Japan and contributed significantly to the Allies' ultimate victory in the Pacific.

ISS Akagi

In the mirror universe, ISS Akagi was an NX-class starship of the Terran Empire's Starfleet. The Akagi was one of six ships in the task force charged with finding the rebel stronghold where Empress Sato I was being held captive. Akagi was destroyed in battle over Aldus Prime.

USS Akagi NCC-1779

NCC-1779, post-refit

The first starship to bear the name Akagi was a Constitution-class Federation heavy cruiser starship of the mk III subclass, ordered for construction in the 23rd century. Akagi entered service on reference stardate 2/0905.

In 2269, the USS Enterprise beat out the Akagi to re-supply Deep Space M-33.

Akagi was taken out of service (presumed destroyed) on stardate 2/1709 before being converted as an Enterprise-subclass refit vessel entering service on stardate 2/1903. The vessel was refit twice again on stardates 2/2402 and 2/3310 and was taken out of service as scrap on stardate 2/5512.

USS Akagi NCC-62158

The Second starship to bear the name Akagi was a Federation Rigel-class starship that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century. In 2368, the Akagi was assigned to Captain Jean-Luc Picard's task force that blockaded the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War. During the deployment of Picard's tachyon detection grid, the Akagi was linked with the USS Ajax and USS Hood. During an attempt by Picard and Riker to lure the Romulans through the detection grid, Picard decided that the USS Excalibur should withdraw from the formation with feigned engine troubles, forcing the Akagi and Hornet to be repositioned. In doing so, this would open up a small gap in the detection net for the Romulans to attempt to pass through. The ploy, however, failed when the Romulans disrupted the network near the Hornet forcing it, and the rest of the fleet, to withdraw and regroup at Gamma Eridon.

In 2374, the Akagi was assigned to the Ninth Fleet, operating in the Bajor sector theater. A week after Operation Return, the ship visited Deep Space 9 along with the USS Exeter and the USS Sutherland to be resupplied.


USS Akagi NCC-32563

The third ship to bear the name Akagi was an Apollo Class Starship launched in 2378 under the command of Captain Jeff Murdock and part of Starfleet fourth fleet (Bravo Fleet). In early 2379, the Akagi ran into the C'hakilians for the first time and was sustained heavy and heading backed to Spacedock, Earth for repair.

Late in 2379 while heading back to Sector 611, the USS Akagi is called to investigate a missing starship that was attacking Cardassian freighters, however, during the mission group marines stowed boarded the Akagi with one mission in mind the destruction of said vessel.

USS Akagi NCC-32563-A


The fourth ship to bear the name Akagi was a Denmark Class starship launched in 2379 under the command of Captain Jeff Murdock. The Akagi participated in a successful joint mission with the USS Odyssey, under the command of Captain Luke Duncan in the August of 2379. The two ships rescued several members of a new alien race that had been attacked by the C'hakilians and returned them to their homeworld.

The Akagi played a fundamental part in securing sector 611 along with supporting both Starbase 611 and Kovar Colony before being decommissioned in 2385.

USS Akagi NCC-75508

The fifth ship to bear the name Akagi was a Sovereign Class starship launched in 2387 under the command of Captain Jeff Murdock. She was launched on Stardate 64340 after successfully completing initial warp tests, the USS Akagi launched just one week later after the crew arrived at Deep Space 10. Meanwhile, the Hobus star has just exploded in a supernova which threatened the galaxy which has put the Federation on high alert as they try and assess the potential damage.